Premier League clubs have voted not to use the video assistant referee (VAR) system for next season.

Story So VAR | Read back through our timeline of events from the moment the idea was conceived, to it’s first outing in America, and finally how the system has fared so far in England.

The clubs agreed that advanced testing on the use of the video technology will continue to the end of 2018-19.

Premier League officials want the system to be implemented for FA Cup and League Cup matches again next term.

Mark Halsey was not surprised with the decision and called for better training and education: “It’s first three months in England have left a lot of us all wondering whether the system will actually benefit the game. We’ve seen penalties not given when they should have been, goals disallowed when they shouldn’t have been and the time taken to come to some of these decisions are simply not good enough.

“Protocols are not being followed and you can only point to a lack of training as a reason why. Have these referees been given the required preparation? Have they been educated in all the protocols? The answers seem pretty clear and I certainly don’t blame the Premier League clubs for rejecting VAR for now.”Mark Halsey

The Premier League said in a statement: “The decision came after comprehensive discussions regarding the progress made in VAR trials in English football, and key learnings from the many competitions using it elsewhere.

“The clubs recognised and are grateful for the substantial developments made by PGMOL managing director Mike Riley and his team.”

Halsey added: “With more tweaking, fine tuning and more training and education I’m sure that the VAR will eventually come good. We have to remember that VAR is here to stay, we’ve got to embrace it, work with it, and appreciate the value it can be to football.”


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