Tottenham Hotspurs -v- Everton


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Full TimeThe game exploded in the final 8 minutes with some big decisions for referee Oliver to make. Until then he had been highly credible but it is vital to ensure that all decisions are awarded to the perception of the players and clearly in the final few minutes, that did not happen. The handling offence by Spurs was the big decision and I don’t think he was in the best position to give a judgement. Anticipation of the flight of the ball and taking up the best viewing angle is the main consideration. Referees do not seem to have the freedom to go deep towards the goal line where they would be better positioned to view these vital incidents in the final third. Prescriptive positioning is a concern to me as the theory might look good, but the number of potential missed decisions does not look good.  Major incidents are consistently missed by officials at the top level and that is a massive worry for the game. Handling offences when the position of the hand is unnaturally high are relatively easy to award when the referee has a good view of it. Howard Webb gave a clear opinion on Sky this week and that was used by the pundits today. A difficult one, but position  is king and that for me was the major issue. Pen or no pen – that is the question!

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Everton pressure results in their 4th corner and all the big men are up. Good position by Michael and a caution for Davies of Spurs gives Everton another free kick. Another foul as the tempo rises and followed a shout for hand ball in the penalty area. It looked ball to hand but the hand was high and we have seen them given. Was it an error of judgement by the referee? Eriksen cautioned as the tempo is still high. Penalty appeal as Kane held – definite no penalty for me! As Kane looked for it. That’ s one not given at either end. A hectic end to the game with plenty for the referee to arbitrate. Let us have your views on the penalty appeals. Yellow Card

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Last 5 minutes of regular time with Everton pressing forward and retaining possession. Foul on Baines results in a free kick quickly taken and Spurs Lamela gets a caution for a reckless challenge on Baines. Yellow Card

TS at 2014-11-30 18:41:17

Corner to Spurs – no excessive grappling and out for a goal kick to Everton. Kane holds his hand up for a push giving Everton the free kick.

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Another substitute for Spurs –  Soldardo replaced by Paulinho on 80 minutes.

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Offside awarded by AR England as Everton press forward for the next goal. Spurs absorbing the pressure well and restricting Everton to long range efforts.

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Michael in the way of play again – this time in the centre-circle. He needs more awareness and alertness in these areas as he awards a free kick to Everton.

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Approaching 75 minutes gone as the game still could go either way. Both teams are positive and there could be more goals. The important thing for the referee is to maintain his control and ensure the commitment and enthusiasm of the players does not escalate to misconduct.

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Advantage in the centre circle to Everton results (eventually) in a corner followed by a second as Everton increase the pressure.

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Offside Spurs – as an injury causes a halt to play.  Chiriches injured and leaves the field to be replaced by Dier.

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Free kick Everton taken by Baines but well defended by Spurs as they retain possession and mount another attack button the counter attack Everton caught offside. Good decision AR England.

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Osman entered as a sub and looked to give Michael Oliver a new pen! Not to be confused with a pen-alty!

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Substitutions for injured players do not normally sound alarm bells for the referee to raise their game, unlike tactical changes which can cause a temporary threat to control. The player entering the field of play, in Law, must not enter until his team mate has left and a good ploy for officials is to slow down the change over when the tempo has increased. Both teams make changes to try and change the play to create the next goal.

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Free kick Spurs in a dangerous area. Spray time again but the wall does a job of blocking the shot. It is all Spurs as we approach the hour mark of the game.

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A short corner by Spurs almost created the goal but the ball skidded across the goal area for a goal kick to Everton.

TS at 2014-11-30 18:14:21

Spurs on the assendancy but Chiriches gets a caution for holding back – the timing of the caution was good to define the referee’s tolerance level. Yellow Card

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Good sprint by Michael as he covered a long ball break by Spurs when Coleman did well to get the ball away.

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The first goal of the second half becomes the vital issue for both teams. Everton need it to equalise and Spurs to go two in front and a great chance of winning the game. The officials need to bein their toes to cover these eventualities.

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This is an interesting comment from Guy in Somerset regarding the ‘vanishing spray’
“I liked your comments about the spray Trevor but we were discussing this with Somerset FA the other day and I have to say IT IS NOT CHEAP!
Several companies are trying to get County FAs to join in but everyone wants to make money out of it.You would not think it would cost as much as they are charging”. Would an alternative be ‘squirty cream’ which cost a couple of quid in the supermarkets? Or is that too simple?

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Second half under way. What changes will the managers have made to their tactical formations? Adjustments to the referee’s positioning might be necessary as he watches to see what changes have been made by the managers. Remember that the tactical formations of the teams (4-4-2 or 5-3-2-1) have different positional requirements for the referee to get the best viewing angles without being in the way of play. Michael was guilty of some positional aspects of his game and will be working hard to avoid getting in the way of play.

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Half TimeAn entertaining first 45 with the officials contributing to the flow of the game and only getting involved when necessary. They will be pleased with their performance and need to retain concentration in the early stages of the 2nd half. Yorkshire tea time here for me and we’ll be back for the second half in 15 minutes.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:46:56

Spurs score in added time – Soldardo bullet into the bottom corner. GOAL!

