Last updated: 13/02/18

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7.4219Southampton 0 Liverpool 2
8 - No key match decisions but refereed the game well.
Burnley 1 Man City 1
8 - No big talking points, consistent with his decision making.
No GameWest Ham 1 Bournemouth 1
7 - No big decisions in the game.
West Brom 2 Brighton 0
7 - Missed a Glenn Murray handball, a penalty should have been awarded to West Brom.
No GameWatford 1 Swansea 2
7 - Swansea's first goal was offside but this decision falls to the linesman, also missed a clear stamp by Naughton on Okaka which was a straight red.
Man Utd 2 Burnley 2
7 - No talking points.
Arsenal 3 Liverpool 3
9 - Refereed the game really well, stamped authority on the game when he needed to.
Leicester 0 Crystal Palace 3
7 - Correct not to award a penalty and instead issue a second caution to Ndidi for simulation, missed a penalty for a foul on Benteke by Albrighton.
Newcastle 0 Everton 1
7 - Shelvey yellows both correct, no big decisions.
No GameWatford 1 Tottenham 1
6 - Not at his best, I question whether he's been over-used. Missed penalty on Richarlison by Davies, who should be s/o.
Stoke 0 Liverpool 3
6 - Mignolet should have been sent off. It was a KMI and is unlike Martin.
West Ham 1 Leicester 1
8 - Refereed well. Regarding the Ayew decision you can tell he's unsure so you'd go with the player. Hard to criticise.
Burnley 2 Swansea 0
8 - Solid performance from Martin, as usual.
No GameNo GameWest Ham 0 Brighton 3
8 - Game and player management were spot on tonight, proved why he's one of the best.
Liverpool 0 Man Utd 0
7 - Handled the Lovren and Lukaku situation well. Relatively easy game.
Chelsea 0 Man City 1
9 - Refereed superbly, managed players well, recognition of foul challenges spot on.
Everton 2 Bournemouth 1
7 - Coming back from injury so Martin is slightly off pace. Thought it was a difficult one to judge Francis elbow on Rooney.
No GameNo GameNo GameBurnley 0 West Brom 1
8 - Right to send off for violent conduct. Refereed the game flawlessly.
Man Utd 4 West Ham 0
7 - No issues here. Good performance, relaxed as always. Good start to season.
7.4122Huddersfield 4 Bournemouth 1
8 - Kept the game flowing aswell as being consistent with his decision making.
West Brom 2 Southampton 3
7 - Missed a penalty for West Brom after a push on Rodriguez by Bertrand.
No GameStoke 2 Huddersfield 0
7 - No big talking points.
Crystal Palace 1 Burnley 0
7 - Missed a penalty claim for a foul on Sako by Tarkowski, apart from that incident he refereed the game well.
Brighton 2 Bournemouth 2
8 - No big decisions to make, refereed the game really well.
No GameCrystal Palace 3 Arsenal 2
8 - Managed the game well, no big talking points.
Burnley 0 Tottenham 3
9 - Managed the game really well, got the penalty decision correct along with Dele Alli's caution for a reckless but not dangerous challenge.
Watford 1 Huddersfield 4
5 - Kachunga offside was missed for the opening Huddersfield goal, Deeney and Hogg were both incorrectly red carded.
No GameMan Utd 1 Man City 2
9 - Excellent game from an in-form referee. Herrera rightfully booked for simulation.
West Brom 0 Crystal Palace 0
7 - Nice and easy outing for Michael.
Everton 4 West Ham 0
9 - Got the penalty spot on. Outstanding game from Michael. That's two 9's in a row and well deserved.
Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1
9 - Big game, big performance. Didn't go looking for trouble, wasn't fussy. Got penalty shouts correct.
No GameMan City 3 Arsenal 1
6 - Got the penalty right but it should never have been an incident in the first place. Monreal should be sent-off.
Watford 0 Stoke 1
7 - Deeney should have been sent off, Shawcross was lucky too by the way.
Swansea 1 Leicester 2
7 - Can only referee what's in front of you, simple performance.
