This week sees three of our team of experts delivering a wide a varied programme to over 200 Columbian Referees in Medellin.

Mark Halsey former FIFA International referee who had a distinguished career on the English Premier League will deliver a series of on field coaching sessions. Mark had several key strengths in his performances; one of these was his dynamic movement on the field of play.

I have watched Mark start his on field session with a series of warm up exercises, which get everyone involved, and a few smiles has the ball is passed from hand to hand in the restricted space of the penalty area. Trying to avoid bumping into each other whilst receiving at any time a sharp pass from a colleague and ensuring that you do not drop the ball assists eye hand co ordination.

We have been requested to assist in on field positioning and management of players. Getting the 10 yards (9.15m) at free kicks is an essential piece of match control so there will be a number of exercises to ensure that referees adopt a correct process to achieve this. Other set piece positioning and the associated movement create a foundation for on field decision-making accuracy.

Joining Mark will be former FIFA International Assistant referees Guy Beale and Glen Turner. Both are terrific coaches and will deliver on field and in workshops techniques for improving performance. I watched some months ago Guy Beale deliver on field training for Match Officials who operate for Cornwall Football Association. Guy goes into detail on flagging technique and movement up and down the touchline.

Stacey Pearson
Stacey Pearson and Guy Beale

Glenn Turner in San Diego a few months ago had the audience of over 400 match officials in the palm of his hand when he ran through a detailed presentation of the techniques he adopted to aid his concentration.

Decision-making, Body Language and DOGSO workshop presentations will also feature along with the match officials been able to question these three experts who will pass on their expertise with a smile.