Terry Butcher made a couple of back pages in the week, when the anniversary of some 0-0 draw England once got away with in Sweden provided an excuse to reproduce pictures of his bloodstained shirt and bandaged head.

If you want honest, big Terry is your man. We shared a dressing room for a good few years, I still bump into him quite often and one thing Terry is is a 100 per cent-er. A few people had to dive to ride some of his challenges in his time, I can confirm that much!

He’s such a good choice to go on the diving panel the FA recently set up, with the intention to use video evidence and punish players retrospectively, and I really hope when they get the chance they will hammer those cheats.

The ones who get away with so-called simulation are doing so many honest punters out of their stakes, they do the opposition out of win bonuses, and can even get managers the sack, so I’m glad that the whole thing is finally being  taken seriously, having called for this myself after chatting to the former SFA chief exec and my old pal, Gordon Smith, last season.

Another thing in the news has been the celebrations that led to a red card for Raheem Sterling after his late winner for Manchester City down at Bournemouth.

This comes under the category of setting a bad example in my opinion, but I am not talking about the player on this occasion. It is the referee I had an issue with.

When it comes to taking your shirt off, I am prepared to accept that this is a mandatory caution, but Sterling did nothing of the sort. In fact, the crowd had invaded the pitch and it was not even a case of him having to initiate anything, they all just mobbed him!

Now I like Mike Dean as a ref, but he should have just said to Sterling, “look, you’re one lucky boy, don’t go near the crowd again”, then blown his whistle and ended the match there and then.

Since my playing career ended, I’ve played in many a game for charity, but I must say how impressed I was at the turn-out from the general public for Saturday’s Game for Grenfell and Sunday’s Bradley Lowery Foundation game at Goodison Park.

I live in a tower block myself during the week at Canary Wharf, and I’ll never forget waking up at ten past 4 that dreadful morning, when I could see Grenfell burning all the way from East London. The plight of those victims touched us all.

The proof of that was certainly in the pudding, with an amazing 18,000 people packing out Loftus Road. Fans had to contend with strike action on public transport in Liverpool the day after, so I understand, and still swelled the crowd to an unbelievable 15,000 or so.

Hats off to the organisers of both events, and we can only hope that a little enjoyment was spread to go along with the vital funds that were raised at the weekend.

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