Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City


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Thanks for your company this afternoon, and don’t forget to tune in again at 10pm this evening. I know I will certainly be up as I am off to toast my first grandchild who was born at 5.48 this morning – welcome to the world Princess Sophie!

final summary

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Andre’s game plan to allow a certain amount of body contact would not work in every game but he more than got away with it today as he stepped up his profile when required so the game never got away from him. To be fair to the players they generally reacted very well towards him throughout the game so he paid them back by not being too fussy. His positioning and movement was fully satisfactory for the game and despite not giving the impression of being anything like as fit as one or two of his colleagues, he moved about well so he was never too far away from play. This is an important skill for referees who are not as fit as they could be to read the game better to stay in touch with play. For me he finished this game on his toes and can afford to be satisfied with how things went.


The thing which stood out the most for me was Andre’s consistent management of challenges or behaviour which warranted a yellow card. He did not shirk his responsibility in this area at all and was always still keen to keep the play going as much as he could and not penalise the “little” things unless they threatened his overall control. This tactic was clearly lacking in the Andre Mariner I saw at the beginning of the season and reflects a much higher degree of confidence than he showed in his performances before Christmas.


The missed penalty in the first half does not go away, but at least it did not affect the result and I can only come back to the point I made in my half time summary that the officials could not have been sure so they did not want to guess.


Scott Ledger had some tight off sides which he got all spot on and he was also consistent with his recognition of foul play under his nose and stayed in tune with the referee.


Marc Perry still looks like he could sharpen up his act a bit on a technical front. He was not in the frame very much but when he was he was a few yards behind play and there was the time he moved back from the touchline instead of getting ahead of the players and looking back “up-the-line” to judge ball in/out of play. These are the basic types of training which he needs to consider.


All in all though, not a bad day at the office for the match officials.


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My final summary will follow in a few minutes; meanwhile I hope you can stay with us tonight for another dip into the life of the referees who conduct the MLS across the pond with full minute by minute coverage from a referee’s perspective of Sporting KC v Chicago, starting at 10.00pm.


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This week’s Ref Show posted on Monday contained a balanced view of all the major decisions made in the Premier League last weekend and offered advice to referees on how best practice should be used in order to gets the big calls right! Tune in again this week for a truly independent view of all the major talking points as the season rapidly approaches its climax.


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full time

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Full Time

Tottenham Hotspur 0 – 1 Manchester City


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Yellow Card Harry Kane (TH 18)

yet another example of consistent handling of misconduct – reckless challenge gets what it deserved


GB at 2015-05-03 17:50:12

a couple of challenges come under the microscope in the Man City penalty area then, but they were consistent with what the referee has let go all game – managers and players want consistency, they cannot have it both ways


GB at 2015-05-03 17:47:22

minimum of 5 minutes to see out for everyone


GB at 2015-05-03 17:46:54

The official cant afford to relax now – still a lot of concentration required for time added on


GB at 2015-05-03 17:45:54

AM well inside of the penalty area again then when Emmanuel Adebayor (TH 10) went down Keith Hackett was mentioning on the Ref Show the other day that Lee Probert was stopping short of the edge of the penalty area – he could do worse than to study AM today


GB at 2015-05-03 17:44:02

interesting point of law here – substitution not completed until player leaves the field of play


GB at 2015-05-03 17:41:39

Emmanuel Adebayor (TH 10) can certainly change games so the officials need to keep an eye on him and figure out what he has been sent on to do


GB at 2015-05-03 17:40:20

Well done MP – waited to see if the off side player touched the ball or interfered with an opponent which he did – credit where it is due for that one


GB at 2015-05-03 17:39:20

Yellow CardDavid Silva (MC 21) no complaints for that one either another reckless challenge

Consistency again by the referee


GB at 2015-05-03 17:37:46

the replays of the attacking movement by Spurs into the Man City penalty area a few minutes ago showed that Aleksandar Kolarov (MC 11) clearly held Erik Lamela (TH 11) as he moved into the area. That was a very big call for MP which I think he should have given


GB at 2015-05-03 17:33:31

15 minutes left plus stoppages for Spurs to turn things around and for the officials to remain focussed so as not to spoil all the hard work and effort they have put in so far


GB at 2015-05-03 17:31:56

Yellow Card Aleksandar Kolarov (MC 11) takes one for the team then and AM continues to show consistency in his managing of misconduct by the players. If they players know what is coming them will accept the decisions better. There has hardly been any dissent in this game because of that.


