West Ham United -v- Hull city


TS at 2015-01-18 16:25:42

The officials can be very pleased with their performances today and Martin Atkinson has displayed many of the skills in his make up to cement his position as the top English Elite FIFA Referee. His decision making, mobility, positioning, man-management and communication skills have been superbly displayed. He blows for the end of the game in which, if Hull had taken their first half chances, could have been totally different. West Ham deservedly won because they tool their chances. Join us next time at 4 for Manchester City -v- Arsenal. Thanks for your company in the first part of this double-header.

TS at 2015-01-18 16:20:00

The caution was for Myler of Hull who showed frustration earlier. Added time of 3 minutes as Downing voted man of the match.

TS at 2015-01-18 16:18:09

Headlines of Hull Hammered’ may well be issued tomorrow. Caution Yellow Card issued  as West Ham almost add a fourth.

TS at 2015-01-18 16:15:44

Corner West Ham as Andy Carroll asks for his 3rd hand ball. Glad he’s not the referee!!

TS at 2015-01-18 16:14:23

Referee Atkison has looked totally cool, calm and collected throughout the game and delivered the majority of his decisions from highly credible positions. His effort and work rate have quietly got him into good viewing angles with nothing missed of any note. He might have chosen to not issue the second caution but in the bigger picture of the game, it has been of little consequence. With 5 minutes to go he needs to maintain the level of his performance to see the game through the finishing line.

TS at 2015-01-18 16:09:28

West Ham have been superb in this second half as Hull have faded under the constant pressure of the Hammers. 10 minutes to go and the officials will be keen to see the game to a safe conclusion without any major incidents or incorrect decisions.

TS at 2015-01-18 16:06:41

Advantage played before a Sagbo foul gives West Ham another free kick. Myler breaks for Hull but falls over as he is about to cross.

TS at 2015-01-18 16:05:00

Shot on target for Hull easily saved as West Ham get a free kick in the midfield area. 75 minutes gone and there seems no way back for Hull. Yellow CardCaution foe Quinn of Hull for his reckless tackle caused out of frustration. Sub West Ham.

TS at 2015-01-18 16:02:01

The bubbles are blowing as West Ham compound the Hull misery with their second goal. It is a cedit to the managerial strategy of Big Sam. Sub Hull Davies off Sagbo on with 72 minutes gone. Goal for Downing for West Ham – GOAL!

TS at 2015-01-18 15:59:04

GOAL! substitute Amalfitano doubles the led for the Hammers.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:57:24

Dawson gives the ball away to Valencia but his shot goes into the side netting. A let off for Hull.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:55:07

Corner Hull City defended well as West Ham take off Noble and bring on Amalfitano on 65 minutes.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:53:34

Big Sam and Steve Bruce are both raising their profile in the Technical Area. Fourth Official Lee Mason is well known to me, having been a part of my Football League coaching group in the years before he was promoted to the Select Group list of Premiership Referees. He’s a lovely chap with a zany sense of humour who will. be perfect for the management of the contrasting characters who are today’s managers in the technical area.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:51:25

An hour of the contest gone as Hull are suffering for those first half missed chances. A 50/50 decision goes West Ham’s way as some player frustration showing by Hull. They need to score soon to quell any escalation in their attitude against the referee. He will be reading that and should react accordingly..

TS at 2015-01-18 15:46:32

That looked a foul against Hull but waved away as the player made his protest! 57 minutes gone as offside signalled – a close call!

TS at 2015-01-18 15:44:18

Another explosive sprint by the referee as West Ham broke quickly. It is vital that the work rate in the midfield area is delivered so that the referee can be in the best position near the penalty area. Good refereeing!

TS at 2015-01-18 15:42:08

West Ham look more a unit since half time following some choice words by Big Sam. Loved Martin Atkinson ‘polishing the car bonnet’ to indicate ‘no handball’. Great communication signal.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:39:51

A tap in for Carroll who appeals for a penalty after the ball comes off the arm of Dawson. No penalty was the correct decision by Martin Atkinson.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:38:29

Andy Carroll scores for West Ham. GOAL!

TS at 2015-01-18 15:37:14

Maguire on for Hull (12) with Figueroa coming on earlier. West Ham chance after good offside judgement by AR Child. He should have been at Spurs yesterday!!

TS at 2015-01-18 15:34:36

Second half under way. What changes will the managers have made to their tactical formations? Adjustments to the referee’s positioning might be necessary as he watches to see what changes have been made by the managers. Remember that the tactical formations of the teams (4-4-2 or 5-3-2-1) have different positional requirements for the referee to get the best viewing angles without being in the way of play. Another sub at half time for Hull 4 replacing 12.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:28:14

