West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City


good night

GB at 2015-08-10 22:18:27

Thanks for following me today and I hope you have enjoyed RefCam tonight. That’s it for me until next weekend.

full time summary

GB at 2015-08-10 22:16:44

I must start my summary by putting the fact straight out there that Mike Dean certainly had that game fully under control from start to finish!


BUT …… for me, there were just a few times in the second half when he let his high standards drop a little. I was left with the feeling that although he looked physically fit, I am not sure that he always seemed “match fit” at times. By that I mean that there were a few decisions which left me surprised instead of totally supportive.


I have already stated that these did not affect his control, but if he was being assessed tonight, then I would have expected him to have been asked to “talk me through the way you managed Claudio Yacob (WBA 5) at the end – did you ever consider issuing him a second yellow card?”.


For me, the first yellow card for the WBA 5 was actually more “orange” than yellow. Mike used his experience and gave the player the benefit of the doubt, but after that the player committed at least two more reckless challenges before blatantly pushing David Silva (MC 21) over in the WBA penalty area which should have resulted in a penalty kick. I wondered at the time if Mike Dean did not give the penalty as that would have meant the player deserved a second yellow card – even if just for the totting up process.


The referee’s leniency with Yacob also came soon after a caution got away for a Man City player between two yellow cards for WBA players. This was very unusual for Mike Dean to leave himself open to accusations of inconsistency.


The other major factor for me tonight though was that in the light of there being a few new referees given an opportunity to show what they are made of on the Premier League this season, then our top performers need to be showing them how it should be done, and not using their experience to compensate for not adhering to the laws of the game. If our top performers are not seen to be strong, what chance is there for the newcomers?


The teamwork was sound tonight but there was just that one offside decision not given by Marc Perry in the second half which could easily have led to a goal. Assistants at this level should not be getting those wrong.


All-in-all, I doubt the officials will be mentioned at all as the dust settles on this game at this stage of the season, but I hope that they all review their performances with their coaches and look long and hard at some of the incidents I have highlighted in my final summary and reflect upon them honestly.

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refcam matches to come soon

GB at 2015-08-10 21:50:47

My final summary will follow in a few minutes.


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GB at 2015-08-10 21:49:51

Full Time

WBA 0 – 3 Man City


GB at 2015-08-10 21:47:04

it was that man Yacob that got away with it again

minimum of 3 added minutes t be played


GB at 2015-08-10 21:46:20

That certainly looked like a foul challenge from behind on the City player there and I would not have been surprised if a penalty had been awarded


GB at 2015-08-10 21:43:59

these last few minutes could still bite the officials on the behind if they are not careful so they need to remained fully focussed


GB at 2015-08-10 21:39:13

great call by MD there, definitely not a penalty


GB at 2015-08-10 21:38:10

MD is in danger of loosing his credibility if he give Yacob any more rope – he has already had enough to hang himself with


GB at 2015-08-10 21:36:50

MD taking the lead with the direction for that throw-in near the half way line. I personally believe that their should be no “grey areas” or breaking the touchline into thirds for decisions on directions for throw-ins. “Your half yours and my half mine, with plenty of eye contact near the half way line”, was always my instructions to my assistants


GB at 2015-08-10 21:34:14

Yacob needs to be careful as he looks a prime candidate for a second yellow card when he behaves like that


GB at 2015-08-10 21:32:09

with 15 minutes to go the officials will be happy with how the game has quietened down after the frenetic start to the second half. Its all about closing the game out now without becoming centre of attention


GB at 2015-08-10 21:28:14

MD was well within the optimum 12 to 15 yards of that offence again which helped him to sell just a free kick for that one


GB at 2015-08-10 21:24:39

That would have been interesting if Stirling had turned back and closed the player down a few minutes ago after being in an offside position as that should have meant he would have been given offside under the new interpretation this season


GB at 2015-08-10 21:20:54

better decision there by MP – he was due for that one!


