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    Nick Matthew OBE
    Three-time world squash champion Nick Matthew OBE in action

    You Are The Ref is always interested to hear from sports personalities for their views on football in general and refereeing in particular. Here we get the views of a three-time … Continue


      Author: Martin Bodenham

      Martin Bodenham

      Martin Bodenham spent almost 50 years either refereeing or umpiring before calling it a day in September last year.

      He presided over international fixtures in both football and cricket, either side of the very last Football League Cup Final replay … Continue


        Author: Alex Griffiths

        Former referee Clive Thomas is constantly reminded about Zico’s disallowed World Cup ‘goal’

        ‘Innovator’ and ‘footballer’ are two words rarely associated with the name of Clive Thomas, writes Alex Griffiths.

        Yet this iconic referee, destined ever to be remembered for … Continue

          Paul Heaton
          Musician Paul Heaton talks football to You Are The Ref

          Paul Heaton once wore a Sheffield United training top on Old Grey Whistle Test and in song proposed that his mother be played on the silver screen by Peter Beardsley.Continue


            Author: Mike Pavasovic

            Mick Henderson
            Mick Henderson is approaching his 81st birthday, but is still refereeing! Credit: North News & Pictures Ltd

            “Why do you do this? Why do you put up with all the aggravation?” These are questions every referee must have heard at … Continue


              Author: Alan Biggs

              Neil Warnock

              Neil Warnock is back in football, and back in conversation on one of his favourite topics. Yes, referees.

              The newly installed managerial advisor at Queens Park Rangers is a You Are The Ref columnist, whose debut blog can be viewed … Continue


                The recognisable voice of David Lloyd has been gracing cricket punditry for many years.

                ‘Bumble’ as he is affectionately known, enjoyed a lengthy career representing Lancashire and England, before roles as a coach and a first-class umpire.

                Lloyd also played Continue

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