Brighton 1 Everton 1
7 - Simple performance for Michael.
West Brom 2 Watford 2
7 - No problems here. Pulis complained about free kick but Michael got spot on.
West Ham 2 Tottenham 3
7 - Poor positioning as he missed foul on Carroll but another decent outing.
Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0
8 - Did very well with the sending off. Would have been a 9 had he slowed the game down.
Burnley 1 Crystal Palace 0
7 - Nothing in the game for Michael to deal with.
Man Utd 2 Leicester 0
7 - Offside goal not his fault, AR needs to do more. Steady game and deserved praise.
No GameBrighton 0 Man City 2
7 - Great spot for handball to rule out the goal. No other issues.
7.3010No GameBournemouth 2 Stoke 1
8 - No key decisions, refereed the game well.
No GameMan City 3 Newcastle 1
8 - Correct call for the Sterling penalty which some referees might not have given, had a good game.
No GameNo GameHuddersfield 0 Burnley 0
6 - Missed a clear penalty as Huddersfield's goalkeeper Lossl brought down Hendrick in the penalty
No GameBrighton 1 Watford 0
7 - Quiet game for Paul.
No GameLiverpool 0 West Brom 0
8 - One big decision which he got correct, Solanke's goal disallowed for handball.
No GameLeicester 1 Burnley 0
7 - Steady game for Paul, nice to see two games on the bounce.
Man City 2 Southampton 1
7 - No qualms here, glad to see he's on duty again at the weekend.
No GameNo GameNewcastle 0 Bournemouth 1
7 - Incorrectly disallowed Dwight Gayle's goal but the assistant is at fault here.
No GameNo GameSwansea 2 Huddersfield 0
7 - Paul's second outing of the season and again a good one. Needs more games!
No GameNo GameWest Brom 0 West Ham 0
8 - Caution of Foster spot on and wasn't swayed by player reactions. Did well.
No GameNo GameNo GameNo Game
7.2619Swansea 1 Burnley 0
7 - Nothing in the game.
Crystal Palace 1 Newcastle 1
7 - Easy game for Andre but he needs to anticipate and read play better.
Tottenham 2 Man Utd 0
7 - At kick-off it should have been restarted as Kane was in the opposing half. Andre also missed a penalty when Valencia brought down Alli in the box.
No GameLiverpool 4 Man City 3
9 - Refereed the game extremely well with no issues.
Everton 0 Man Utd 2
7 - No issues in the game.
No GameNewcastle 0 Man City 1
7 - Missed a clear red card offence when Jacob Murphy's studs showing challenge on Gundogan went unpunished.
No GameBournemouth 0 Liverpool 4
8 - No key decisions, refereed the game well and kept play flowing.
Huddersfield 1 Chelsea 3
7 - Quiet game for Andre.
No GameArsenal 1 Man Utd 3
8 - Correct to send off Pogba. It was a penalty and Andre and his team switched off in the final ten. Otherwise he was outstanding, and it should be a 9.
Brighton 0 Crystal Palace 0
7 - Nothing in the game here.
No GameWatford 2 West Ham 0
7 - Good game for Andre.
No GameLeicester 2 Everton 0
6 - Got a KMI wrong when he should have awarded a penalty to Everton. Also missed a Jagielka caution.
Tottenham 4 Liverpool 1
8 - Showed his experience with some brilliant reading of the game.
Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 1
7 - Assured refereeing as always from Andre.
No GameBrighton 1 Newcastle 0
7 - Missed Hemed's trod but otherwise a steady game.
Man Utd 4 Everton 0
8 - Managed the game well. Hasn't got the pace others have but makes up for it with excellent anticipation and awareness. Two penalty decisions spot on.
No GameCrystal Palace 0 Swansea 2
7 - Controlled the game in his usual way and with no issues to deal with.
Stoke 1 Arsenal 0
6 - Missed a penalty offence. Expect better from Andre.
Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2
8 - Shelvey sending off spot on. Handled game very well, didn't let it
boil over.
