Stuart Attwell

In a few weeks time, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body responsible for the laws of the game will consider the implementation of sin-bins on a trial basis. It would appear that trials might be considered at grassroots level, which frankly comes as a bit of a shock.

This body appears to be unaware of the general shortage of grassroots referees around the world.
It is long believed that in England alone, ten percent of our games do not have a qualified official in the middle. So many questions arise for the board to discuss before any implementation

1. Will there be a sin-bin for each team?
2. For what offences will a sin-bin sanction be applied?
3. Will it replace the yellow card sanctions? If so, which ones?
4. Can you be sent to the sin-bin on more than one occasion in a game?
5. Who supervises the sin -bin?
6. What happens if you commit an offence whilst in the sin-bin? Dissent, fight with another occupant etc.
7. How big will the area be and where will it be situated?
8. Will players who have been binned still have to pay a fine to local County FA’s?
9. Will the referee have a third coloured card to signal a sin-bin?
10. How long is the punishment for a sin-bin offence?
11. Does it increase if more than one player binned?
12. Can occupants of the technical area be binned?

What are your thoughts on this potential innovation? Does Junior Rugby Union operate sin-bins at grassroots level?