In The Ref Show studio this week with Alan Biggs were two top former Premier League and FIFA referees Mark Halsey and Keith Hackett for another round up of the weekend action in the Premier League and Football League.

The big talking point of the weekend came at Anfield where Tottenham snatched a point from Liverpool with a stoppage time penalty which Harry Kane slotted home, but the post-match debate very much centered on the performance of the match officials. Two penalties were given, but only one was correct

The panel also look back at the rest of the action in the Premier League whilst also delving into the Football League with discussion on the games at Derby, Wolves, Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday.


  1. Can I make a point about Leeds. Before assuming it’s a lack of discipline and that the Leeds players are at all times at fault, can I suggest you look at these red card decisions first and work out whether you feel the referee should be giving them.
    Take the Liam Cooper straight red against Millwall. It was a nothing challenge, clumsy and late, a yellow card and nothing more. The Millwall player feigns injury and rolls about. The video footage shows clearly that he wasn’t injured and the physio was treating the other leg to the one he was holding. As soon as the player realises he’s got the man sent off he jumps to his feet. Footage also of the ref going for a yellow card at first too.

    Then on Saturday against Cardiff. Berardi made two poor challenges so by the letter of the law, you can argue he got what he deserved. However, Graham Scott only lectures other players for worse tackles. A Cardiff midfielder had a horror show and made 3/4 plus total cynical fowls yet gets away with just the one card. Graham Scott needs to be held accountable and asked to explain.

    Please let me know your thoughts




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