I await with some anticipation the detail with regard to how the introduction of sin bins at grassroots level will operate.

Many of our games in local parks are officiated without any assistant referees or fourth officials and at best we sometimes secure the services of a parent or a team coach.

Will the introduction of rolling substitutes and sin bins further encourage parents, players and club officials to enjoy the sport of referee-baiting?

Have the lawmakers really thought this impending change through?

It’s ok at UEFA competitions where two assistants, a fourth official and stadium staff are available.

But what about that young referee operating in a local park without any of these aids?

We are in danger of overloading our match officials and there is a high risk of them walking away from the game and finding another hobby where they may obtain more enjoyment.

So, like thousands of referees, we await the detail

Can the same player be sent to the sin bin on more than one occasion in a game?