GB at 2015-05-03 17:26:11

Good to see AM being pro-active about “grappling” before the last corner – see it can be managed


GB at 2015-05-03 17:25:25

Yellow Card Pablo Zabaleta (MC 5)

Clear reckless challenge. Well done AM for not trying to manage that one – could that signal the temperature rising again,? Something the officials need to be alert to


GB at 2015-05-03 17:24:00

Safe free kick given then by AM in front of the technical areas


GB at 2015-05-03 17:22:28

It does not matter how much the referee is prepared to let the game flow, there will always be someone prepared to have a go at the award of ANY free kick no matter how obvious it is, like that foul on Frank Lampard (MC 18) in the middle there.


GB at 2015-05-03 17:19:38

another great non-flag there by SL as Sergio Agüero (MC 16) timed hi run to perfection


GB at 2015-05-03 17:18:44

Not like to Kane we saw in the early part of the season – looked like he wanted to walk that one in.

This could be the start of a surge by Spurs, so the official need to remain alert for counter attacks as in the first half


GB at 2015-05-03 17:17:01

The foul count remains very low in this game and the players are generally respecting the way the referee’s judgement of fair and unfair challenges


GB at 2015-05-03 17:15:13

SL could not have been closer to that incident in the corner and was having none of the City appeals for a foul. Had he seen the player break the flag it could have led to a caution though. At the very least the City player should have received a reprimand for that


GB at 2015-05-03 17:13:09

Any thoughts on the Sergio Agüero incident in the first half? Do you think the officials got itright? Let us know on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at


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MP was clearly a yard or two behind play then as he came into the picture. Assistants at this level must be able to keep up with these players


GB at 2015-05-03 17:10:05

That was a good example of AM’s proximity to play as both teams exchanged possession of the ball just outside of the Man City penalty area


GB at 2015-05-03 17:08:35

AM is “conserving his energy” at lot in this game – that’s what assessors say when the referee does not run much! To be fair though he has put in some decent sprints and has never been too far away when decisions have needed to be made. I also like the way he really knows when to press into the penalty areas


GB at 2015-05-03 17:05:23

Another routine off side for MP


GB at 2015-05-03 17:04:59

you can’t manage those tough – blatant body check


GB at 2015-05-03 17:04:03

AM starting 2nd half as he did the first and is not looking for trouble with that clash in the middle


GB at 2015-05-03 17:01:52

2nd half kicks off now

half time

GB at 2015-05-03 16:59:34

I have a feeling that there could be some more big calls to come in this game yet at the pace it is being played and it remains to be seen if that missed penalty decision would have affected the result.

half time

GB at 2015-05-03 16:58:01

Keith Hackett’s recent Blogs have covered some really important training issues. The first piece covered “Where referees need to raise their awareness – and how” and was followed by an excellent article that laid out all the major characteristics required which enable a referee to stand out from the pack under the heading of “The importance of presence as a referee”. Whether you are an established official or a newly qualified whistler, both of these pieces are really worth a read and are still available now at .


On Thursday, Keith also speculated of the future of Phil Dowd and Chris Foy, and recommended that the PGMOL tapped into the wealth of experience possessed by these quality officials and made them part of a new coaching team, along with Darren Cann to cater for the assistants.


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half time summary

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Well the game is certainly living up to expectations in so far as being entertaining. Andre did well in the early stages to let the game breath and see how the players were going to play. Managing their expectations well in the opening minutes can gain real dividends for the referee later as it can give him room to manoeuvre when thing start to get techy later.


Only three cautions so far and the game certainly has not needed any more. Andre did well to keep his tinder dry until the first act of unsporting behaviour, and could have even got away with not doing Nabil Bentaleb (TH 42) in the 42 minute when he played an advantage, but he obviously felt like the tempo was rising and needed to be managed from the middle. No complaints about the caution in the last minute for a reckless challenge.


