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    I was recently in the company of a so called “Referee Coach” operating for the Football Association, and was frankly concerned that this person had a title but not the skill sets required to develop the referees under his control.… Continue

      On Saturday at 3pm, referee Chris Foy will blow the whistle to start his final Premier League game – Manchester City v Southampton at the Etihad stadium.

      From the 2015/16 season, Chris will work with Select Group performance director Howard … Continue

        I continue to be amazed by the lack of attention that referees at all levels of the game adapt to applying Law 15 – the throw-in.

        I see players flouting the law on a regular basis by taking the throw-in … Continue

          I have had the pleasure this season of watching several games at grassroots level, and I’ve been shocked by how much junior players copy the actions of the professionals they see on television.

          I get very concerned when I see … Continue

            Millions around the world will have viewed the outstanding performance of English referee Mark Clattenburg in the UEFA Champions League second leg between Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

            His display once again underpins the fact that Mark is, without question, England’s … Continue

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