7.1718Tottenham 1 Arsenal 0
9 - Officiated the game extremely well, very consistent in this game.
Leicester 1 Swansea 1
6 - Diabate should've seen red early on for a dangerous challenge on Clucas.
No GameNo GameMan Utd 3 Stoke 0
6 - Difficult penalty decision for the Bauer pull on Martial in the box, Anthony was quite inconsistent with his decision making to what we normally see from him.
Arsenal 2 Chelsea 2
9 - Very good game, he got the Chelsea penalty kick correct along with not sending Wilshere off for a dive which he didn't see so it was the right decision.
Newcastle 0 Brighton 0
7 - Nothing in the game.
Huddersfield 1 Stoke 1
5 - Missed a penalty for both teams, Joe Allen brought down Mooy then at the other end Schindler trips Diouf in the box.
No GameWest Brom 1 Man Utd 2
6 - West Brom penalty claim wrongly denied after Young impeded McClean.
Swansea 0 Man City 4
7 - No controversy, good game.
West Ham 1 Chelsea 0
8 - A fine performance from one of our top officials.
No GameLeicester 2 Tottenham 1
7 - Offside goal not his fault. Was it a penalty? It's one of those where, even with replays, you can't call. Steady game.
No GameCrystal Palace 2 Everton 2
6 - Missed the dive Niasse and gave the foul. Can do better.
Chelsea 1 Man Utd 0
9 - The top referee in England with another fine performance.
No GameNo GameNo GameNo GameLeicester 2 Liverpool 3
7 - Offside not his fault, but Anthony should have ruled out Leicester's first.
Watford 0 Man City 6
6 - Offside decisions not down to him but penalty shout for Watford on Chalobah should have been given.
Arsenal 3 Bournemouth 0
7 - No incidents of note.
West Brom 1 Stoke 1
7 - No issues in the game. Solid showing.
Tottenham 1 Chelsea 2
10 - Vertonghen rightly not s/o. Fantastic performance overall. Deserved full marks.
Watford 3 Liverpool 3
7 - Possible Watford goal offside but not his fault. Solid game.
7.0618No GameWatford 4 Chelsea 1
6 - He was very inconsistent, both of Bakayoko's yellow's could've been managed better which in turn changed the game completely.
Southampton 1 Brighton 1
8 - Good refereeing performance for Mike, got around the pitch very well and was very consistent with his decisions.
Burnley 0 Man Utd 1
7 - Only one big decision to make when Fellaini and Vokes were grappling in the Utd box from
a corner, no complaints for not awarding a penalty.
No GameTottenham 1 West Ham 1
7 - A few penalty shouts in this game, two of which Mike got spot on but should've awarded a penalty to Spurs when Adrian brought down Alli.
West Brom 1 Arsenal 1
6 - One big decision Mike got wrong was by wrongfully awarding a penalty kick to West Brom for a handball by Chambers.
Chelsea 2 Brighton 0
7 - There were a couple of cautions hecould've managed better but all in all a good game for Mike.
No GameNo GameNo GameSwansea 1 West Brom 0
7 - Solid from Mike as usual.
Man City 2 West Ham 1
7 - Good game with no big talking points.
No GameCrystal Palace 2 Stoke 1
8 - Refereed well and experience shines through.
Arsenal 2 Tottenham 0
8 - Refereed well. Would've been a 9 had it not been for harsh FK for the first goal. Was offside but not his fault.
Swansea 0 Brighton 1
7 - There was a challenge on Murray that could have been red, but otherwise solid.
Burnley 1 Newcastle 0
7 - Nothing in the game for Mike.
No GameLeicester 1 West Brom 1
8 - Masterclass from Dean, decision making, foul recognition etc.
Man Utd 4 Crystal Palace 0
7 - Standard performance for Mike, not much to say.
Stoke 0 Chelsea 4
7 - Not much to be said here for Mike other than reliable as normal.
Tottenham 0 Swansea 0
7 - Penalty shouts were difficult in fairness but I thought he might have given the one for the foul by Ayew on Aurier.
