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    The Secret Ref was talking to Alex Griffiths

    I was fortunate enough on my way up to the Premier League to be mentored by a referee who had played the game himself as a semi-pro, and, as a result, the regular meetings we would have over a meal … Continue

      Danny Murphy was talking to Alex Griffiths

      My reaction to a recent incident on a Premier League pitch might seem out of step to some of you, but hear me out before dismissing my take on an incident that seemed to gain universal sympathy for a recent … Continue

        Mark Saggers was talking to Alex Griffiths

        So we know the outcome of the latest Carabou Cup draw, thanks to its exclusive appearance on a Far-Eastern Twitter feed.

        Well, I have to say I don’t agree with the suggestion that this is in any way “an interesting … Continue

          Andy Townsend was talking to Alex Griffiths

          I’ve just got back from Hong Kong, and it might seem strange to be relating to you that my trip left me encouraged when it comes to the future of elite refereeing in this country!

          The chief reason for my … Continue

            Danny Murphy was talking to Alex Griffiths

            Champs Charlton Social

            The Youdan Trophy is a great modern example of how referee and youth development can go hand in hand, but I don’t think youth coaches should be let off the hook as easily as they are throughout the game in … Continue

              Mark Saggers was talking to Alex Griffiths

              Not only do we stand at the threshold of a gleaming new season, with all the promise that brings, but it’s a World Cup year, in case you’d forgotten, and so, if there ever was a time to sound a … Continue

                Kim Milton Nielsen was talking to Alex Griffiths

                It may have been over 19 years ago and counting, but I still get reminded regularly of one particular red card. Of all the incidents in France 98, you might be surprised how low a priority it was for the … Continue

                  Danny Murphy was talking to Alex Griffiths

                  Two out-of-season tackles put the cat among the pigeons with vastly different outcomes recently and both offer learning points, even if one did come during a supposedly sedate gathering of retired old pros involving yours truly!

                  Out in Utah, USA, … Continue

                    By Alex Griffiths

                    Actor, writer and producer merely round off a list of roles that just won’t all fit here. Suffice to say that the man behind the film Don’t Take Me Home could hardly have been better qualified, as Alex Griffiths, who’s … Continue

                      Alan Brazil was talking to Alex Griffiths

                      The subject of what lessons football can take on board from other sports has become a recurring theme and you could not ask for any better an example than the thrilling end to the Lions tour of New Zealand.

                      Don’t … Continue

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