The more I see the Sergio Agüero (MC 16) falling in the penalty area he is definitely clipped by the defender and a penalty should have been given. I did say at the time in my blog that I felt he was lucky not to get cautioned for simulation if the referee did not think it was a foul so it was definitely a strange decision not to give anything – I think this signals that neither of the officials were really sure. The most important thing for all officials is NEVER TO GUESS, so if they were not sure all they could do was play on – that said someone is getting paid for getting those decisions right. Agüero did not help himself by kicking his own ankles though – the debate about using technology just got another example to use.


Both assistants have had some tight off side calls to make and seem to be doing well at the moment, although I do think Marc Perry’s technique and body language could have been better at times.

half time

GB at 2015-05-03 16:47:16

Half Time



GB at 2015-05-03 16:46:59

Yellow Card Ryan Mason (TH 38)

Referee obviously feels the temperature rising and feels the need to keep the lid on this as half time approaches


GB at 2015-05-03 16:45:39

minimum of 1 minute added time


GB at 2015-05-03 16:44:34

Very tight call for off side there for SL to judge. It takes more courage NOT to give those


GB at 2015-05-03 16:43:41

Yellow Card for Nabil Bentaleb (TH 42) and a wonderful advantage played by the referee. AM is certainly showing a lot more confidence in this game to play advantages like that


GB at 2015-05-03 16:41:56

Yellow Card for James Milner (MC 7) who deliberately tripped the Spurs player by holding his leg – unsporting behaviour


GB at 2015-05-03 16:40:42

AM is still looking very composed in this game so far


GB at 2015-05-03 16:36:02

First “real” foul for the referee to sort out then, but only careless for me too. I think AM did well to keep his tinder dry as you want your first caution in a game like this to be a “good” one that everyone is expecting.


GB at 2015-05-03 16:32:57

This does not look good for Spurs fans as Man City pick up the pace again and look likely to score more


GB at 2015-05-03 16:31:51

Having looked at the Sergio Agüero (MC 16) fall in the Spurs penalty area again, it would seem possible that he was clipped by the defender. Difficult to see by either official but that appears to have been a penalty missed.


GB at 2015-05-03 16:29:58

All the officials need to switch on now as the tempo is about to rise

GB at 2015-05-03 16:28:58

GOAL! Sergio Agüero (MC 16)

Tottenham 0 – 1 Man City


GB at 2015-05-03 16:25:45

MP gets his first off side decision of the game


GB at 2015-05-03 16:24:24

I think Sergio Agüero (MC 16) was very lucky then not to get cautioned for simulation if the referee did not think he had been tripped. I did not think it was a foul myself.

Good to see MP talking to AM as the players entered the penalty area


GB at 2015-05-03 16:21:34

Looks like the honeymoon period is over as AM recognises that he is required to raise his profile very slightly and give a few straight forward free kicks


GB at 2015-05-03 16:20:30

You cant play on when a player uses an opponent’s back as a ladder though


GB at 2015-05-03 16:19:48

The player’s attitude is helping the referee to keep this game moving. It wake so much difference if they are happy for tackles to go in without moaning at the referee and looking for free kicks


GB at 2015-05-03 16:18:35

Big decisions have to be right in every game of course, but they take on so much more significance at the business end of the season, we certainly do not want any errors in any Key Match Incidents in this game today.


GB at 2015-05-03 16:17:51

SL keeps his average up with another good routine off side call


GB at 2015-05-03 16:17:07

AM’s body language certainly looks a lot better than the first few times I saw him earlier in the season. All he needs to do now is get the big decisions right!

GB at 2015-05-03 16:15:58

If you have seen anything interesting concerning a referee at a game you have been at this weekend, contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at to tell us all about it


GB at 2015-05-03 16:14:38

There we go – and a clear public warning to go with it


GB at 2015-05-03 16:14:06

over 13 minutes gone and not a single foul – I wonder if the first one will be a big one?


