Another VAR controversy came to light yesterday during the Confederations Cup match between Cameroon and Germany.

The introduction of the Video Assistant Referees in football over the past year hasn’t exactly gone to plan with various incidents causing more controversy than needed, the latest being referee Wilmar Roldan making not one, but two, incorrect decisions in just a matter of minutes which brought the game into disrepute.

The confusion started as Ernest Mabouka and Emre Can went in for a 50-50 challenge, both players with their studs showing and a foot high off the ground.

The referee deems Mabouka’s challenge worthy of a caution but rather bizarrely mistakenly gives out a yellow card to his team-mate Sebastien Siani. Following this, the referee goes to the video assistant referee (VAR) to check his call, eventually deciding minutes later to change the yellow card to a straight red.

Siani, the innocent Cameroon player, is then sent off despite not making a challenge. Given the resulting commotion referee Roldan heads back to the VAR to check again, and eventually rescinds Siani’s red card to and instead gives it to Mabouka.

There have already been a number of controversial decisions using the new system at both the Confederations Cup and the European U21 Championships this summer, and the latest mistake calls into question the logisitics surrounding the VAR.

It also worth pointing out whether the challenge even warranted a red card,especially given the referee took his time to view the incident on more than one occasion. In any case, it is clear that the VAR is affecting the pace of the game and is creating more confusion than necessary.

The matter will be discussed in more detail on The Ref Show which will be available later today with Alan Biggs, Dean Mohareb and David Hirst.