No GameBournemouth 1 Man City 2
6 - Wasn't at his best, missed a few challenges. Could have handled Sterling s/o better.
No GameArsenal 4 Leicester 3
7 - Should have seen Ozil handball otherwise excellent. Excellent game until that incident.
7.0021Everton 3 Crystal Palace 1
7 - Easy game for Jon.
Liverpool 2 Tottenham 2
6 - Inconsistent in his decision making, Kane was offside for Spurs first penalty.
Stoke 0 Watford 0
7 - No big decisions to make.
Brighton 0 Chelsea 4
6 - Missed two penalties, the first when Caballero brought down Schelotto and the second when Bakayoko tangled legs with Schelotto.
Huddersfield 1 West Ham 4
7 - No big talking points for John
in this game.
No GameCrystal Palace 0 Man City 0
6 - Crystal Palace's Zaha dived for the penalty which luckily wasn't converted and Puncheon should've seen red for a dangerous challenge on de Bruyne.
No GameLeicester 2 Man Utd 2
7 - No big key match decisions.
Everton 3 Swansea 1
6 - Everton's third goal from the penalty spot should've been a free-kick as initial contact on Kenny happened just outside the area.
West Ham 0 Arsenal 0
7 - Good game, no key match decisions.
No GameBournemouth 1 Southampton 1
6 - Got the penalty/dive wrong. Had a good season and next time out needs to perform well, that's the sign of a good referee.
Watford 2 Man Utd 4
8 - Refereed the game very well like he has all season.
No GameWest Brom 0 Chelsea 4
7 - Standard performance for Jon with no issues.
Stoke 2 Leicester 2
7 - After replacing Bobby Madley in the first half due to injury, Jon finished the game with no issues.
Man Utd 1 Tottenham 0
8 - Jon is at the top of his game, managed game, spoke to players with a smile. Very good.
Chelsea 4 Watford 2
7 - Did well, first goal shouldn't have counted but not his faul
No GameEverton 0 Burnley 1
8 - Didn't succumb to pressure for penalty shout. Another strong showing.
No GameHuddersfield 1 Leicester 1
8 - Got the penalty decision right and seems to be keeping up his excellent start to the season.
Man City 5 Liverpool 0
7 - Refereed well, got the main decisions right.
Chelsea 2 Everton 0
7 - It's a tough game and Jon handled it well. Consistency improving!
Swansea 0 Man Utd 4
8 - Dealt with Pogba brilliantly, man management skills on form. Strong start!
Crystal Palace 0 Huddersfield 3
7 - Relatively easy game to manage, no issues.
7.0010No GameNo GameEverton 2 Leicester 1
8 - Kept the game flowing, his movement was excellent and kept up with play throughout.
Arsenal 4 Crystal Palace 1
7 - Managed the game well but missed a penalty for a foul on Lacazette by Tomkins, not an easy one to spot.
No GameStoke 0 Newcastle 1
7 - Game flowed with no issues.
No GameWatford 2 Leicester 1
7 - Kept the game flowing, no key match decisions.
No GameBrighton 0 Burnley 0
6 - Burnley's Tarkowski should've seen red for an elbow on Murray along with a penalty awarded to Brighton, Izquierdo should've received a caution for simulation.
Southampton 1 Leicester 4
7 - Easy game for Chris.
No GameEverton 2 Huddersfield 0
7 - Good to see him getting games, another solid showing.
No GameNewcastle 0 Watford 3
7 - Unscathed. Need to see more of Chris in just his third appearance.
No GameNo GameNo GameNo GameNo GameNo GameBurnley 0 Huddersfield 0
7 - Movement wasn't the best but an excellent caution for simulation of Van La Parra.
No GameBrighton 3 West Brom 0
7 - First game of the season for Chris and a nice easy one.
No GameNo GameNo Game
6.9416No GameArsenal 5 Everton 1
8 - Aubameyang was offside for Arsenal's fourth but this was down to the linesman. Apart from that Neil had a very good game.
West Ham 1 Crystal Palace 1
7 - Refereed the game well.
