Tottenham Hotspur v Everton


Full time summary

RCT at 2017-03-05 16:34:35

Michael has overall controlled this game, we discussed at half time that there was a feeling that he was allowing too many advantages and that he needed to stop play and award the free kick so as not to detriment his overall match control. In then 2nd half he wisely stopped play and his first advantage came in the latter stages of this game. Good movement around the field of play. He also choose the opportunities to talk to players rather than just flash the cards at players. This was effective.

We did discuss at half time the key match decision error in the 25th minute when Williams pulled back Kane in the Everton penalty area no penalty was awarded and Williams was very fortunate to remain on the field of play. If the score at the end had been different then I am sure that this incident would be highlighted.

Stuart Burt got through this game and he will be glad that it is over with no major controversy and Constantine Hatzidakis had a low key but effective game from the nearside touchline.

4th Official Neil Swarbrick I am sure offered some words of advice to Michael at half time regarding his playing of advantages and if this was the case then well done Neil.



RCT at 2017-03-05 16:22:13

Full Time




RCT at 2017-03-05 16:21:46

Yellow Card

Williams yellow is correct


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:21:07


Valencia pulls one back deep in additional time


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:20:01


Dele Ali – great free kick from Winks


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:19:15

Coleman LATE on Vertonghen awarded very late. I think he would have received support from SB. followed up by a late challenge by WIlliams


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:17:27

A little flurry of challenges and I just felt there Michael needed to award a fk. Could the Assistant nearside CH have helped?

Spurs sub 10 off and 9 on


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:15:03

Lukaku wants a ck but I think this is more in hope than anything else – gk to Spurs


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:13:54

clear advantage to Spurs and I think that this is his first advantage in this half

Spurs sub 23 off 17 on

Closing stages

RCT at 2017-03-05 16:12:06

Very important now that Michael and team bring this game home safely, HOW? keep fully focussed and keep the concentration levels high


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:08:53

Everton sub 17 off 19 on


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:08:21


Lukaku 2-1 – interesting last 10 minutes now


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:07:01

Good spot by MO push by Davies in the back of the Everton player from the Spurs ck


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:05:43

It has been quite noticeable  this half how Michael has tighten up things, advantages have been kept to a minimum and this has benefited Michael`s Match Control.

Spurs sub

19 off to be replaced by Winks 29


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:03:40

Yellow Card

Dembele yellow card as he breaks up a promising attack for Everton


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:02:31

Michael awards a FK to Spurs  and then has a word with Coleman good refereeing and sensible man management in this situation. Michael also uses Baines as his Captain


RCT at 2017-03-05 16:00:54

Offside flag is up by CH against Walker and is correct when Walker received the ball – HE BECAME ACTIVE – IF HARRY KANE HAD RECEIVED THE BALL THEN HE WOULD HAVE KEPT HIS FLAG DOWN AS HE WAS ONSIDE


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:57:54

Tweet from Ken Stephenson

RCT at 2017-03-05 15:56:17

Thanks to Ken Stephenson for your tweet –

I think the criticism of Kevin Friend is unfair, the 2 incidents involving Mings & Ibrahimovic his view was obscured.

These high profile incidents have to be seen and what we saw were ugly scenes at Old Trafford and are not at all what we want to see. Someone has to see these incidents and as the referee you are culpable at the end of the day. There was also a build up to these high profile incidents as Andy Hogg for REFCAM pointed out in his BLOG.


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:51:18

26 OFF 11 ON & 18 OFF 16 ON


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:48:01

Again good pace and acceleration form MO in that last Everton attack. HE HAS ALSO ACHIEVED A GOOD VIEWING ANGLE

YATR`S Paul Trevillion

RCT at 2017-03-05 15:45:28

You at the Ref`s very own Paul Trevillion is guest of honor for today`s game. It is the first game that his dad took him to aged about 4 years old and on the 11 March Paul will be 84 years old. So this is an anniversary type situation. He is the man who created YATR 60 ago and we are now at YATR expanding his vision. In the original Spurs v Everton game Paul was completely fascinated by the great Dixie Dean who was held in awe by both sets of fans. Hats off to our very own legend Paul Trevillion and may today’s game bring back those happy memories of that game 60 years ago.


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:43:55

Harry Kane GOAL! 2-0 to Spurs



RCT at 2017-03-05 15:38:51

Offside flag against Davies by SB


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:37:28

Treatment for Wanyama as Michael quickly stops play


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:36:07

FK to Spurs correctly awarded by MO this is quickly followed up by a fk to Everton. Michael is taking a firm stance in this half. Maybe Neil Swarbrick has offered advice at Half Time from his view close to the Technical Areas.


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:33:52

Appeals for handball against Coleman but not DELIBERATE for me

Everton kick off the 2nd half

RCT at 2017-03-05 15:32:23

No half time subs

Half Time Summary

RCT at 2017-03-05 15:28:07

Michael has shown good movement and acceleration around the field on play in this opening half. I have mentioned that I have felt that he has attempted to play too many tight advantages and that it may be better for his match control to just stop play and award the free kick. One yellow card is correct and he has chosen to speak to Funes Mori early in the half good early man management.

Key match decisions – 6th minute no penalty award is correct as we have discussed.

25th minute – My feeling as we have discussed in my BLOG is that had Michael seen Williams should/shirt pull back on Kane in the Everton penalty area then I am sure he would have awarded Spurs a penalty kick and a red card would have followed to Williams. Could Stuart Burt have assisted on the touchline? would he have had a better view? Should Michael have had a better view, I appreciate difficult to view, but this is where the Video assistant referee could have helped?

