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    One interesting refereeing experiment, the use of the Sin Bin – or to give the scheme it’s formal title “temporary dismissals” – is well under way up and down the country, with 32 leagues participating in the initial pilot of Continue


      By Andy Hogg

      Natasha was part of the referee team for the Youdan Trophy u14 final

      Bill Shankly’s famous quote – “the harder I work, the luckier I get” – rings true with anyone who endeavours to climb up the refereeing promotion ladder; … Continue


        Author: Andy Hogg

        Andrew Madley
        Andrew Madley is one of the Select Group 2 referees this season

        At the start of this playing season, Select Group 2 was hailed by EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey as a significant move for the future of professional refereeing … Continue

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