GB at 2015-08-10 21:20:26

MD well placed to judge the legality of that challenge on the edge of the penalty area


GB at 2015-08-10 21:19:41

Yellow Card Claudio Yacob (WBA 5) VERY reckless challenges made by Yacob then as the second swing of his leg could have been classed as a kick, in which case the player risked being sent off as the red mist seemed to come into his eyes


GB at 2015-08-10 21:16:31

GOAL!Vincent Kompany (MC 4)

WBA 0 – 3 Man City


GB at 2015-08-10 21:15:49

Yellow Card

for  James Chester (WBA 4) mandatory caution for that trip but just a shade of inconsistency then as the City player was lucky not to be shown a yellow card seconds earlier


GB at 2015-08-10 21:13:39

Yellow Card Craig Gardner (WBA 8) had that one coming from the early one in the first half


GB at 2015-08-10 21:10:03

Assistant MP got away with one just before that yellow card as the WBA player was clearly offside as he broke into the penalty area with a chance on goal. Like the one for SL at the other end in the first half he had the pitch markings to help him so he should not have got that one wrong


GB at 2015-08-10 21:08:25

Yellow Card  for Fernandinho (MC 25)


I was just about to say that MD would do well not to let this one get away from him and sure enough he did not let me down with that yellow card


GB at 2015-08-10 21:05:53

I am sure the officials would have expected the Home side to liven things up so they should be prepared for the unexpected


GB at 2015-08-10 21:04:59

that careless push was a good example of the change in tempo at the beginning of the second half


GB at 2015-08-10 21:04:02

the first two minutes have already shown the strength of the challenges rising from the first half


GB at 2015-08-10 21:01:45

second half under way

the ref show

GB at 2015-08-10 20:54:03

There can be no doubt that the most controversial decision over the weekend was made by Simon Hooper in the game at Norwich, when he chalked off a goal for the Home side, sighting dangerous play as the reason following a spectacular overhead kick. I would like to think that if he had his time again he would not be so keen to intervene if faced with exactly the same scenario. Unfortunately there were one or two other major talking points about his officiating in that game which actually made it stand out as a blot on a generally otherwise solid start by the officials across the Premier League throughout the first set of fixtures for the season.


The most outstanding decision for me was the correct award of a Penalty and send off of the Chelsea goalkeeper for a DOGSO by Michael Oliver – the lines on the field of play are included in the boundaries of the areas they mark, therefore a foul on the line is inside of the area.


Tune in to this week’s The Ref Show later tonight to hear the views of our experts on all of the major talking points from the first week of the season.


As always, YATR values your opinions on all the points raised by out experts via Twitter @youaretheref or email us at Info@you-are-the-ref.com

half time summary

GB at 2015-08-10 20:53:28

Well that was as routine a performance as you are likely to get from a referee in that first half. Just 6 free kicks in the game which looks like a training match with the first team playing against the reserves.


The match officials won’t be worried about that though as they need to remain focussed and all go about their duties with alertness and concentration. So far Mike Dean is moving around the field of play freely, even if he has appeared to get sucked into the area the players want to play the ball a few times. His recognition of foul play has been sound and he has kept his profile very low with just one yellow card, as the players just want to get on with it.


A good level of teamwork being displayed so far too with Simon Long having a straight forward offside call to make to rule out an WBA “goal” – they all have to be given though so well do for that.


There is another game about to start soon though and I expect The WBA manager to send out his team with a completely different game plan in the second half.


GB at 2015-08-10 20:46:46

Half Time

WBA 0 – 2 Man City


GB at 2015-08-10 20:45:24

minimum of 1 minute to be added to the first half


GB at 2015-08-10 20:42:19

Simon Long had the pitch marking to help him then as he correctly signals for offside to chalk off that WBA “goal”. Good lining


GB at 2015-08-10 20:40:28

Yellow Card for Darren Fletcher (WBA 24) for that reckless challenge. Fletcher may have taken “one for the team” then as that was the 4th WBA foul in about 15 minutes


GB at 2015-08-10 20:38:30

This is still a very quiet game for the officials but MD showing his experience again there by giving that obvious little push by the WBA player in the Man City penalty area. You still have to give the fouls the players expect in order to keep their confidence.


