UEFA Champions League: Manchester City v Dynamo Kyiv


GT at 2016-03-15 22:44:17

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GT at 2016-03-15 22:40:59

That ranks as one of the most baffling, and quite frankly awful, displays by a side in need of goals.

The game ended 0-0 and both sides were lucky to get nil.

For a side who needed goals to progress, Kyiv offered nothing in terms of attacking play, pressure on the ball or invention.

City managed the game to perfection and reach the quarter finals of this competition for the first time in their history.

They always looked in control and never got out of first gear.

The only disappointment will be the huge losses they suffered in injuries to their captain Kompany and Otamendi.

That leaves a huge gap in central defence for them going into this weekend’s derby game against Manchester United.

As for our referees…

I doubt they will EVER be faced with such an easy game at this level of competition.

The referee and his two assistants simply breezed through the 90 minutes.

However, they did do what was asked of them, and it is through no fault of their own that is was very little!

The only question mark for the officials hangs over the fourth official, who I believe could and should have done more to prevent Otamendi finding his way into the referee’s notebook for re-entering the field of play without the referee’s permission.

GT at 2016-03-15 22:39:35

With seconds to go, Kyiv have their first meaningful attempt on goal, which is saved by Joe Hart.

And the referee calls an end to proceedings…stalemate in the scoreline.

Full Time


GT at 2016-03-15 22:36:32

Excellent advantage played as Toure wriggles free of two Kyiv players who were attempting to foul him.

Well done, referee.

GT at 2016-03-15 22:34:53

That is the end of the regular 90 minutes.

4 added minutes to go on.

87 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 22:33:36

Handball appeal by Kyiv as a shot goes in.

Joe Hart made the initial save, and the ball bounced towards his team mate.

For me, that it is a good call by the referee…no penalty

GT at 2016-03-15 22:29:53

Just 5 minutes of the regular 90 to go…

GT at 2016-03-15 22:29:19

Assistant Sovre shows that he has not been drawn into letting his standards drop.

Good offside decision…showed concentration and accuracy

82 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 22:27:58

Clichy puts in a late challenge on the man who robbed him of the ball.

Good decision to award the foul, referee.

79 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 22:24:00

City’s final substitution…

Raheem Sterling comes on for David Silva

GT at 2016-03-15 22:23:16

Aguero is one of the few players with real endeavour and desire to score tonight.

He throws a superb ‘dummy’ and turns two defenders inside out, passes the ball to Silva, but the attack breaks down when the Kyiv keeper collects the ball

GT at 2016-03-15 22:20:55

15 minutes to go, and this final quarter of an hour looks like going the way of the previous 75 minutes…

Without much action!

GT at 2016-03-15 22:12:56

The referee does well to intervene before Yaya Toure takes out revenge for a foul on him.

Meanwhile, Magala has got away with a naughty challenge, as he kicked the ankle of his Kyiv opponent.

64 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 22:09:05

…and now for Kyiv’s third change.

Garmash makes way for Sydorchuk

GT at 2016-03-15 22:07:30

Kyiv make a second change.

It’s another baffling one for a side in need of three goals in 30 minutes as they bring on another midfielder.

Surely, they should be brining on attacking players?

For the record…it is Yakovenko on and Gusev off.

58 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 22:04:19

It took almost an hour, but at last we see some positive and attacking play as Silva and Aguero exchange passes.

The City hitman’s shot is wide though

57 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 22:02:45

Yellow Cardcaution for Garmash following a kick to Aguero’s knee.

Correct decision.


GT at 2016-03-15 22:01:52

Excellent piece of lining by assistant Gheorghe on the far side.

A pass was attempted by City, but their runner was in an offside position.

However, the assistant referee held on to his signal, wasn’t rushed or hurried, and allowed Kyiv to intercept the pass and carry on upfield with their attack

54 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 21:59:12

Aguero falls whilst trying to reach a crossed ball and lands on his marker’s shin.

All very painful for the Kyiv man, but entirely without malice or intent.

GT at 2016-03-15 21:56:51

An interesting point is raised there as the Dynamo ‘keeper is unclear whether or not he is allowed to catch the ball after his team mate had last played it.

