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    By Ian Ross

    You-Are-The-Ref could hardly be said to be an organisation which actively promotes the virtues of self-aggrandisement and in-house back-slapping but, hey, it is our official birthday so, for once, we do feel free to indulge ourselves a little.

    It was … Continue


      The World’s top referee Mark Clattenburg is joining You-Are-The-Ref in what is a major coup for the internationally-acclaimed website.

      Clattenburg, who was named as football’s top official earlier this year, has been appointed as the International Director for You-Are-The-Ref’s recently-launched … Continue


        The internationally acclaimed website you-are-the-ref.com is launching a unique global online learning platform designed to move the art of football refereeing into a new era.

        The YATR Academy recognises that refereeing – irrespective of level – is an integral part … Continue

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