Tottenham v West Ham


MH at 2018-01-04 23:23:29

This game come to life in the last 20 minutes after a rather ordinary 70 minutes with 2 wonder strikes. One from West Ham’s Obiang and an equaliser from Tottenham’s Son. West Ham will go home the happier team with a well earned point even though they only had 28.2% of the overall possession and to them it will feel like 3 points, while Spurs will be very disappointed. Looking at Mike Deans performance he would have wanted to come out of this game unscathed after the criticism he received at West Brom. For much of this game Mike was not called upon to make any big decisions. As I said earlier he allowed the game to breath, he only got involved when he needed to get involved. After WH took the lead in the 70th minute the tempo of the game went up as Tottenham went searching for an equaliser. TH felt they should have had a penalty for a holding offence on TH10 by WH5, there didn’t appeared to seem much contact between the two players, I would support Mike not giving a penalty in that situation. If in any doubt what so ever you don’t give it. Then we had another penalty shout by TH20 where the WH keeper clattered into him, you could say that the WH keeper was lucky not to concede a penalty. Leading upto the TH equaliser in the 84th minute there was a strong challenge by TH24 on WH10, he clearly won the ball but catches the player in his follow through. Mike could have easily given a free kick but adjudged the TH defender clearly won the ball. It would have been interesting if VAR was in operation because that challenge could have been reviewed. Mike issued 2 cautions deservedly in the last few minutes WH9 and WH16. Although Mikes control was never in doubt I felt he missed a key match incident where he should have given a penalty to TH after the WH keeper clattered into TH20. He was well supported by his 2 assistants and his 4th official Roger East had no problems in the technical area. Good night to all.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:51:30


MH at 2018-01-04 22:50:47

Full Time


MH at 2018-01-04 22:50:38

Big shout for a penalty for handball to TH but my first impression not a penalty.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:49:43

Frantic end to the game. Mike stamping his authority on the game.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:46:52

Free kick given to WH.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:46:11

A minimum of 4 minutes added time.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:45:51

Yellow CardWH16 rightly cautioned after  reckless challenge.


MH at 2018-01-04 22:45:02

With all the excitement WH20 replaces WH17.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:44:19

Looking back to the TH goal it was a strong challenge by TH24 on WH10 and you could argue that WH could have had a free kick.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:42:35

Yellow CardWH9 correctly cautioned after delaying the restart.


MH at 2018-01-04 22:41:48

Excellent save by the TH keeper.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:41:06

Well the 2 goals we have seen tonight have been well worth the entrance fee.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:40:31

Substitution for WH. WH10 OFF, WH9 ON.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:40:04

Excellent strike by TH7.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:39:34

GOAL!TH7 What a strike!!!


MH at 2018-01-04 22:39:04

Excellent challenge by TH24.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:38:10

Corner to WH.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:37:44

Substitution for TH. TH33 OFF, TH18 ON.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:35:54

Good advantage played by Mike.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:35:16

Free kick correctly given to WH.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:34:19

I still feel something could happen in this game and Mike has got to keep switched on.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:33:45

Tempo gone up after WH goal.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:33:16

Free kick correctly given to WH16 after a foul by TH6.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:29:52

Substitutions for TH, TH17 OFF, TH11 ON, TH15 OFF, TH12 ON.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:28:36

Good save by the WH keeper.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:28:02

Game on…….

MH at 2018-01-04 22:26:47

A goal from nowhere, what a strike.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:26:10

GOAL!WH14 what a strike!!!


MH at 2018-01-04 22:25:34

Sorry clattering TH20 not TH10.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:24:32

WH keeper lucky not to concede a penalty after clattering TH10 but having said that AR2 missed the offside of TH10 in the build up to that incident.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:23:10

Difficult decision for Mike WH5 has been penalised for this in the past. You always run the risk in those situations but there didn’t seem to be an awful lot of contact.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:21:05

TH10 appeals for a penalty saying he has been pulled back by WH5.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:18:15

As I said earlier Mike is keeping a central path of control and hasn’t missed anything but I would just like him to squeeze play as he is sometimes detached from play when the play is over towards his assistants.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:14:51

WH16 looking for a free kick from Mike after TH24 knocks him off the ball, no free kick given.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:12:27

TH10 goes down in the box under a challenge from WH2 , Mike plays on correctly so as it looked like WH2 kicked the ball away and there was no questions asked by TH10.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:07:17

Free kick given to TH after a foul by WH2.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:06:37

Mikes moving very well considering his heavy Christmas work load.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:03:31

Although the first half was relatively easy for Mike, he must remain focused and switched on because if you don’t something will happen and you will miss it and your match control will become threatened.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:01:50

WH to get the second half underway.