Swansea 1 Liverpool 0
8 - Steady game for Neil which he refereed very well.
No GameNo GameLiverpool 2 Leicester 1
8 - A good game for Neil with no talking points.
No GameStoke 3 West Brom 1
7 - Nothing in the game.
No GameNo GameNewcastle 2 Leicester 3
7 - Missed handball on Simpson. Not 100% on Vardy penalty and I'd side with the referee here.
No GameChelsea 1 Swansea 0
7 - Standard performance for this official.
Man Utd 1 Brighton 0
6 - Lots of talk about Lukaku kick but wasn't Neil's fault.
No GameWest Ham 1 Liverpool 4
8 - No problems, he's refereeing very well at the moment.
Brighton 1 Southampton 1
7 - No big decisions for Neil, you can see players trust his decision-making.
No GameWatford 2 Arsenal 1
6 - Wasn't a penalty when Richarlison goes down.
Huddersfield 0 Tottenham 4
7 - Did well to caution Dele Alli. No big key match errors.
Man City 5 Crystal Palace 0
7 - Straight-forward fixture for Neil.
No GameStoke 2 Man Utd 2
7 - Pretty quiet game for Neil. Solid.
Newcastle 3 West Ham 0
5 - Twice on the trot he's missed violent conduct with Mitrovic elbowing Lanzini. He also missed a penalty. Needs to do better.
No GameEverton 1 Stoke 0
6 - Missed the elbow on Baines which let down an otherwise solid performance.

6.9111No GameNo GameChelsea 0 Bournemouth 3
7 - No big talking points.
Leicester 2 Watford 0
8 - No key match decisions, kept the game flowing.
No GameNo GameBournemouth 2 Everton 1
8 - Refereed the game really well and kept it flowing as much as possible.
No GameSouthampton 1 Huddersfield 1
6 - Should've sent off Charlie Austin for kicking out at Jonas Lossl off the ball.
No GameNo GameBurnley 1 Watford 0
6 - Should have been penalty for handball on Janmaat. Disallowed goal unfair on Barnes. Fair enough to send off for excessive force.
No GameWest Brom 2 Newcastle 2
7 - Nothing in this game.
No GameBournemouth 4 Huddersfield 0
6 - Huddersfield's first two goal shouldn't have counted. Second not his fault. Correct to send off Francis.
Southampton 0 Burnley 1
7 - Nothing in the game, good performance.
No GameStoke 1 Bournemouth 2
6 - Normally reliable but Lee missed a penalty for challenge by Smith on Jese.
No GameNo GameNo GameNo GameSouthampton 0 Watford 2
7 - Nice and easy one for Lee. No issues.
No GameLeicester 2 Brighton 0
8 - No issues in the game to note, but an assured performance. Great to see Lee back!
No Game
6.8614No GameNo GameHuddersfield 0 Liverpool 3
7 - Quiet game for Kevin.
Southampton 1 Tottenham 1
5 - No big incidents but Kevin was very inconsistent, players started losing respect in his decision making throughout the game.
Bournemouth 2 Arsenal 1
6 - Alex Iwobi's clear handball in the penalty area was missed by Kevin, very disappointing as he was in a
very good position to see the incident.
No GameChelsea 5 Stoke 0
7 - No issues in the game, got the penalty decision correct for a foul on Willian.
Liverpool 5 Swansea 0
7 - Easy game, no big talking points.
No GameNo GameNo GameCrystal Palace 2 Bournemouth 2
6 - Should have seen Josh King pull back Jeffrey Schlupp on first goal. Wilfried Zaha act of simulation missed.
Chelsea 3 Newcastle 1
7 - Not much in the game.
No GameSouthampton 4 Everton 1
8 - No controversial incidents and a strong showing.
No GameTottenham 1 Crystal Palace 0
8 - No issues, it's good to see Kevin always with a smile on his face.
Liverpool 3 Huddersfield 0
8 - Penalty decision was superb. Very good!
No GameSouthampton 2 Newcastle 2
6 - Kevin should have shown a red to Yedlin, is Kevin's recognition of fouls up to scratch?