Should the IFAB introduce a signal for match officials to make so that everyone is immediately clear on whether or not the ‘keeper would be punished if he picked it up?

I believe they should as it is another piece of clarity for all concerned.

But what do you think?

Let us know by contacting us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at Info@you-are-the-ref.com


GT at 2016-03-15 21:53:31

Fernandinho is floored by Miguel Veloso right under the nose of our referee, who correctly a wards a free kick to City

47 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 21:52:22

Good work by assistant ?ovre who correctly signals a foul in favour of Kyiv as the Man City player pushed his opponent in the back on the ‘blind side ‘of the referee.

Good team work, gents.

GT at 2016-03-15 21:49:48

Kyiv get us going for the second half.

Let’s hope for a better 45 minutes from them.

No criticism of City…they are doing exactly as they should in controlling the pace of the game without exerting themselves or allowing their opponents to even look like scoring.

Kyiv have made one change at half time with González coming on for Teodorczyk

GT at 2016-03-15 21:35:43

A poor first half in terms of action from both sides.

City are managing the game perfectly, in so much that they are passing the ball around in neutral areas, letting the minutes pass by, and thus their progression to the final eight teams in this competition is assured.

Kyiv, on the other hand, have done nothing to attempt to reduce the 3-1 deficit they currently face.

Their lack of urgency and attack is startling.

Our referees have simply controlled what is in front of them.

Referee Ha?egan has allowed City to make a number of game spoiling fouls without positive action, which I would like to see him address in the second half.

Whilst fourth official Radu Ghinguleac should be asked what part was he playing in controlling Otamendi’s return to the field of play, which resulted in the City man being cautioned for not obtaining the referee’s permission to do so.

All very technical and a little unnecessary for me.


GT at 2016-03-15 21:34:29

And that is the end of the first half, which was pretty unspectacular, to say the least

Half Time

GT at 2016-03-15 21:32:09

Three added minutes to go

GT at 2016-03-15 21:30:32

We are fast approaching the end of the opening period…

GT at 2016-03-15 21:25:24

Referee Ha?egan would do well to make sure the players know he is wise to the City ‘spoiling’ tactics.

A card is not necessarily needed at this stage but a public rebuke and/or a word with the captain would let everyone know he is switched on to what is happening.

…or isn’t he?

GT at 2016-03-15 21:23:35

Another small foul by City breaks up play.

This time it is Silva who is the guilty party.

These game spoiling challenges are mounting up, referee.

GT at 2016-03-15 21:21:51

Ten minutes to go in this first half…

GT at 2016-03-15 21:20:44

Toure needs to be careful and time his tackles better.

Very surprised not to see a yellow card brandished for that late challenge by the City 42.

That looked like a caution all day long, especially in a UEFA competition where referees tend to offer less leniency

32 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 21:18:45

Good spot by referee Ha?egan to see a handball.

Free kick to City.

30 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 21:16:31

Toure commits a small foul and is correctly punished with a free kick to Kyiv.

GT at 2016-03-15 21:14:40

The game is unfolding just as City would wish.


No flow.

No goal mouth action.

Kyiv need to step up the pace if they are progress into the last eight.

GT at 2016-03-15 21:13:13

Fernandinho steps on Yarmolenko’s toe and a free kick is correctly awarded to Kyiv.

23 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 21:11:28

Pellegrini’s defensive problems get worse as Otamendi has to leave play with an injury, and is replaced by Demichelis.

Both centre halves have been replaced now, and we have not been playing for 25 minutes yet

GT at 2016-03-15 21:09:31

Antunes follows the City man into the referee’s notebook.

And that one was much clearer why…a poor challenge On Jesus Navas deserved the caution

Yellow Card


18 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 21:08:00

Another really confusing moment as Otamendi appears to have been cautioned for re-entering the field of play without the referee’s position.

Yes, technically speaking, our referee is correct in Law.

But…the City man wandered on to the field of play then came back off almost immediately (without taking part in active play).

My question is…where was the 4th Official as he should have been controlling that situation.

