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I was saddened by the news that one of our best football commentators, John Motson, is hanging up his microphone at the BBC.

There is real synergy between a referee and commentator. Motson, like other commentators, has to decide what … Continue


    Updated: 25th January 2017

    Darren Cann

    So Darren Cann is selected to run the line for Crystal Palace’s FA Cup tie with Manchester City on Saturday.

    Only then is it realised that the World Cup final assistant referee once played for Palace – and he is … Continue


      Author: Alex Griffiths


      Dave Rainford joined the BBC show ‘Eggheads’ three years after his prominent participation in ‘Are You An Egghead’ in 2009. Alex Griffiths caught up with the quiz expert to talk refereeing and his love of Manchester United.

      Can we tell Continue

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