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Hull City

    By Alan Biggs

    UPDATED: 18th September 2017

    A Championship match bizarrely went ahead with an apparent absence of a penalty spot in either area.

    There appeared to be no penalty marks (the correct term in law) at the KCom stadium where Hull City … Continue

      Author: Jason Pettigrove

      So here we are then. At the end of another long, hard season.

      Fortunately one that isn’t immediately followed by a World Cup, European Championship or Confederations Cup.

      Every EPL team can send their playing staff away on their holidays, … Continue

        Author: Jason Pettigrove

        In order that the fixtures on the final matchday of the season can all be played at the same date and time, the penultimate week is spread across 15 games (two of which are not listed here) and six days. … Continue

          Author: Jason Pettigrove

          With just two more fixtures left after this round of fixtures, you’d have thought that PGMOL would bring out all of its big guns.

          No Mark Clattenburg but Jon Moss gets the final game of the weekend. Roger East gets … Continue

            Author: Jason Pettigrove

            Another fairly underwhelming set of appointments from PGMOL and one in particular pops right out at you.

            Let’s just say that Mark Hughes, who’s never short of a word or two for the officials, will bemoan his luck again this … Continue

              Author: Jason Pettigrove

              FA Cup semi final week means that there is a reduced programme in the English top flight for week 34.

              With just four weeks left of the season, every result counts now, and how well teams have been managed to … Continue

                The East Bank Holiday weekend has come up trumps for the Premier League connoisseur this time.

                A super set of fixtures across the weekend including an absolute classic in the main Sunday slot.

                Appropriately for the time of year, Mark … Continue

                  Author: Jason Pettigrove

                  Here we are with six matchdays left to play and PGMOL have given an official his maiden outing in the top flight.

                  It almost beggars belief.

                  Whilst we at YATR wish Chris Kavanagh every success and congratulate him on his … Continue

                    Author: Jason Pettigrove

                    No sooner has one set of games finished than another comes into view.

                    A busy April awaits for the officials and week 31 also has it’s fair share of mouth-watering fare.

                    Not least in north London where two under pressure … Continue

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