Arsenal 2 Brighton 0
7 - No issues in game.
No GameNo GameWest Ham 2 Huddersfield 0
7 - No issues but Kevin refereed the game well.
No GameLiverpool 1 Crystal Palace 0
7 - Incident free game. Good start for Kevin, more of the same!
No Game
6.8211Man City 5 Leicester 1
7 - Quiet game, no big decisions.
No GameNo GameNo GameChelsea 0 Leicester 0
6 - Could've managed both of Ben Chilwell's cautions better, really harsh for him to receive a red card.
West Ham 2 West Brom 1
7 - No controversy in this game.
No GameNo GameMan City 4 Bournemouth 0
7 - No problems in the game.
No GameBurnley 1 Stoke 0
7 - Nothing in the game.
No GameNo GameNo GameTottenham 1 West Brom 1
6 - Couple of issues that upset a few people which he can improve on.
Liverpool 3 Southampton 0
7 - Not much to say here.
No GameWest Brom 2 Man City 3
7 - No big decisions.
No GameNo GameStoke 2 Southampton 1
7 - An easy one for Mike to handle.
No GameNo GameSwansea 0 Newcastle 1
7 - Got the two main decisions right, not sending off Ritchie and not giving the pen. Little inconsistent however.
No GameNo GameSouthampton 0 Swansea 0
7 - Simple performance from Mike, didn't have much to do due to a poor contest
6.7914West Ham 2 Watford 0
7 - No key match decision for Graham to make.
No GameNo GameNo GameNewcastle 1 Swansea 1
6 - Newcastle's Mohamed Diame should've seen red for a deliberate handball and DOGSO, along with a Swansea penalty kick not awarded.
Leicester 3 Huddersfield 0
7 - Easy game for Graham.
No GameTottenham 5 Southampton 2
6 - Missed a Tottenham penalty for a push by Jack Stephens on Son Heung-min.
No GameStoke 0 West Ham 3
6 - Lanzini's dive for West Ham's penalty was missed, this decision could have changed the game completely.
Man Utd 1 Bournemouth 0
6 - Missed a couple of cautionable offences for both teams.
No GameBrighton 1 Liverpool 5
7 - Penalty was debatable but all in all, another strong showing.
Arsenal 5 Huddersfield 0
7 - Easy game for Graham, got Huddersfield's early penalty shout right,
No GameLeicester 0 Man City 2
6 - A major KMI with Kompany who should have been sent off early on. A small blip for Graham who otherwise has had a good season so far.
Everton 3 Watford 2
9 - Impressive. Got the 3 or 4 KMI's spot on.
No GameSouthampton 1 West Brom 0
7 - Not much in this one. Few points for Graham which you can see on RefCam.
No GameBournemouth 0 Leicester 0
6 - Handball was difficult for him to spot but otherwise good in parts.
No GameNo GameEverton 0 Tottenham 3
7 - Couple of little things for Graham to improve but still a strong showing.
Watford 0 Brighton 0
8 - He's recognised the reckless with excessive force challenge, and sent off Britos. Good start for Graham.
No GameNo Game
6.5812No GameBrighton 3 West Ham 1
8 - Roger refereed the game well, consistent with his decision making and made it look easy.
No GameNo GameWatford 2 Southampton 2
5 - Watford's crucial late equaliser should've been disallowed for a Maradona style handball by Doucoure.
Burnley 1 Liverpool 2
7 - No talking points.
No GameWest Brom 0 Everton 0
7 - Quiet game for Roger.
No GameChelsea 1 Southampton 0
7 - No big decisions, good game.
No GameTottenham 5 Stoke 1
7 - Simple game for Roger.
No GameBournemouth 1 Burnley 2
7 - A quiet night for Roger.
No GameNo GameHuddersfield 1 West Brom 0
7 - Schindler s/o was correct, Was it a free-kick in the build-up? Could have gone either way and I trust Roger's decision.
No GameMan City 3 Burnley 0
5 - Roger could be positioned better to see Silva throwing himself to the ground, I wouldn't have given it.
