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    Author: Keith Hackett


    As you know, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) – the body responsible for the Laws of the Game – gave permission for a two-year experiment to take place with regard to the possible introduction of the Video Referee.

    The … Continue


      Alan Biggs of You Are The Ref, David Hirst former professional footballer and Roger Dilkes former Premier League referee analyse Mark Clattenburg’s performance following the FA Cup final at the weekend, the 1993 FA Cup final and much more.… Continue

        FA Cup
        Could next season’s FA Cup see video technology trialled?

        Video referees could be used in the FA Cup next season, with advanced talks currently taking place at the Football Association.

        The FA are reportedly keen to see a trial take … Continue


          Author: Patrick Barclay


          The FA’s ‘Respect’ campaign, when it began in 2008, was, of course, well intentioned. But I said at the time that its design was fatally flawed and subsequent events have done little to dispel that impression.

          The flaw was that … Continue


            Author: Tim Vickery

            Mark Clattenburg
            One of Brazil’s best football journalists was highly impressed with the drama of the Sunday in the Premier League when Arsenal beat Leicester and Tottenham beat Manchester City. But he was also disappointed.

            “The sensational Sunday drama in the Premier … Continue


              Author: Kim Milton Nielsen

              Kim Milton Nielsen

              I could not help noticing a couple of issues which are currently the cause of much debate in the United Kingdom and you may be interested to hear a personal and a Danish perspective on both.

              I remember the old … Continue


                In part 2 of The Ref Show with Alan Biggs, Keith Hackett and David Hirst, the panel discuss high profile errors made by Premier League referees, UEFA approving goal line technology and much more.… Continue


                  Author: Alan Biggs

                  Video Tech
                  UEFA will implement goal line tchnology at EURO 2016

                  UEFA have finally decided to adopt goal line technology in time for the European Championships this summer.

                  Its implementation in both Euro 2016 and the Champions League is being applauded by … Continue

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