The Premier League kicked off with a terrific game served up by Arsenal and Leicester City. A game that demonstrated why Mike Dean is one of our top referees.

However Mike and the game were let down by the Premier League’s decision NOT to introduce the Video Assistant Referee. In the closing minutes of this game a clear handball offence was not detected when Mesut Ozil controlled the ball illegally before crossing the ball for Aaron Ramsey to score the equaliser.
Foxes boss Craig Shakespeare said he was “disappointed” that referee Dean did not spot what he described as a “definite handball” by Ozil.

Shakespeare said: “If you look at the third goal, I am a bit disappointed with the handball leading up to it, but you have to defend the corner better.”

The unfortunate MIKE Dean had no chance to see this offence, the body of the player screening the illegal use of the hand/arm

Leicester City and Mike Dean have every right to be aggrieved they were on the wrong side of the Premier League’s decision not to follow other leagues around the world and introduce the Video Assistant Referee.