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    Author: Jason Pettigrove

    Runners and riders2YATR’s Glenn Turner was just one of many completely agog at the appointments this week in the Premier League.

    PGMOL again don’t appear to be using their common sense when handing down the matches to the officials.

    “Neil Swarbrick performs … Continue

      Author: Keith Hackett

      Mark Clattenburg

      Once again we must ask the PGMOL why they are NOT appointing their number one referee Mark Clattenburg to games in recognition of the quality performances he delivers and the safest pair of hands to control the big games.

      Martin … Continue

        Author: Jason Pettigrove

        Runners and Riders

        PGMOL certainly put themselves under pressure last week with Anthony Taylor’s appointment to the Liverpool-Man United game, and Jose Mourinho echoed YATR’s Keith Hackett in suggesting that the official shouldn’t have been put under so much pressure.

        Those comments look … Continue

          Author: Jason Pettigrove

          Runners and Riders

          For once we at YATR are completely lost for words. Genuinely.

          What on earth has possessed PGMOL to hand out the set of appointments you’ll read about below.

          Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot. With a double-barrelled sawn off…… Continue

            Author: Jason Pettigrove

            Runners and Riders

            At least the powers that be in PGMOL towers took the sensible decision to rest Roger East this week, although throwing Stuart Attwell in at the Stadium of Light might have a few repercussions.

            APPOINTMENTS: Premier League and EFL appointments Continue

              Author: Jason Pettigrove

              Runners and RidersA marginally more successful week for PGMOL but there was still enough discussion to be had as to the application of Mike Riley’s finest.

              Roger East for example is clearly suffering a crisis of confidence and could probably do with … Continue

                runnersriders-1000x500A horrendous week for PGMOL’s finest and for once a player – in this instance Gary Cahill – was fully justified in everything he said in his post-match interview.

                The Chelsea man will probably get hauled over the coals for … Continue

                  Author: Jason Pettigrove

                  Mike Jones

                  No sooner had the season begun, as usual, the international break gets in the way.

                  Clubs across Europe will be hoping that their staff return minus any serious injury and once Harry Kane has been given the once over, Mauricio … Continue

                    Author: Jason Pettigrove

                    Mike Dean

                    For the second game in succession, Mike Dean’s judgment has been called into question.

                    Although the new directives are playing a part in the perception of certain officials’ performances, Dean missed a clear penalty decision and was rightly brought to … Continue

                      Author: Jason Pettigrove


                      The opening weekend of the Premier League went by with more of a whimper than a bang, unless you happened to be at the Emirates Stadium. What a game!

                      Mike Dean garnered most column inches amongst our refereeing brethren – … Continue

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