Yellow Card

GT at 2016-03-15 21:04:49

Not sure what the purpose of the long delay is in allowing Otamendi and Buyalskiy back on to the field of play following an earlier clash.

The ball went out of play minutes ago, but the referee left them both standing and waiting to re-enter the field of play.

15 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 21:02:09

Otamendi catches Teodorczyk in the stomach with a high boot.

Both players were full focussed upon the ball though, and our referee shows a great del of common sense in awarding nothing more than a free kick to Kyiv and a passing word of caution to the City Man

GT at 2016-03-15 20:57:34

10 minutes have passed and the game is yet to settle down.

Understandable, given the injury to Kompany.

Pleasing that the referee team has not let it upset their game though…they are all looking very focussed.

GT at 2016-03-15 20:54:25

Is that the spark of hope Kyiv need to set his game alight?

Let us know what you think and give us your views by contacting us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at Info@you-are-the-ref.com

6 minutes

GT at 2016-03-15 20:52:55

Blow for City as their captain and inspirational leader, Vincent Kompany, pulls up with another leg injury.

It doesn’t look good for the number 4 as he hobbles out of the game, replaced by Mangala (number 20)

GT at 2016-03-15 20:49:52

An interesting decision by the refereeing team and UEFA Match Delegate at this morning’s team meeting to allow both teams to play in blue.

Yes, there is a difference in the shade of blue, but nonetheless surprising that Kyiv were not asked to play in a different colour

1 minute

GT at 2016-03-15 20:47:43

Early free-kick for City for a foul

Good spot by referee Ha?egan

GT at 2016-03-15 20:46:18

Here we go…

Manchester City take the kick-off and get us underway…

GT at 2016-03-15 20:39:38

It’s almost time for kick-off at The City of Manchester Stadium…

GT at 2016-03-15 20:24:51

As for tonight’s refereeing team…

These big games need top referees, and we a top prospect in Manchester tonight.

Ovidiu Ha?egan of Romania is the man in the middle, and he leads a team of fellow countrymen with Octavian ?ovre and Sebastian Gheorghe as his assistant referees, Radu Ghinguleac his fourth official, and Alexandru Tudor and Sebastian Col?escu acting as additional assistant referees.

35 year-old Ha?egan joined the FIFA ranks back in 2008 and has already refereed World Cup and EURO Championship qualifiers, along with three Group games in this year’s Champions League.

With potentially at least another decade on the FIFA List great things are predicted for this referee.

YATR followers may recall that back in October 2013 Ha?egan was at the centre of a UEFA investigation after he allowed play to continue despite Manchester City’s Yaya Toure complaining of racial abuse during City’s win at CSKA Moscow in this competition.

With there being absolutely no place for racism in football or any walk of life we all hope and pray for no such repeat of that kind of behaviour from either set of supporters tonight. Indeed, there is nothing to suggest there is a risk of that happening.

Both clubs and their supporters are here for one thing, and one thing only…a great game of football.

Expectations are high for this clash, and everyone at YATR offers Ha?egan and his team our very best wishes.

We sincerely hope that he brings the game to a successful conclusion.

GT at 2016-03-15 20:21:31

Hi everyone, and welcome to today’s live Refcam commentary.

We bring a huge clash tonight for you to enjoy in the UEFA Champions League.

This is round of 16 second-leg encounter between Manchester City and Dynamo Kyiv, being played at The City of Manchester Stadium.

City take a commanding 3-1 lead into this game following the first leg game played almost three weeks ago.

But their soon-to-leave manager, Manuel Pellegrini, is taking nothing for granted and has pledged nothing but 100% commitment and effort from his star-studded side tonight.

Dynamo Kyiv would have been disappointed to lose the home leg so convincingly, and know that they must make early inroads into City’s defence of their lead if they are to progress through to the final eight teams in this prestigious competition.

So don’t go anywhere.

This is set-up nicely to be a great game between two fabulous teams.

Sit back and enjoy our Refcam coverage whilst joining in by letting us know how you think the game will go and comment on the performances of our referee and his assistants.

You can contact us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at info@you-are-the-ref.com