TS at 2014-11-30 17:45:40

Approaching the end of the first half and time allowed of 1 minute shown by 4th official

TS at 2014-11-30 17:43:12

Foul by Miralles in front of technical area earns a caution for kicking the ball away after the award of the free kick.Yellow Card

TS at 2014-11-30 17:41:30

40 minutes gone and still an evenly contested game as Spurs are awarded a free kick for a foul on Eriksen. Correct decision.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:38:53

Chance for Spurs but a difficult chance as Howard easily collects. Soldardo caught offside and Everton back in possession.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:34:50

Corner Spurs following a shot on goal. But the opportunity wasted.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:33:33

Positive flag by AR England for a foul by Spurs in his close proximity. Good technique and involvement displayed.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:31:15

30 minutes gone and Spurs have got back into the game as it becomes more ‘end to end’ with both teams looking for that vital 3rd goal of the game.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:29:15

Positionally Michael is having problems with getting in the way in the left channel. He needs more awReness in that area to not deny the players the space and opportunity to create.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:27:33

Holding by Eriksen sees the 3rd foul of the game and pleasing to see no over reaction by Michael Oliver as the Sky pundits suggest a caution. It would have been a ‘cheap’ yellow.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:24:29

Spurs looking for a foothold in the game and took their chance well. So far the game has been played in a good spirit but the officials will need to maintain concentration and not become complacent.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:22:14

GOAL! Spurs equalise Eriksen goal brings them level against the run of play.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:20:42

20 minutes gone as Everton continue to make it hard for Spurs to get back into the game.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:17:42

Everton knocking the ball around well as Spurs chase shadows. First corner kick and we will all be watching the issue of grappling! Michael was brave at Stoke a few weeks ago but it is an area of the laws of the game that is not consistently applied. Law is clear and it should be applied consistently within the Premier League.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:16:23

Excellent strike for his 3rd goal of the season by Miralles.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:15:19


Miralles scores with a great shot.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:14:28

Free kick Everton. Use of the vanishing spray is good to see on Premier / International games and I’m amazed that all levels of football in the UK are not using this wonderful aid to the art of refereeing! The Football League are using it from January 2015 so why not in the Vanarama Conference and at all levels down to local football? The referees at those levels want it, the players want it and yet the authorities are burying their heads in the sands of tradition! Come on folks – let’s move with the times and get into the real world! Good to see the players toeing the line when the vanishing spray is used.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:12:01

Advantage played to Spurs to keep the game going and just one free kick awarded in 12 minutes.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:09:05

Great skill by Barkley created the first chance but Spurs defended well.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:04:49

Everton with most possession in the opening exchanges and a close offside stops that attack.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:02:59

Everton free kick rightly awarded for a trip close to the technical area.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:01:38

Referee Oliver close to play and almost in the way in the first minute.

TS at 2014-11-30 17:00:16

The whistle blows and we’re underway. The referee will have done his homework on both teams in an attempt to be in total control. He’ll be aware of where his problems might arise and let’s hope that he will be able to get into the best viewing positions to judge incidents and that the game is free of pitch incursions!

TS at 2014-11-30 16:55:30

The teams are in the tunnel ready to enter the arena for today’s game as the Assistants carry out the equipment check in readiness for the contest.

TS at 2014-11-30 16:54:33

The big issue in this weeks appointments has been regarding Mark Clattenburg not officiating in the Premier League. Instead he was at Middlesbrough in the Championship! The game needs the top officials in action in the most challenging games, something that Keith Hackett has correctly identified over the course of the season so far. This is still not happening and points to inadequacies in the appointment system on the Premier League. Is there a hidden agenda within the appointment system and was Clattenburg’s public suspension a few weeks ago something of a more political issue to affect his European status? I am sure it will be a part of the focus by our own Alan Biggs on the You Are The Ref TV show in this coming week and additional comments from you are welcomed. Let us have your views on Twitter @youaretheref or email to

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Referee Michael Oliver was rightly praised for his courage in awarding the penalty, for grappling at Stoke against the home team a few weeks ago. Interestingly his position at the corner was not the ridiculously prescriptive place being adopted by officials where the best viewing angle is not always achieved. Instead, Michael chose to move more central and had a good position to see the grappling. This is something we’ll be watching for today in this potentially enthralling game. Michael has adapted to his high-profile position on FIFA very well with his rapid, and deserved, rise to the top over the past 10 years. I worked with him at the Dallas Cup where he was like a sponge as an 18 year old, soaking up the tips on refereeing from everyone. His father – Clive, was a part of my PGMOL coaching group too and has been an important part of the development of Michael into the quality official he is today. We wish him well in his arbitration of the game today and hope he manages it successfully without being the subject of any major controversy as he was in the Manchester derby a few weeks ago. The major error by Mike Jones in the game this afternoon at Southampton to deny Manchester City a penalty and wrongly caution Aguero for diving will undoubtedly have been discussed in the officials’ dressing room. Let’s hope for no such errors of key match incidents in this game.

TS at 2014-11-30 16:40:25

Welcome to White Hart Lane for this afternoon’s game in the Premier League with You Are The Ref featuring minute by minute analysis of the game from a referees perspective. There are no match assessors employed at the game by the PGMOL for their referees which is still a controversial issue. Following the Thursday pitch invasion on three separate occasions during the first half of Spurs Europa league game, I am sure that the referee safety briefing with the police and stewards will have focused on the issue of crowd control. It is a public order offence in the UK to enter the playing area and I know from working as a lecturer on Public Order Training Courses with West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Police forces that planning the event plays a large part in ensuring there is no pitch incursion at the sporting event. UEFA will be taking action on this matter against Spurs and that outcome will be interesting in the coming week. Both Spurs and Everton had great results on Thursday in Europe which should make for an interesting game today. The Everton team had to travel whilst Spurs were at home so in terms of recovery, Spurs should have the easier time. Will that be an issue today. Your views as usual are appreciated. What are your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

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Tottenham Hotspurs -v- Everton
Sunday November 30th 2014. Kick-Off 16.00
Referee: Michael Oliver
Assistant 1: D. England
Assistant 2: L. Betts
Fourth Official: Neil Swarbrick