Watford v Manchester United


RH at 2017-11-28 23:06:33

The Refereeing talking points in this game were

  • The important Refereeing decisions in this game were called well
  • A good advantage for United first goal
  • Three unarguable cautions
  • No complaints with the Watford penalty award
  • The Referee judged his involvement level superbly

Jon Moss should be pleased with his work tonight, he worked well to track play as both teams counter attacked at will in an entertaining open game that included some gems in the six goals that were scored. I liked Jon’s early advantage as Lukaku was fouled in the build up to United’s opening strike, his cautions were spot on and his overall involvement level was delivered to perfection as he contributed to a cracking contest that came to life as Watford scored twice to set up a cracking finale! Add into the mix an obvious penalty awarded, it therefore came as no surprise that players and officials of both teams offered the Referee their hand at the final whistle. Just the half time point I made about breaking a run in an attacking phase of play but overall Jon should feel really pleased with his game tonight. Both Assistants did well also, they supported the Referee well without letting him down at any time, it must have been a steady night for Fourth Official Stuart Attwell, a great effort all round!

RH at 2017-11-28 22:52:20

Full Time

Summary to follow


RH at 2017-11-28 22:51:53

Eddie Smart with a good supporting flag as Zeeglaar is held near the touch line, good work!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:49:40

Jon Moss still pumping his arms and covering the ground well as both teams counter attack at will as they look for more goals!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:47:50

A minimum of four minutes additional time to be played

RH at 2017-11-28 22:46:08

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RH at 2017-11-28 22:44:32

GOAL!Wow! what a superb solo strike from Lingard!



RH at 2017-11-28 22:43:10

Carrillo grounds Herrera for an obvious United free kick!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:42:21

GOAL!Game on as Doucoure reduces the deficit to one goal!



RH at 2017-11-28 22:41:04

The introduction of Deeney and the Watford goal has raised the tempo but the Referee is coping well with the increased intensity of the game as the home side up their possession percentage!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:39:22

Deeney pushed in that latest Watford attack and the Referee plays a superb advantage!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:37:53

Three solid cautions and now a nailed on penalty, its proving a good night so far for Jon Moss!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:36:05

GOAL!Deeney converts 3-1



RH at 2017-11-28 22:35:19

Rojo brings down Pereyra for a penalty!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:33:41

Deeney is all over Lindelof in the United penalty area, and the Referee who dealt well with the Watford counter attack was on hand to award the free kick!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:31:16

Richarlison trips Valancia and the Referee is well placed to penalise the careless challenge


RH at 2017-11-28 22:29:25

Troy Deeney is the home sides final change, this should liven things up!

RH at 2017-11-28 22:28:28

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RH at 2017-11-28 22:27:08

The Referee just needs to be careful in the left hand attacking channel when Watford attack, if the ball is played back he’s sometimes getting in the way, he just needs to hang back a little and leave himself an escape route on occasions


RH at 2017-11-28 22:24:43

The Referee is right to penalise Zeegelaar who carelessly blocks Lindgard


RH at 2017-11-28 22:22:16

We’re into a series of needless careless challenges at the moment, the latest is Kabasle on Lukaku


RH at 2017-11-28 22:22:03

We’re into a series of needless careless challenges at the moment, the latest is Kabasle on Lukaku


RH at 2017-11-28 22:20:29

Mariappa with a clumsy aerial challenge on Lukaku understandably results in a free kick


RH at 2017-11-28 22:20:01

Mariappa with a clumsy aerial challenge on Lukaku understandably results in a free kick


RH at 2017-11-28 22:19:21

Mariappa with a clumsy aerial challenge on Lukaku understandably results in a free kick


RH at 2017-11-28 22:15:58

A double substitution for Watford, must be the busiest Stuart Attwell has been all night, can’t see why either manager would have had much complaint so far regarding the active Match Officials!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:13:42

Good Refereeing there by Jon Moss as Pogba impedes Hughes and the Referee brings play back for a free kick, good stuff!


RH at 2017-11-28 22:12:04

Matic gets a helping hand from Jon Moss and promptly ends his shift as he is replaced by Herrera


RH at 2017-11-28 22:10:31

If this game is to emerge as any kind of contest its important that Watford get an early second half goal, so this phase of the game is important for the Match Officials


RH at 2017-11-28 22:07:24

Lindelof grounds Richarlison who went down easy enough! free kick Watford

RH at 2017-11-28 22:02:38

The second half has started!

RH at 2017-11-28 21:58:03

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RH at 2017-11-28 21:56:05

A solid first half for Jon Moss who has done well, he’s judged his involvement level well and done what was expected of him, namely issued two nailed on cautions and penalised the careless challenges that have broke up play. United’s domination has reduced the intensity of the game as a contest but you can only Referee what you are presented with and Jon as looked comfortable in that respect. He’s working hard with his mobility and he’s covering more ground these days particularly when both teams have counter attacked through the channels. Just the one talking point which is a lesson for a Referee at any level, don’t break your run towards the penalty when a player shoots on goal. There is always the possibility that the ball will remain in play if an attacker gains possession as was the case with Lingards 44th minute follow up on Lukaku’s strike. Both Assistants look sharp so all in all a good first half for Jon and his team!

