Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City


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Certainly no shortage of talking points in this game, three of them concerning offside! First half errors by each Assistant contributed to both opening goals. The second half proved no different when Kane was offside whilst scoring Spurs third goal. If we say that Jake Collin had a tight call to make on City’s goal, his second half call for Spurs third goal was a straight forward decision, he may be able to console himself on the first half call but his second half mistake is less clear to explain. The Referee demonstrated superb game management intervening only when required and delivering his cautions to good effect, his control was complete, as always with this Referee his Presence, Confidence, Maturity and composure are a pleasure to watch. He moves around the field of play with ease and is always there on hand to make his decisions. Should he have sent Demichellis off? I think he should have but others will argue that Otamendi was covering. My point is that the challenge occurred during a stage of the game when the Referee was clamping down. But Spurs won 4-1 so it didn’t affect the scoreline.Which isn’t the same that can be said for some of the offside decisions today . As I  said earlier. Will this re-ignite the offside decision debate?

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Full Time

Summary to follow

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Yellow Card

Harry Kane has the last yellow card of this game for that rash challenge

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This hasn’t been an easy game to control, it has placed game management and physical demands on the Referee!

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Good flag from Jake Collin as Clinton fouled in that last Spurs attack

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4 Minutes added time!

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Yellow CardAn obvious reckless challenge by Alli, rightly dealt with by a yellow card!

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Should have read ‘Suppressed’ some of that City player frustration in that last comment

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The Referee has shown good game management here, by clamping down on those earlier reckless challenges he has focused the Spurs players on playing within the laws and surprised some of the frustration that the City players will feel, great Refereeing!

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TV replays showing that Lamela was onside before he received the ball to score!

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FootballLamela makes it four!

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TV replays clearly supporting Jake Collins offside flag against Son, good decision!

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Stay with us on Refcam, later today at 5.30 we’re covering the Newcastle Chelsea game, no shortage of potential talking points there! Tomorrow at 4.00 we’re following inform Watford hosting another team who’ve made a decent start to the season, Crystal Palace. The Monday night game is West Brom v Everton at 8.00, then we take in Champions League action on Tuesday with Arsenal v Olympiakos at 7.45 and on Wednesday its Manchester United v Wolfsburg also at 7.45

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Well there are no shortage of talking points here today!

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Jake Collins offside flag against Son denies Spurs 4th goal!

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In fairness to the Referee his tough line on player challenges especially by Spurs players has lowered the tempo of the game, its back to the open end to end game that we had earlier!

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Spurs scoring that third goal will take some of the spotlight off the Referees decision not to send off Demichellis

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Well do we have three key offside errors in this game all of which have affected the scoreline? will this re-ignite the debate on the quality of offside decision making in the Premier League this season?

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Yellow CardChristian Erikson shown the yellow card for kicking the ball away!

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Two more big talking points in the build up to the goal 1) Should Demichellis have been shown a second yellow card and sent off for that challenge on Lamela that led to the free kick, I think he should have!  2) Was Harry Kane offside as he received the ball before scoring?

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GOAL!Harry Kane get off the mark with his first Premier League goal of the season!

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Yellow CardMy point is underlined as Dier is shown the yellow card for a reckless  challenge


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Spurs need to be careful here, some of the challenges are over zealous, Davies could have been cautioned for that last challenge, from a Refereeing point of view this is a key phase of the game!

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Walker barges Sterling out of the way, its careless and a free kick

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Yellow CardLamela late and reckless on Kolarov, an obvious caution!

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As with the first half this game is end to end, on warm September day this match would prove demanding for any Referee!

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Kane may have played for that free kick led to the goal, but he was carelessly challenged and Jake Collin was correct to flag!

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GOAL!Alderweireld scores 2-1


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Good flag from Jake Collin as Otamendi fouls Kane

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Spurs trying to play Harry Kane in a feature of their line up formation with Harry playing lone up front, more potential tight offside calls?

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The second half has begun!

