I guess one of the big questions arising from the World Cup is. . . will we see the magic spray can in the Premier League this season?

Having witnessed at first hand its use in Major League Soccer in America before the World Cup, I have no doubts that this would be a useful aid to the management process for the referee.

In the analysis of a Premier League game involving Arsenal, Prozone statistics highlighted that 12 minutes of time had been eroded in the rigmarole of the referee getting the defensive wall back the required 9.15m (10 yards)

Without question the use of the spray was a major talking point at this World Cup and, whilst Nicola Rizzoli used it sparingly in the final, the players had clearly got the message that they needed to move back from the ball.

I observed that players were retiring to the desired distance with the minimum amount of fuss and this reduced the area of conflict and dissent between the players and the referee. It also saved time.

The Premier League, in my experience, has always adopted a positive approach to helping match officials wherever possible.

Many years ago I convinced my then boss Philip Don to introduce the communication kits and the Premier League gave an immediate positive response to the request for funding.

If Mike Riley, the PGMOL general manager who has been out in Brazil working with FIFA, wants the spray can introduced then I am sure the Premier League will give the go ahead.

There is no need to investigate or consider the impact of its use.  Many of the players out in Brazil play in the Premier League.

One meeting of the referees out on the training field would allow them to practice using the spray.

Come on, lets see its introduction at the start of the season