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    By Jason Pettigrove

    Well that didn’t take long did it. One week down and already there’s a black mark against Craig Pawson who left the Stamford Bridge pitch with extra security and forced to run a gauntlet of a cacophony of boos and … Continue

      Kim Milton Nielsen was talking to Alex Griffiths

      It was a very interesting Women's Euro tournament for me, and I was lucky enough to attend four matches in person, including England versus Scotland.

      Because Denmark's squad was based in Rotterdam, it was easy for us to take the … Continue

        Danny Murphy was talking to Alex Griffiths

        I got a phone call the other day and as soon as I realised it was a genuine offer to join the new FA panel adjudicating on simulation I was overjoyed at the idea, happy to respond and honoured to … Continue

          Arthur Ellis

          Today’s ex-referees turned pundits are not the first media celebrities the profession has spawned.

          Britons of a certain age will remember Arthur Ellis, a top English referee who later traded his whistle for a dipstick, the measuring rod Continue

            The Premier League returned with a bang this weekend with plenty of goals, shocks and controversy to dissect on this week's Ref Show. Joining Alan Biggs in the studio was former PGMOL referee manager Keith Hackett and BBC pundit and … Continue

            By Keith Hackett

            The Premier League kicked off with a terrific game served up by Arsenal and Leicester City. A game that demonstrated why Mike Dean is one of our top referees.

            However Mike and the game were let down by the Premier … Continue

              By Jason Pettigrove

              Roll up, roll up for the greatest show in town, step right this way….

              The Premier League is back! What does that mean? A clean slate for the men in the middle.

              What have they learnt over the summer? Who’s … Continue

              By Keith Hackett

              The start of a new season sees many people making their predictions on who will win the Premier League and who will be relegated.

              It's a celebration of 25 years of a league that continues to grow - although I … Continue

                By Alan Biggs

                You Are The Ref experts have welcomed the Football Association's introduction of a diving panel from this season.

                It answers a clamour from across the football industry and the public to out cheats and eradicate a diving culture from the … Continue

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