GB at 2015-05-03 16:13:25

Good advantage played there by AM keeping his tactic up of keeping the game going as much as possible


GB at 2015-05-03 16:12:39

There was a good view of AM pressing into the penalty area then in the Man City attack. It is important for referees to know when this is required rather than hanging too far out to spot the small pushes and pulls in the area


GB at 2015-05-03 16:11:16

MP is on the referee’s wave length my not giving a foul then when the players came together in front of him. Important for assistants to tune into the referee’s tolerance level so the team looks joined up


GB at 2015-05-03 16:08:59

The referee’s game plan seems to be to allow a certain amount of contact between the players in the early stages which the players are very happy with so far and not taking advantage of


GB at 2015-05-03 16:07:23

The game seems to have started at quiet a pace, but AM has not needed to get involved yet. He wont mind that


GB at 2015-05-03 16:05:43

good surreptitious communication there between the referee and MP to check Spurs keeper had nor handled outside of the penalty area. good to see such empathy between the officials early on


GB at 2015-05-03 16:04:00

that looked like tight decision – but it was correct off side call by SL. He will be pleased to get that first one our of the way


GB at 2015-05-03 16:02:40

MP moving away from the touchline then is not best practice as the ball and players came towards him – much better to sprint ahead of the players and look back so you can judge if the whole of the ball crosses the touchline


GB at 2015-05-03 16:00:45

AR1: Scott Ledger (SL) is patrolling the touchline in front of the technical areas.


GB at 2015-05-03 15:59:45

Tottenham Hotspur  won the toss so it will be  Manchester City to kick off.

Good luck to all the officials and may the ball run kindly for you!


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GB at 2015-05-03 15:55:53

Not long to go now as the players and officials prepare to leave the tunnel


GB at 2015-05-03 15:46:08

Today’s Assistants:


AR1: Scott Ledger (SL)

Scott was promoted to the Select Group of Assistant Referees back in season 2009/10 and has officiated in nearly 200 games in the top League including 34 appointments already this season.


AR2: Marc Perry (MP)

This is just Marc Perry’s second season in the top flight and has not exactly set the world alight with the accuracy of some of his off side decisions this season whilst he has been under to RefCam microscope! With 19 Premier League games under his belt already so far this season, plus further Football League appointments, I will be very interested to see some signs of some meaningful coaching have been delivered and gratefully received by this officials during the course of this game.


4th Official:

The appointment of Neil Swarbrick to board holding duties is interesting at the least, but could it be inspirational?  Taking in the comments I have made regarding the last time Neil officiated in a game involving Manchester City, it could be argued that it is actually a really good idea to put them back together with him looking after the technical areas. The Manchester City officials are far too professional to make a big deal about his recent mistake and he has actually formally apologised anyway, so the sooner that ghost is buried the better.


This actually raises an issue which anyone who has been refereeing for a few years or more has probably personally experienced, which is akin to the proverb about falling off a horse – the best thing is to get straight back on again as soon as possible. I am sure I speak for many officials who have been in the situation where a club has made a futile complaint about their official’s performance, only for the Referee’s Officer responsible for making the appointments to send them right back out referee the same team again – just to make a point that clubs cannot be seen to choose who referees their games. There are obviously times when still waters run deep following a clear and undisputed match changing result error, when it is best for everyone concerned to let time do its healing for a while, but generally referees relish the opportunity to “get back on that horse” and show what they are really capable of. As in the case of Neil Swarbrick, whom I am sure will come back much stronger after his ordeal this season.


GB at 2015-05-03 15:44:23

Today’s officials are:

Referee:  Andre Marriner (AM)

AR1: Scott Ledger (SL)

AR2: Mathew Perry (MP)

4th Official: Neil Swarbrick (NS)


Andre did not start officiating in the Premier League until 3 months into this season due to injury and this is only the second time he has refereed Manchester City since his inauspicious handling of their game against Everton in October when he missed the opportunity for 2 red cards for the City. Those missed reds (along with some others), sees him with the lowest average (1 in 18 games) for the ultimate sanction, than any other referee who has done more than 15 games in the current competition.


It is fair to say that Andre has managed to control his recent games with far less controversy surrounding his performances than in the first half of the season, and one would like to hope that this is as a result of some meaningful coaching and a much needed return of the levels of confidence that he has displayed in previous years but were seriously lacking for the start of this campaign.


That said, there is a bit of a recurring theme today amongst the officials linked to one of Andre’s most high profile skeletons in his cupboard, as he is not only assisted today by the same two assistants who contrived with him to send off wrong the Arsenal player at Chelsea last season (for an offence which was later deemed not a DOGSO anyway), but also his 4th official gets 90 minutes to explain to the occupants of the Away Technical Area how he managed to send off the wrong player when their paths last crossed as well.