RH at 2017-11-28 21:48:06

Half Time



RH at 2017-11-28 21:47:43

A minimum of two minutes additional time to be played


RH at 2017-11-28 21:47:09

Gomez makes a wonder save as Lingard should have made it four! The Referee stopped his run as Lukaku pulled the trigger, he should have carried on running for the very reason that Lingard followed up on the goalkeepers parry and the Referee should have been a couple yards further in to get that al important viewing angle


RH at 2017-11-28 21:43:29

Lindelof’s crafty handball is spotted and Watford have a free kick wide on the left


RH at 2017-11-28 21:42:03

Mariappa hauls down Martial for another dangerous free kick well within Ashley Youngs shooting range!


RH at 2017-11-28 21:40:49

This is not a game where width has been a factor in play, so Jon Moss’s box to box patrol path using explosive sprinting to track counter attacking has worked effectively so far


RH at 2017-11-28 21:38:40

Yellow CardA bear hug by Rojo on Gray was always going to be a caution!


RH at 2017-11-28 21:37:12

A careless challenge by Cleverley on Pogba results in the latest free kick

RH at 2017-11-28 21:36:18

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RH at 2017-11-28 21:34:53

Mariappa gets a firm hold on Martial and rightly concedes a free kick


RH at 2017-11-28 21:32:57

GOAL!United capitalise on a poor defensive clearance as Martial makes it 3-0



RH at 2017-11-28 21:31:36

A decent first half hour for the Referee, he’s judged his involvement level, nailed a great caution and has reacted well to counter attacking


RH at 2017-11-28 21:30:07

Martial goes to ground but the Referee is unimpressed, rightly so as Cleverley made no contact!

RH at 2017-11-28 21:28:11

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RH at 2017-11-28 21:27:16

But young turns offender as commits a careless challenge on Femenia in midfield


RH at 2017-11-28 21:26:05

GOAL!Ashley Young punishes Watford with his second of the night!



RH at 2017-11-28 21:25:17

Yellow CardGreat caution by the Referee, he initially played advantage as Doucoure held Pogba as the United man broke free, but he was righty sanctioned for his second attempt


RH at 2017-11-28 21:21:32

Credit to Jon Moss for a good advantage played during the build up to that goal as Lukaku was breaking in midfield


RH at 2017-11-28 21:19:46

GOAL! Ashley Young puts United ahead!


RH at 2017-11-28 21:14:02

Already in this game Jon Moss has needed to use explosive sprinting to track Watford counter attacks, Jon’s fitness is so much better this season and he has coped well!


RH at 2017-11-28 21:10:24

For the second time a ball played into the United penalty needs close scrutiny by the Referee as the defender makes contact in pursuit of the ball ,no problem so far!


RH at 2017-11-28 21:08:20

Hughes concedes the first free kick of the game for a careless challenge on Rojo


RH at 2017-11-28 21:03:33

Jon Moss signalling advantage in favour of Watford in their first break, must have been for holding on Doucoure

RH at 2017-11-28 21:01:01

If you are watching the game on TV, Eddie Smart is operating on the far side and the other Assistant Andy Halliday is running the nearside touch line.

RH at 2017-11-28 21:00:17

Our match Referee Jon Moss gets us underway!

RH at 2017-11-28 20:56:40

The teams and Match Officials have entered the field of play!

RH at 2017-11-28 20:50:17

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RH at 2017-11-28 20:47:12

The following is an extract from the ‘Premier League Referees in Week#’ feature that appears on the You are The Ref website ahead of each Premier League Weeks action!

Watford v Manchester United

Assistants: E Smart
& A Halliday
Fourth official: Stuart Attwell

You don’t see a Portuguese coach take on a Portuguese coach every week, but this fixture summons to mind the sad story of Jimmy Davis, who was on loan at Watford from United when he lost his life in a car crash on the eve of the opening game of the 2003/04 season. Although Watford’s game against Coventry was postponed, Davis’s favourite song, Gangsta’s Paradise, was played in tribute before every home game for the remainder of that season.

Other playing links include Ben Foster and Danny Webber and currently Craig Cathcart, Tom Cleverley and Ashley Young.

These clubs first met in an FA Cup 4th round tie in January, 1950, won 1-0 thanks to a Jack Rowley goal for the visitors. The first league encounter did not take place until 1982, with the same result courtesy of Norman Whiteside.

Watford, however, came out on top the last time United visited Vicarage Road, to the tune of 3-1 in September, 2016. Michael Oliver was the referee as the home side recorded their first in 12 meetings in all competitions against this opposition, losing all the previous 11.

Cautioned that day were Paul Pogba, Marouane Fellaini, Memphis Depay, Wayne Rooney, Miguel Britos, Jose Holebas and Troy Deeney, while the goals came from Etienne Capoue, Camilo Zuniga and Deeney, with Marcus Rashford mustering the reply.

Jon Moss takes his sixth televised match of the season so far, a total which has included Chelsea versus Watford and United versus Spurs as well as their 2-2 draw at the Britannia Stadium.

All you need to know about Jon Moss:

Matches in 2017/18: 9 (5 on TV)
Fourth official appointments in 2017/18: 6

Yellows: 31 Reds: 1


RH at 2017-11-28 20:40:52

Today’s Match Referee is Jon Moss, his Assistant Referees are Eddie Smart and Andy Halliday. The Fourth Official is Stuart Atwell

RH at 2017-11-28 20:36:41

Watford and visitors Manchester United are going into tonight’s game off the back of weekend victories. United can’t afford to lose any ground on their City rivals whilst Watford have the double boost of a great weekend away victory on Tyneside and the immediate future secured of their manager Marco Silva, this will be a stern test for Jose’s side!