MH at 2018-01-04 22:01:30

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MH at 2018-01-04 21:52:19

Not much to talk about in that half, very low key, not a hint of a reckless challenge. Mike Dean only getting involved when necessary and he will be pleased he has had no big key match decisions to preside over. Let’s hope the game steps up a pace or two in the second half.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:46:22

No added time ….Mike must be a little tired from his Christmas fixtures.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:45:27

Half Time


MH at 2018-01-04 21:45:08

Mike Dean engaging with the players letting them know why he didn’t give a free kick. That is good management.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:43:49

Free kick given to WH after a foul by TH24.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:42:54

Free kick given to WH10 after TH17 adjudged to have fouled him.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:41:17

Good eye to eye contact between referee and assistant Long to give TH a throw in.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:39:28

Not sure what Mike Dean has seen there  between TH5 and WH17, TH5 has done nothing wrong. There should not have been a free kick to WH.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:36:02

Excellent challenge by TH5.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:35:14

Mike will be relatively happy at present as players are behaving themselves as they dictate a referees involvement in the game.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:34:01

I don’t think it will be to long before we see a Tottenham goal.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:32:13

As TH7 goes into the box with WH defenders around him, Mike takes up a position behind TH7. In my opinion I believe you are better off in making an angle so you can see the contact if ther is any challenge from a defender. If you are right behind the attacking player it is sometimes very difficult to judge if there is any contact. Where as if you make the angle you will see contact if there is any.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:28:39

Good save by the WH keeper after a shot by TH10.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:26:38

Strong challenge by TH33 and WH5 both going for a 50/50 ball.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:22:25

Very low tempo game at present. Mike only getting involved when needed whilst picking up the small free kicks to establish his control.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:21:07

In those situations when you signal advantage when no foul committed your better off by just using verbal communication.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:19:26

Corner to TH.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:19:10

I don’t understand why Mike has signalled advantage when no foul has been committed.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:18:02

It’s all one way at present, Tottenham are camped in West Ham’s half.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:16:51

TH10 puts the ball in the net, correctly disallowed for offside, well done AR Long.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:16:10

Mike Dean trying to play advantage, it was easier to give the free kick as there was no real advantage.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:14:07

Mike Dean keeping a central path of control, it will be interesting to monitor his fitness as over the festive period he has officiated at Chelsea on 26th, 31st WBA, 2nd he was 4th official at Man City and of course he is at Wembley tonight.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:11:04

Free kick to WH as TH7 and WH5 both had feet up when challenging for the ball.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:08:47

Free kick correctly given TH20.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:07:37

Mike reading the play early on by not invading the players space.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:05:54

Pleasing to see AR Long switched on keeping his flag down for a possible offside as it was deliberately played back by a WH defender.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:04:24

First chance to TH.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:03:29

Correct free kick given to TH.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:01:57

Knowing Mike Dean as I do he would have parked the error that everybody believed he made in the WBA V Arsenal game and will be fully focused for this game.

MH at 2018-01-04 21:00:13

Tottenham to get the first half underway.

MH at 2018-01-04 20:57:50

The teams are on the field of play.

MH at 2018-01-04 20:51:09

Good evening and welcome to this evenings live refcam game Tottenham V West Ham. Hopefully another cracking London derby in prospect if it is anything like last nights game. West Ham come into the game off the back of a home win against West Bromwich Albion with a stoppage time winner which lifted them out of the bottom three upto 16th. I think West Ham will be happy with a point while Spurs in 5th place will be looking for the 3 points to close in on a Champions League spot.

Tonights referee is Mike Dean who last time out refereed WBA V Arsenal and awarded WBA a very controversial penalty in added time for handball. In my opinion this was a very poor decision by a very experienced referee. I must say I was very surprised that Mike awarded the penalty because clearly it was not deliberate. Let’s look a Law 12 handling the ball – handling the ball involves a deliberate act of a player making contact with the ball with the hand or arm, the following must be considered :-

1) The movement of the hand towards the ball ( not the ball towards the hand )

2) The distance between the opponent and the ball ( unexpected ball )

3) The position of the hand does not necessarily mean there is an offence.

Also taking in to consideration is the pace of the ball.

Let’s hope Mike stays away from controversy today, he is usually a safe pair of hands. He will be assisted by Simon Long ( technical side ) who I believe is one of the best assistants on the Premier League and the relatively inexperienced Daniel Cook and 4th official Roger East. Good luck to all.