The Football Association is to be applauded for following the lead of the Scottish FA and UEFA in applying retrospective punishment for acts of “simulation.”

It will, I hope, act as a deterrent, once we see the review panel in operation and appropriate two game bans imposed.

Just as crucially, for fairness all round, players who are incorrectly cautioned or sent off as a result of cheating can have punishments removed.

The FA say that should a charge of “successful deception be admitted or found proven” the commission will “have the power to rescind the caution or dismissal received by the opposing player.”

However, there is another strand to this that needs attention. What happens to players incorrectly cautioned for simulation or sent off as a result of it being a second yellow?

I do think players deserve to have these cards rescinded if evidence supports that they did not dive – in order to have some sort of balance.

We have seen players cautioned for simulation (diving) and video review shows that they were either fouled or legitimately avoiding injury.