He is also prepared to let play continue by displaying a good recognition of fair and unfair challenges.


GB at 2015-08-10 20:34:00

MD getting into a good position again side on to the dropping ball and although he saw a push in the back he was able to play and advantage and tell the players he had seen a foul


GB at 2015-08-10 20:32:07

great spot by MD then to spot the goalkeeper getting his fingers to that that shot putting the ball out for a corner


GB at 2015-08-10 20:29:02

text book positioning by MD for that attacking free kick where he could see the whole wall as well as the kicker and the area the ball would be played in


GB at 2015-08-10 20:27:40

straight forward careless challenge there which results in only the 3rd free kick of the game so far


GB at 2015-08-10 20:26:00

Manchester City are making this look like men against boys at the moment


GB at 2015-08-10 20:25:07

GOAL!Yaya Touré (MC 42)

WBA 0 – 2 Man City


GB at 2015-08-10 20:22:55

SL looking to be concentrating fully on the ball and the players very close to him then as the ball went out for a throw-in right under his nose


GB at 2015-08-10 20:21:07

with so many players packing into that area around the WBA penalty area, MD is struggling to keep out of the way. He needs to just drop back a yard and release the space for the attacking players to press into the penalty area


GB at 2015-08-10 20:19:29

MD could be seen moving out to his left to get an angle as the players entered the penalty area


GB at 2015-08-10 20:17:45

MD was consistent then with that cynical foul by the Man City player in the centre of the field of play


GB at 2015-08-10 20:17:00

WBA are playing with 10 players in their own penalty area, but Man City still look capable of finding a way through


GB at 2015-08-10 20:15:18

He is also looking very fresh and fit – as he should do of course


GB at 2015-08-10 20:14:41

approach the first 15 minute mark and Mike Dean looks to have started where he left off last season and looks very relaxed, comfortable and in control of the proceedings


GB at 2015-08-10 20:13:25

excellent sprinting displayed by MP on the line then


GB at 2015-08-10 20:12:49

it is important to always be thinking where a corner is going to be played, so that you do not stand in the same position every time


GB at 2015-08-10 20:11:50

MDs position for that last corner reflected that he was anticipating the ball to be played into the centre of the penalty area


GB at 2015-08-10 20:10:46

The officials will be happy that the first goal did not attract any controversy


GB at 2015-08-10 20:09:50


David Silva (MC 21)

WBA 0 – 1 Man City


GB at 2015-08-10 20:08:50

Matthew Parry is crabbing along the touch line as fast as anyone I have ever seen


GB at 2015-08-10 20:07:12

first test for MD with that pull back by Craig Gardner (WBA 8). The WBA play was lucky to get away with that one. I am actually comfortable with the referee keeping his tinder dry, but that is only because of his experience. A lesser mortal would have cautioned for that offence even though it was not in an attacking position or broke down an attacking move. For me the referee did well not to over react too early in this game


GB at 2015-08-10 20:03:02

Good example of the Assistant referee focussed eye contact on the referee for that throw-in in the corner by SL


GB at 2015-08-10 20:02:16

MD well placed there to see that sliding challenge played the ball fairly


GB at 2015-08-10 20:00:40

AR1: Simon Long (SL) is patrolling the touchline in front of the technical areas.


GB at 2015-08-10 20:00:11

WBA  won the toss so it will be  Man City to kick off.


Good luck to all the officials and may the ball run kindly for you!


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GB at 2015-08-10 19:55:12

Not long to go now as the players and officials prepare to leave the tunnel

hackett’s blog

GB at 2015-08-10 19:52:41

The recent rare spectre of Mike Riley raising his head above the parapet to admit that the standard of officiating in the Premier League last season was not as good as previous years, has prompted a series of articles on our web site in the past week.