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No doubt what the two half time talking points are! Both Assistant making key offside decision error in the build up to both goals. Jake Collins mistake was more understandable as De Bruyne attacked the ball at speed and it took TV time to study replays before the error was confirmed, it was a marginal decision, even so Jake will be disappointed. Simon Beck’s error arose as Walker was clearly offside as he received ball to cross in the build up. This wasn’t a difficult decision and Simon Beck will be very disappointed with his call. Yellow CardDemichellis was cautioned as the players went off at half time for questioning the goal and the Assistants offside call. As for the Referee he’s looked a class act , just the one occasion when he bought the whistle to his mouth when Erikson looked to have handled in midfield with no reason to play advantage or delay the whistle, other than that the usual game management,  presence, confidence, fitness and positioning that we come to expect from this Referee!

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Half Time


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But again was there an attacking player offside in the build up as Walker looked offside in the build up?

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GOAL!Dier makes it 1-1!

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From a physical perspective, this is a fairly demanding game as both teams are counter attacking giving the game a end to end feel!

RH at 2015-09-26 13:27:41

Mark Clattenburg did seem to raise the whistle to his mouth earlier in that Spurs attack as there was a suspicion of handball against Erikson, can’t see that any advantage or delayed whistle was called for?

RH at 2015-09-26 13:24:31

A rash challenge by Alli on  Fernandiniho, given the tempo of the game and that being the first borderline challenge, the Referee rightly in my view choosing to deliver a warning

RH at 2015-09-26 13:21:43

Mark Clattenburg is reading attacker v defender challenges well where the attacker chooses not to jump, no foul!

RH at 2015-09-26 13:20:04

City looking their most dangerous down the right, so Jake Collin will get good viewing angles and range when they do attack!

RH at 2015-09-26 13:17:56

BT Sport confirming that De Bruyne was offside in the attack that led to the goal, however it was tight!

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Stay with us on Refcam, later today at 5.30 we’re covering the Newcastle Chelsea game, no shortage of potential talking points there! Tomorrow at 4.00 we’re following inform Watford hosting another team who’ve made a decent start to the season, Crystal Palace. The Monday night game is West Brom v Everton at 8.00, then we take in Champions League action on Tuesday with Arsenal v Olympiakos at 7.45 and on Wednesday its Manchester United v Wolfsburg also at 7.45

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Harry Kane avoiding active play and Simon Becks offside flag in that last Spurs attack!

RH at 2015-09-26 13:13:31

The other talking point in the build up to that goal was the superb explosive sprint by Mark Clattenburg as he tracked play from a Spurs corner to the other penalty area to close in on De Bruyne’s strike, fantastic Refereeing!

RH at 2015-09-26 13:11:41

But the talking point there is was De Bruyne offside?

RH at 2015-09-26 13:11:03

GOAL!City open the scoring through De Bruyne

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Good advantage there from the Referee as Erikson was held in midfield

RH at 2015-09-26 13:07:01

Kane rightly flagged offside, disappointing as he was able to look along the line!

RH at 2015-09-26 13:06:01

The Referee just a little static in midfield as Spurs mounted that attack, he needed to duck!

RH at 2015-09-26 13:04:24

No offside call there for Jake Collin but the key pass in that City attack was the ball into Aguero

RH at 2015-09-26 13:02:37

Kolarov being pulled up there for an obvious push on Son

RH at 2015-09-26 13:01:17

Good to see Mark Clattenburg hunting for those all important viewing positions and angles around the penalty area!

RH at 2015-09-26 12:58:12

Good offside flag there from Simon Beck as Son came from an offside position to play the ball

RH at 2015-09-26 12:56:33

Sterling rightly pulled up for handball in that City attack

RH at 2015-09-26 12:55:59

Simon Becks first flag proving important as Kane was in

RH at 2015-09-26 12:47:29

Early corner to City with no grappling!

RH at 2015-09-26 12:46:26

Both teams are lining up with 4-2-3-1 formations today, so will those match turning offside decisions come from balls played into Kane and Aguero?

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Our match Referee Mark Clattenburg gets us underway!

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Today’s Match Referee is Mark Clattenburg. His Assistant Referees are Simon Beck and Jake Collin, The Fourth Official is Anthony Taylor

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Welcome to our coverage of this eye catching lunchtime classic as Spurs host high flying Manchester City!