GB at 2015-05-03 15:41:28

Here are the teams for this evening’s game:



Hugo Lloris (TH 1)

Danny Rose (TH 3)

Jan Vertonghen (TH 5)

Eric Dier (TH 15)

Erik Lamela (TH 11)

Harry Kane (TH 18)

Federico Fazio (TH 21)

Nacer Chadli (TH 22)

Christian Eriksen (TH 23)

Ryan Mason (TH 38)

Nabil Bentaleb (TH 42)


Vlad Chiriche? (TH 6)

Paulinho (TH 8)

Roberto Soldado (TH 9)

Emmanuel Adebayor (TH 10)

D Yedlin (T 12)

Michel Vorm (TH 13)

Benjamin Stambouli (TH 25)



Joe Hart (MC 1)

Pablo Zabaleta (MC 5)

Fernando (MC 6)

James Milner (MC 7)

Aleksandar Kolarov (MC 11)

Sergio Agüero (MC 16)

Frank Lampard (MC 18)

Eliaquim Mangala (MC 20)

David Silva (MC 21)

Fernandinho (MC 25)

Martin Demichelis (MC 26)


Bacary Sagna (MC 3)

Samir Nasri (MC 8)

Edin Džeko (MC 10)

Wilfredo Caballero (MC 13)

Wilfred Bony (MC14)

Gaël Clichy (MC 22)

Dedryck Boyata (MC 38)


GB at 2015-05-03 15:39:10

The current Premier League form table pits but teams next to each other over their last few matches.



8 Man City 2 D W W W W W 16 D W L L L L 4 L W L L W W 9
9 SPURS 6 W W D W W L 13 L W L D W D 8 L W D L W D 8


Looking back at the history of this match in North London, Tottenham hold the honours with 32 wins to 16 for Manchester City and there have been 17 draws here since the teams first met back in 1910. Taking all League games into consideration home and away, Manchester City have their noses in front with 52 victories to Tottenham’s 48, with a total of 31 matches ending in a draw.


The reverse fixture at the Etihad Stadium this season was refereed by this season’s FA Cup Final referee Johnathon Moss in October and ended 4 – 1, with 1 Yellow Card for the Home team and 2 Yellows and a Red for Spurs. Four penalties were awarded in this game for only the second time in the Premier League’s history.


GB at 2015-05-03 15:37:42

The news from the Manchester City camp is more about the manager than the anything else at the moment, with recent history telling us that in order for the boss to keep his job at the Eastlands lately he must win the Premier League. City cannot be held totally responsible for the fact that Chelsea have run away with the title, but it is clear to see that for all their spending and talent on show this season they very rarely posed a real treat to take over top spot.

As for today’s game, City have won seven of the last eight Premier League matches against Spurs and have scored 15 goals against them in the three most recent meetings (6-0, 5-1 and 4-1). Any dramatic reversal of this trend could prove pivotal in Manuel Pellegrini’s desire to hang on to his position as City are already on a roll of losing four consecutive games away from home. Having shipped eight goals in their last four matches you might expect that Spurs could be the ones to pay for that today.



GB at 2015-05-03 15:36:55

This really is Tottenham’s last chance to keep their very faint hopes alive of snatching the 4th Champions League place away from the neighbours of their opponents today. It’s still a really long shot which requires Manchester United to reap less than 5 points from their remaining 3 games even if Spurs win all of their outstanding fixtures, but none the less there is still an incentive for the home side to really go for it today, especially after what happened at Old Trafford yesterday.

I don’t expect goal difference to come into the equation as Tottenham have conceded 49 goals, the highest tally among clubs in the top half of the table. Only Sunderland, Leicester, Burnley, Newcastle and QPR have let in more. They have also kept just one clean sheet in their last 11 league games. The other statistic which sums up the Home side’s failure to cash in on the amazing scoring rate of Harry Kane in the first half of the season is the fact that they have taken just eight points from their nine matches against the five teams above them.



GB at 2015-05-03 15:36:09

25 minutes to go before KO and welcome to this afternoon’s live RefCam coverage of the Premier League clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City. Many thanks to Mark Halsey for keeping the seat warm at lunch time for the Chelsea game whilst I was carving the chicken!

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