No GameWest Ham 1 Swansea 0
7 - No issues here for Roger.
No GameLiverpool 1 Burnley 1
6 - Missed a penalty on Salah, too inconsistent.
No GameNo GameBournemouth 0 Watford 2
6 - Should have dealt with Arter shouting 'leave it'. Otherwise, incident free game
No Game
6.5618Newcastle 1 Man Utd 0
6 - Missed a clear penalty when Smalling tripped Gayle in the penalty area.
No GameNo GameNo GameTottenham 4 Everton 0
7 - Kane was slightly offside for Spurs second goal but this was down to the linesman. Managed the
game well and kept it flowing.
No GameMan Utd 0 Southampton 0
7 - Only one big decision a handball by
Yoshida but Craig was correct not to award
a penalty kick.
No GameSwansea 1 Crystal Palace 1
7 - Easy game for Craig.
Man City 4 Tottenham 1
5 - Not the best game, he missed a clear push on Mangala in the penalty box by Rose then Kane and Alli should've both seen straight red's.
No GameLiverpool 1 Everton 1
8 - Excellent game and got the big decision right to award Everton penalty.
Stoke 2 Swansea 1
7 - No issues.
No GameHuddersfield 1 Man City 2
6 - Inconsistent, doesn't seem to be cutting it at this level. Should have given penalty to City.
Man Utd 4 Newcastle 1
6 - Missed a clear penalty and sending off, more in my Academy verdict.
No GameBournemouth 0 Chelsea 1
7 - Goal ruled out for offside correct. Easy game.
Everton 2 Arsenal 5
7 - Got the sending off right and Craig is improving every week.
Man City 7 Stoke 2
7 - Another steady performance.
Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1
7 - Craig needs to show more confidence in his decisions which you can read about on the Academy.
Southampton 0 Man Utd 1
7 - No incidents of note apart from at the end where his 4th official lets him down.
Bournemouth 2 Brighton 1
7 - Like a pre-season game for Craig, it's the type of game you want as a referee. Good night's work!
No GameLiverpool 4 Arsenal 0
7 - It was like a training game because of how poor Arsenal were. Steady game.
Huddersfield 1 Newcastle 0
5 - 7 cards was way too many. Needs to do his homework on foul challenges.
Chelsea 2 Burnley 3
5 - Cahill s/o unfair. Correct to s/o Fabregas. But it was sloppy performance, didn't have control of the game.
6.5010No GameMan Utd 2 Huddersfield 0
6 - Missed a clear penalty when Kongolo completely wiped out McTominay in the an aerial challenge which went unpunished.
No GameEverton 1 West Brom 1
7 - Refereed the game well, also stopped play accordingly with the McCarthy injury.
No GameSouthampton 1 Crystal Palace 2
7 - No big decisions to make.
No GameNo GameNo GameArsenal 1 Newcastle 0
7 - A quiet game for Stuart.
No GameHuddersfield 2 Brighton 0
7 - Easy game for Stuart.
No GameNo GameSwansea 0 Bournemouth 0
5 - Poor from Stuart. He should have sent off Ki and needs to be stronger.
No GameNo GameNo GameNewcastle 1 Crystal Palace 0
6 - Cabaye should have sent off no doubt. Second KMI missed in a row for Stuart.
Burnley 1 West Ham 1
6 - Both Carroll yellow cards were spot on, but Burnley should have had a penalty when Hart brought down Wood.
No GameNo GameNewcastle 2 Stoke 1
7 - No problems for Stuart who's starting to get his feet on the ground with the more experience he gets.
No GameHuddersfield 0 Southampton 0
7 - Nice easy fixture for Stuart's first of the season. Nice to see him back and getting games.
No GameNo Game
6.0813Stoke 1 Brighton 1
6 - Stoke should’ve been awarded a penalty for a foul on Shaqiri in the penalty area, he also got the penalty decision wrong for grappling on Jese because both players were at it. Then the rebound from the resulting penalty kick in which Charlie Adam was brought down from behind which should have resulted in another penalty.