Alan Biggs opened the reporting on the comments made by the current Referees Manager with his article which points out that YATR “told you so” as the boss finally admits the decline in standards.


In his regular blogs, Keith Hackett first heralded the fact that it was good to see a clearing of the air followed by a hard hitting piece which asks is Mike Riley blameless for the decline in refereeing standards?


All of the regular blogs compiled by the former Head of Premier League Referees in England are still available to read now at Hackett’s Blog


The You Are The Ref Facebook page is also proving to be a great place to keep track on what’s new and is well work a “like” at https://www.facebook.com/youaretheref


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GB at 2015-08-10 19:51:45

Some of the big offside calls were found wanting though this weekend, and none of the clear errors witnessed could be put down in any way to the new interpretation of Law Eleven which all the Assistants are employing this season, so I hope Mr Dean’s two wing-men hit the ground running tonight and do not affect the result due to any poor decisions from the line.


GB at 2015-08-10 19:50:29

Today’s officials are:

Referee: Mike Dean (MD)

AR1: Simon Long (SL)

AR2: Matthew Parry (MP)

4th Official: Mark Clattenburg (MC)


The PGMOL have appointed one of their top officials to oversee this game in the knowledge that a safe pair of hands is required for the first live Monday night game which will be watched by millions of people all around the world.


Apart from the less than convincing goings on at Norwich on Saturday, which was a real shame for Simon Hooper in his first game, the PGMOL will be looking to Mike Dean to close out a generally sound set of performances from the referees in the opening set of fixtures in the manner in which he stood out from the crowd last season, so I am sure I am not alone in expecting a first class performance from the man in the middle tonight.

starting line-ups

GB at 2015-08-10 19:48:57

Here are the starting line-ups for this game:



Boaz Myhill (WBA 13)

James Chester (WBA 4)

Joleon Lescott (WBA 6)

James Morrison (WBA 7)

Craig Gardner (WBA 8)

Chris Brunt (WBA 11)

James McClean (WBA 14)

Rickie Lambert (WBA 17)

Saido Berahino (WBA 18)

Darren Fletcher (WBA 24)

Craig Dawson (WBA 25)


Jonas Olsson (WBA 3)

Claudio Yacob (WBA 5)

Brown Ideye (WBA 9)

Victor Anichebe (WBA 10)

Callum McManaman (WBA 19)

Stéphane Sessegnon (WBA 29)

Jack Rose (WBA 38)




Joe Hart (MC 1)

Bacary Sagna (MC 3)

Vincent Kompany (MC 4)

Raheem Sterling (MC 7)

Aleksandar Kolarov (MC 11)

Wilfred Bony (MC14)

Jesús Navas (MC 15)

Eliaquim Mangala (MC 20)

David Silva (MC 21)

Fernandinho (MC 25)

Yaya Touré (MC 42)


Pablo Zabaleta (MC 5)

Samir Nasri (MC 8)

Sergio Agüero (MC 10)

Wilfredo Caballero (MC 13)

Martin Demichelis (MC 26)

Jason Denayer (MC 28)

Kelechi Iheanacho (MC 72)


GB at 2015-08-10 19:44:10

So WBA have drawn the short straw in having to open their campaign against the big spenders in Manchester City. That said, I am sure Tony Pulis will have whipped his squad up to come out of the blocks fighting in front of their fanatical Baggies supporters and show the type of passion which his teams are famous for.


Manuel Pellegrini on the other hand will be looking to start the season by getting a return on his investments right from the very first game, so this has the potential to produce a fiery and entertaining encounter. Let’s hope so!



GB at 2015-08-10 19:40:52

Welcome to this first live Monday night RefCam coverage of the game between West Bromwich Albion and Manchester City.

Feel free to interact with me at any time during the game by joining in on Twitter @youaretheref or e-mail at info@you-are-the-ref.com