Halsey’s Retrospective Premier League Table

Halsey’s Retrospective Premier League Table

This table is based on Mark Halsey’s view of which you can find out more on his Referee Ranking’s as well as on the You Are The Ref Academy where Mark writes his weekly Verdict.

We welcome all views and opinions, positive and negative of which you can do so here. However please remember this is purely fictional (hence the name) and nothing in this hypothetical table reflects the real game.

It is the sole view of Mark Halsey, and agree or disagree, the idea behind this table is to not only provide reflection on if’s and but’s, but also to provide some light-hearted conversation.

Key match incidents (KMI) are the basis of where match scorelines are altered. Using the Referee Rankings, the three main criteria that qualify as a KMI are:

  1. A goal either incorrectly allowed or disallowed.
  2. A penalty either awarded incorrectly or not given when it should have been. Penalties when awarded retrospectively are assumed as scored
  3. A player either sent off incorrectly or not sent off when he should have been. When red cards are issued or rescinded, depending on the balance of play and the minute the offence/or non offence takes place, Mark makes a decision on if the game result is affected.

If you think we have missed any important incidents or would like one reviewed then do contact us using the form below.

Retrospective Table
+/-TeamPlayedWDLGDPTSRetrospective PTS
-Crystal Palace11118-1844
-Man City11910253129
-1Man Utd11721192323
-West Brom11244-51010
-West Ham11226-998

Amended Results

Changes to scorelines listed below. Games in italic did not change scoreline.

Gameweek 11

  • 4/11/17 | Newcastle 0 Bournemouth 1

New score = 1-1

Newcastle had a goal incorrectly disallowed with Dwight Gayle’s onside when he equalises for Newcastle.

  • 5/11/17 | Man City 3 Arsenal 1

New score = 1-1

Man City’s last two goals should have been ruled out. The penalty incident came from an incorrectly awarded free-kick whilst the third goal was offside.

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Gameweek 10

  • 29/10/17 | Leicester 2 Everton 0

New score = 2-1

Everton should have been awarded a penalty when Aaron Lennon was brought down by Christian Fuchs in the penalty area.

Gameweek 9

  • 21/10/17 | Stoke 1 Bournemouth 2

New score = 2-2

Stoke should have been awarded a penalty when Jese was fouled by Adam Smith.

  • 21/10/17 | Man City 3 Burnley 0

New score = 2-0

Man City’s first goal should be ruled out as the penalty was incorrectly awarded.

  • 21/10/17 | Chelsea 4 Stoke 2

New score = 3-2

Chelsea’s opener should be ruled out as the corner given in the build up was incorrectly given.

Gameweek 8

  • 14/10/17 | Burnley 1 West Ham 1

New score = 2-1

Burnley should’ve had a penalty when Joe Hart fouled striker Chris Wood in the penalty area.

  • 14/10/17 | Watford 2 Arsenal 1

New score = 1-1

Watford’s first goal should be ruled as the penalty was incorrectly awarded.

Gameweek 7

  • 30/09/17 | Bournemouth  0-0 Leicester

       New score = 1-0

Bournemouth should’ve had a penalty when a handball in the penalty area by Danny Simpson was missed.

Gameweek 6

  • 23/10/17 | Leicester 2 Liverpool 3

New score = Stays the same 2-3

Leciester’s first goal should be ruled out for a foul on Simon Mignolet; Leicester should have penalty for handball by Emre Can in the box.

  • 23/10/17 | Arsenal 2 West Brom 0

New score = 3-1

West Brom should have been awarded been penalty for foul on Jay Rodriguez; Arsenal should have also had a penalty for shove on Alexis Sanchez

Gameweek 5

  • 16/09/17 | Tottenham 0-0 Swansea

New score = 1-0

Tottenham should’ve had a penalty when Serge Aurier went down in the box under a challenge from Jordan Ayew.

  • 16/09/17 | Liverpool 1-1 Burnley

New score = 2-1

Liverpool should’ve had a penalty when Mohamed Salah was fouled in the area by Ben Mee.

  • 16/09/17 | Watford 0-6 Man City

New Score = 1-4

Two of Man City goals offside; Watford should’ve had a penalty when Nathaniel Chalobah was fouled.

Gameweek 4

  • 09/09/17 | Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

New Score = 1-3

Chelsea should have had a penalty when Alvaro Morata’s header hit the arms of  Harry Maguire in the box.

Gameweek 3

  • 26/08/17 | Man Utd 2-0 Leicester

New Score = 1-0

Man United’s second goal should be ruled out when Fellaini scored as he was offside.

  • 26/08/17 | Newcastle 3-0 West Ham

New Score = 2-0

Should have sent Mitrovic of for violent conduct after elbowing Lanzini, not long before he scores West Ham’s third.

Gameweek 2

  • 19/08/17 | Stoke 1-0 Arsenal

Retrospective result – 1-1

Arsenal should’ve had a penalty for a challenge on Hector Bellerin who was foulded by Mame Diouf.

  • 21/08/17 | Man City 1-1 Everton

New score = Stays the same 1-1

Kyle Walker s/o in 44th minute was very harsh, Everton were 1-0 up at the time. No change decided.

Gameweek 1

  • 11/08/17 | Arsenal 4-3  Leicester

New score = 3-3

Arsenal’s third goal and equaliser should be ruled out as Mesut Ozil handled the ball in the build up to the goal.

  • 12/08/17 | Watford 3-3 Liverpool

New Score = 2-3

Watford’s equaliser and third goal should be ruled out as Miguel Britos was offside.

  • 12/08/17 | Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

New score = 2-2

Early sending off for Gary Cahill in the 14th minute, before any goals were scored

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