No GameMan City 3 West Brom 0
6 - Missed a few heavy challenges on Man City players, the worst when Matt Phillips should have seen red for a dangerous challenge on Diaz.
No GameNo GameSwansea 0 Tottenham 2
6 - Llorente was offside for Spurs opener, this is down to the linesman. Davinson Sanchez should've received a second yellow card with the score at 1-0.
No GameBournemouth 3 West Ham 3
5 - Incorrectly overruled his assistant offside flag to disallow a goal as Wilson was in an offside position. Francis should have been sent off for a dangerous high foot.
Everton 0 Chelsea 0
7 - No big decisions to make.
No GameTottenham 2 Brighton 0
7 - Decent game, penalty shout on Son correctly not given.
Southampton 1 Arsenal 1
6 - Missed penalty when Lacazette is wiped out and should have had a penalty.
No GameNo GameNo GameNo GameStoke 2 Leicester 2
x - Bobby did not finish the game, he was replaced in the first half by Jon Moss and therefore we'll leave him off this week.
Crystal Palace 2 West Ham 2
8 - Refereed well. No major controversies and is improving.
No GameTottenham 1 Bournemouth 0
7 - Bobby's not had a great start so nice to see an error free performance.
No GameArsenal 2 West Brom 0
4 - Poor. Key match errors, he lost control and is now suffering from a severe lack of confidence.
Crystal Palace 0 Southampton 1
6 - Bobby still seems like he's confused about foul challenges in particular Jason Puncheon was unlucky to be booked for a careless challenge.
No GameNo GameMan City 1 Everton 1
5 - TV replays showed Walker shouldn't have seen red. Not a great showing.
West Brom 1 Bournemouth 0
6 - No incidents of note, quiet Game for Bobby.
6.0813Chelsea 3 West Brom 0
6 - Missed a penalty early in the game when Fabregas brought down Rodriguez just inside the 18 yard box. He also missed a straight red card offence for a high foot foul challenge by Dawson on Zappacosta.
No GameSwansea 3 Arsenal 1
7 - Nothing in the game.
No GameNo GameMan City 3 Watford 1
6 - Missed two clear penalties, the first being a foul by Watford's Wague on Aguero and the second when Otamendi fouls Pereyra in the penalty area.
No GameNo GameWest Ham 2 Newcastle 3
6 - West Ham's penalty should've been a free kick as initial contact on Michael Antonio happened just outside the area.
No GameCrystal Palace 2 Watford 1
5 - Should've sent off Van Aanholt but only issued a yellow and should've managed Cleverley's cautions better.
No GameNo GameNo GameBurnley 0 Arsenal 1
7 - Got penalty right. Needed a strong performance and duly obliged.
Brighton 2 Stoke 2
4 - Poor. Should have awarded penalty to Murray for Brighton. His anger at the non-award led to a bad challenge, he should have been sent off.
No GameArsenal 2 Swansea 1
8 - Nice to see Lee have a good game with good decision making.
Huddersfield 2 Man Utd 1
7 - Nothing to note here.
No GameNo GameSwansea 1 Watford 2
7 - An easy week for Lee as there wasn't much in the game.
No GameLeicester 1 Chelsea 2
6 - Might've given a penalty for Chelsea. Inconsistent.
Tottenham 1 Burnley 1
6 - Easy game for Mason, but he lacks authority and his pace isn't up to it anymore.
Southampton 3 West Ham 2
4 - Missed Noble red card. Could have prevented Arnautovic red with a previous incident. Bad day at the office.
No Game
6.001No GameNo GameNewcastle 1 Burnley 1
6 - Missed a penalty for Burnley when Clark impeded Cork. Simon didn't get around the pitch well and seemed slightly lethargic in his movement.
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  1. Re: Mike Jones GW4 Swansea V Newcastle – I think Matt Richie should have been sent off for that high tackle which made contact with an opponent – that challenge in my opinion endangered the safety of an opponent. I am a Newcastle supporter as well!


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