Back at the start of the 2014 Premier League season, RefCam was created to not only provide live text commentary on televised games, but also, primarily, to give a unique expert referee insight into the big decisions that take place live during games.

It provides an informed voice to all match officials and fans alike, on the key incidents within games, and whether the law has been applied correctly, all from a refereeing perspective.

The aim is to strengthen and improve the level of training currently being offered by the referee administrators of national federations and to look at the issues facing referees across the globe, providing exclusive match analysis of refereeing performances in the Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League and MLS.

The RefCam team is made up of vastly experienced coaches with many years’ standing gained from their roles as professional match officials, referee coaches and assessors. The text commentary is very much similar to the type of notes produced by a referee assessor, and forms the basis of their performance review of match officials.

During the recent FA Cup quarter final between Chelsea and Manchester United, a game that saw a number of key incidents, RefCam provided live text commentary through Mark Halsey. With years of officiating experience to his name, Mark was able to provide a top expert refereeing analysis of all the incidents, in real time.

Gianluca Rocchi will be under scrutiny tonight when Man City face Monaco in the Champions League

The sending off of Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera was one that caused much debate among pundits and fans. Halsey, seconds after the card was produced said: “I believe Michael could have managed that second yellow card, in my opinion it was just a careless challenge.”

He went on to say in his match report, “In my opinion the sending off changed the game completely. Looking back on Michael’s performance I felt that his game management wasn’t what it should be, his player management wasn’t what it should be and his awareness wasn’t what it should have been.”

You can view his full report by clicking here.

RefCam will continue to provide unrivaled referee analysis throughout the rest of the season, beginning tonight in the Champions League where Manchester City look to continue their European journey.