Email received from Alan Sandler in Dallas Texas who is a Spurs fan. He says, “I recorded the Spurs game and I replayed the last “non goal” a few times and I know Vertongen received the ball in Sunderland’s half and was “off side”, but when the ball was played he was in his own half—How can you be called by the A/R for offside if the ball is played to you while you are in your own half—please can you explain”. The answer is simple Alan! It was a dreadful error by the assistant referee! Offside judgement has been suspect in the Premier League this season with too many Assistant Referees getting their decisions wrong. Yesterday at Spurs it was ridiculous that a Spurs 3rd goal was disallowed by a dreadful decision by the Assistant Referee. Incorrect judgement happens but there does not seem to be an effective mentor working with the Select Group of Assistant Referees to help them solve their problems. Let’s hope that all offside decisions are correct today and do not cost either team points in the League table.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:21:55

Sub for Hull as the shoulder injury looks serious. Martin Atkinson blows for half time with Hull feeling unlucky not to be in the lead. No goals so far but the kettle is on and the cup of Yorkshire tea awaits me! Back in 15 minutes for the whole of the second half on You Are The Ref. Any comments? Please let us have your thoughts on you-are-the-ref.com throughout the game.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:18:00

Bruce (son of the Hull manager) back on but still looking shaken as Hull need to defend a late West Ham spell of pressure. Play swings to the other end and Hull win another corner. 2 minutes time allowed is displayed by Lee Mason  as Hull get yet another corner. Defended but after treatment to another injury, it will be yet another corner to Hull.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:12:35

Approaching the last 5 minutes if the half with the officials firmly in control. The last caution was a bit soft and could have been managed with a firm word but that apart there has been nothing. Injury to the Hull keeper who was brave to save at the attackers feet. Bruce also suffered a head injury and has treatment.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:06:51

Good injection of pace by Martin through the midfield area gets him close to play but the attack breaks down.

TS at 2015-01-18 15:04:29

Clumsy foul by Elmouhamed but it was a surprise to see the caution issued! It does even up the caution count but was it necessary? Yellow Card

TS at 2015-01-18 15:02:14

Carroll fouled on half way gives West Ham a breather before Carroll rises to head the freekick towards goal, but no power. 32 minutes gone and still Hull look the most likely to score.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:59:49

Hull trying to pass the ball into the net and another chance goes begging. They will feel unlucky not to have scored as they continue to take the game to the hosts. Head injury to Collins stops play but he’s okay and has a smile with Martin.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:56:24

Great chance for Hull but took too much time and it has gone for a corner. West Ham play it out and get a freekick in a good position. Spray time but the shot goes high and wide.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:52:23

Hull have just shDed the first 20 minutes possession statistics but West Ham earn the first caution for Noble whose reckless tackle enabled Martin to clearly define his tolerance level to misconduct. Yellow Card

TS at 2015-01-18 14:48:47

Freekick Hull in front of the dugouts comes to nothing as Steve Bruce becomes animated. Hull are playing well but lack that final decisive pass to create the chance to score.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:45:12

15 minutes gone and no problems for the officials so far with all the decisions being delivered to player expectation.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:43:52

AR Childs is dugout side and AR Leonard on the far side. Corner West Ham results in a goal kick with Martin in the regulation PGMOL position to make the correct award.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:38:49

West Ham reply with a shot just past the post. This could go either way! No real involvement for Martin so far, just one freekick as he tries to maintain a low profile.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:35:51

Hull taking the game to the Hammers in the early stages but it will be interesting to see how Martin handles the aerial battles between Carroll and Dawson. First chance of the game to Hull, just passed the post.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:32:14

Hull kick off and win a corner kick but it is cleared before a second corner is given. Holding in the box is evident but nothing given.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:30:11

The whistle blows and we’re underway. Please let us have your thoughts on you-are-the-ref.com throughout the game.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:24:33

The teams are in the tunnel ready to enter the field of play for the game. The approval of the player’s equipment will be the first decision of the game for the team of officials.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:16:39

Today’s referee, Martin Atkinson, will have very clearly defined his game plan to his team in preparation for this encounter. He is one of the countries most experienced referees – if not THE top official in the nation at present. It was a delight for me to work with Martin as his coach at Dallas Cup prior to his attaining Premier League status and going on to earn his FIFA badge. His international experience is second to none in terms of English referees and that experience will hopefully take him to the 2016 Euros, following the retirement of Howard Webb at the end of last season. Martin will be pushed to the line by the other leading Elite FIFA referees officiating on the Premier League, and I wish him well in attaining his goals. He will be very aware that he needs to maintain his focus on domestic games and to perform consistently well throughout the current season and into the next.

TS at 2015-01-18 14:09:28

West Ham United -v- Hull City
Sunday January 18th – kick off 13.30 (GMT)
Referee – Martin Atkinson
AR 1 – S. Child
AR 2 – H. Leonard
Fourth Official – Lee Mason.

Good afternoon and welcome to You Are The Ref which features first today, this potentially exciting class between ‘in form’ West Ham and a Hull City side who have under performed so far this season and are currently in the relegation zone before today’s game. Yesterday saw every visiting team win their games (except Sunderland) and manager Steve Bruce will be hoping to keep that statistic going today. Sam Alladyce by contrast will be fancying his team’s chances against the Humbersiders and he’ll be hopeful of banking the three point on offer from today’s game