Tottenham v Southampton


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It’s time for me to hand quickly over to Mark Halsey for our coverage of Manchester City v Arsenal, with the continually impressive Anthony Taylor in charge.  Mark’s commendable coverage is always informative and he tells it how it is, using his vast Premier League experience to give us a great insight into how the Referees at this level think and work. Stay tuned into our RefCam and enjoy the next game here with us on You Are The Ref.

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The referee does not have the on field ‘presence’ of Mark Clattenburg and others and that is what is lacking in his game currently, however his tempo management was good and he used his cautions wisely.

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So, to summarise, although there were some incorrect calls in terms of restarts towards the end of the game, Jon Moss and his team controlled the game with no major incorrect decisions and bought the game to a safe and successful conclusion.



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A reflex save by Forster preserves the Southampton lead in the final stages.


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5 additional minutes for Tottenham to rescue a point ….


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Once again Jon Moss shows commendable fitness as Southampton break quickly …


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Yellow CardShane Long’s actions determined the issuing of the caution as Lloris tumbles, perhaps the Irish striker was a touch unfortunate?


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Two refereeing mantras – ‘Safe Refereeing’ and ‘Give What is Expected’ – the referee and his team needs to apply these as a second restart decision within the space of 3 minutes goes the wrong way.


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That was an unfortunate incorrect goal-kick decision by Jon Moss, it’s important he keeps the focus for the final 10 minutes.


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Pelle challenges Walker illagallu, I sense an increased inclement to bring the game home safely from the referee’s viewpoint.


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Yellow CardRomeu is cautioned, just to prove the point ……


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It’s often the case that goals are ‘trigger points’ to change the temperature of the game, I think Jon Moss will be busier in the final 15 minutes than the previous 15.


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GOAL! Well that changes the picture – Davis beats Lloris and Southampton have the lead with 18 minutes to go ….


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A ‘routine’ offside to judge for Harryt Lennard as Harry Kane stays offside


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Great positioning by Jon Moss as Dier makes a legal challenge


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30 to go – will Pochettino change anything in order to force the victory …. the refereeing team will be delighted if we get more of the same for the rest of the game


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First 5 minutes of the second half is always a good time for the game’s first caution in terms of match control …..


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Yellow CardOut first caution of the afternoon, totally justified, as Mane challenge on Rose was both late and reckless


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Well, I am not sure Jon Moss made the correct decision against Long on that occasion, Assistant Adrian Holmes was well positioned and did not indicate an offence.


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Good athleticism by Adrian Holmes as the Away Team develop a fast break ….


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So, here we go for the 2nd half, let’s hope there is more happening than in the 1st, which was a bit of a non-event ….

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Half Time

It’s very quiet on our Twitter feed this afternoon,

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Half Time

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Spurs are clearly missing Dembele and Alli, Southampton seem content to stay in touch with the Home Team – do they think a point will be enough for them ….

Half Time

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Half Time

Well, that was possibly the most uneventful half of Premier League football we have covered here on You Are The Ref this season.  Just 8 penal offences, no cards of any colour,  a routine ‘day in the Office’ for Jon Moss and his team


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Kane should have retaken the lead as Forster saves from close range


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A good positive penal offence indication by Assistant Adrian Holmes as Eriksen offends …


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Martina walking a tight rope re a possible caution, I can understand why the referee did not caution in the context of the game so far ….


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What’s your opinion on the game so far, let us know, contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at


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Still only 4 penal offences in the game so far ….. it’s been quiet to say the least ….


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And twist they did as Southampton force an equaliser through Davis, although LLoris should have saved the shot ……


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The Away Team have an issue here as they are a goal behind.  Do they stick or twist, I sense they are thinking about twisting soon


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Talking of the summer, plans are well in hand for the Youdan Trophy, an International Youth Tournament to be held between August 1st – 5th in Sheffield.  Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural tournament, we have expanded to allow 16 teams at both Under 14 and Under 16 level, with teams from 11 countries taking part.  Please visit for more details.


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A quarter of the game gone and the hot conditions are playing a part as the overall tempo is slow, not that the match officials will mind …


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Only our second penal offence of the afternoon as we reach the 20 minute mark ….


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GOAL! Tottenham take the lead as Son Hueng-min outwits Fraser Forster to steer the ball home – a good piece of officiating by Adrian Holmes to recognise that Harry Kane, who was in an offside position, was not offending.


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Good alertness from Harry Lennard, correctly recognising Shane Long had come back from an offside position


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There could be no greater contrast than last week’s Chelsea v Tottenham game and this game today so far.  Important that Jon Moss and his team keep focused when faced with “not much to do”!


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9 minutes gone and just 1 penal offence so far, that will suit the 3rd team on the field …..


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Great save by Fraser Forster to retain the 0-0 scoreline.


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For the moment, this game has an end-of-season feel about it ……..


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Here we go on the North London sunshine ,,,,,

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Today’s referee is Leeds based Jon Moss who has had some disappointing performances in recent games, it will be interesting to see how the game goes for him today. Adrian Holmes and Harry Lennard are the Assistants and Michael Oliver has the 4th official duties.


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So The Football Association have some work to do and, for me, need a more detailed and specific plan with appropriate investment for us to catch up.”

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The YATR expert said: “At the Women’s World Cup in Canada, New Zealand referee Anna-Marie Keighley stole the show producing a series of stunning performances. No surprise that Anna and a colleague from New Zealand will be officiating in Rio.

RCT at 2016-05-08 13:23:38

No English women match officials have been selected for the Olympic games in Rio. This leads to the question of what the Football Association is doing to encourage more female match officials into our game.


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Whilst waiting for the game to start, why not visit our website to view Keith Hackett’s blog on female officials


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This game also features 2 managers, Pochettino and Koeman, whose reputations are growing and who both play a style of football which is open and entertaining, increasing the appeal of the Premiership to its now world-wide audience.


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With Leicester City crowned as Champions, and how good is that for us neutrals who just love the game, the spotlight falls on Tottenham who will all but secure runners-up spot with a win today.  Southampton will also be keen to gain points to consolidate their push for a position in Europe next season.


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Welcome to White Hart Lane for our coverage of Tottenham v Southampton.