My feeling is that the tempo will move up in the 2nd half and Michael and team will need to rise accordingly.


Have a read at half time…………




Video Replays – Sin Bins – Substitute – @ IFAB Meeting



RCT at 2017-03-05 15:17:09

Half Time



RCT at 2017-03-05 15:16:43

1 minute added time


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:16:05

Davies Everton signalled offside by CH when replays show that he was onside – concentration and judgement key as is position from an Assistant in theses situations


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:14:47

FK to Everton MO well placed to award – clear arm signal and voice


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:11:53

Advantage to Spurs is allowed to be played as Michael shows a clear signal


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:11:04

Stuart Burt held the offside flag well and down in that last Spurs attack as Kane was not in an active area and Stuart used the wait and see technique

25th minute key match decision

RCT at 2017-03-05 15:09:03

I don’t think that Michael would have had a good view on the shoulder / shirt pull by Williams on Kane with Kane in the Everton penalty area, but could Stuart Burt from the side have had a better view?




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RCT at 2017-03-05 15:06:48

Good movement from Michael in that last breakaway good angle created and he moves in well towards the goal area ready to make his judgement.


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:02:46

My feeling at the moment is that Michael just needs to slow things down a bit as he trying to play too much advantage which at the moment is detriment to his control


RCT at 2017-03-05 15:00:57

Advantage to Spurs followed up by a Yellow Card


yellow card to Gueye as the tempo rises


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:59:50

Advantage to Spurs following foul on Kane by Funes Mori – advantage breaks down and Michael then awards the original free kick and no card just a word to Funes Mori from the free kick Ashley Williams clearly pulls back Kane in the Spurs penalty area and is very fortunate not concede a penalty kick and also a red card for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity to Spurs


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RCT at 2017-03-05 14:55:37

Michael just gets too close to the ball and breaks up an Everton move that quickly sees it turn to Spurs and they shoot wide of goal.


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:52:28

Kane follows up his goal with another effort and Michael is well placed to make any judgement required.


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:50:39


Kane with a wonder shot and goal to make it 1-0.


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:49:54

Straight forward throw in to Spurs and SB looks to Michael before he flags the directional signal. I fear that if SB has a big decision to make then he will look to bottle it.


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:47:18

Free kick to Spurs correctly awarded following  a foul on Ali


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:46:40

Early stages Michael is showing a good early presence and  movement, keeping close to play and correctly not awarding a free kick to Spurs in that last tackle


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:43:25

Spurs throw in as Kane then looks for a free kick not awarded

YATR Referee Academy

RCT at 2017-03-05 14:42:37

Here at ‘You Are The Ref’ we are proud to announce the launch of our unique Referee Academy – please visit for details of how you can be one of the first to learn about our exciting new educational scheme.


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:40:58

Foul on Dembele, Michael goes to use his can and finds it empty – so Michael changes his spray can with Neil Swarbrick


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:38:31

Key Match Decision – Baines just gets the ball first as Walker is then felled in the Everton penalty area, correct call no penalty.


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:37:02

Good clean tackle by Vertonghen in Spurs penalty area, Michael in a good position to judge


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:36:59

Good clean tackle by Vertonghen in Spurs penalty area, Michael in a good position to judge


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:35:28

Advantage played by Michael to Spurs did not materialise and I would have thought the safe option would have been to award a free kick. Remember we have discussed safety refereeing.


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:33:01

That looked a tense throw in flag from SB he must be glad to get that early decision under his belt.


RCT at 2017-03-05 14:31:54

Stuart Burt is operating on the technical side as we view and Constantine Hatzidakis is operating on the nearside technical area.

Spurs to kick off

RCT at 2017-03-05 14:30:33




Teams are out on the field of play

RCT at 2017-03-05 14:29:51

Nearly ready for kick off….



Today`s Match Officials

RCT at 2017-03-05 14:26:17

Today`s Match Officials are:

Referee – Michael Oliver

Assistant Referee 1. Stuart Burt

Let us hope that Stuart Burt has sufficiently had the time to recover from his incorrect key match offside decision of last Sunday in the EFL Cup Final – Southampton v Manchester United.

When he incorrectly and hastily raised his flag in the 11th minute to deny Southampton a perfectly good goal which would have taken them into a 1-0 lead and who knows they may well have gone on to lift the EFL Trophy?

Never has there been a better example of using the wait and see technique for offside decisions.

Do you think it is correct for Stuart to receive such a high profile game less than a week after the much publicised offside decision? or would it have been better to give him some time off on lining duties?

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Assistant Referee 2. C Hatzidakis

4th Official. Neil Swarbrick

Paul Trevillion – Todays Guest of Honour

RCT at 2017-03-05 14:22:39

You at the Ref`s very own Paul Trevillion is guest of honor for today`s game. It is the first game that his dad took him to aged about 4 years old and on the 11 March Paul will be 84 years old. So this is an anniversary type situation. He is the man who created YATR 60 ago and we are now at YATR expanding his vision. In the original Spurs v Everton game Paul was completely fascinated by the great Dixie Dean who was held in awe by both sets of fans. Hats off to our very own legend Paul Trevillion and may today’s game bring back those happy memories of that game 60 years ago. How Dixie Dean and those past great footballers must be shuddering at the disgraceful scenes that we all witnessed at Old Trafford yesterday. With football very much in the spotlight at the moment, strong action needs and must be taken by the FA over these ugly scenes because if not then around the world we will be seen as a Country lacking in any sort of discipline and will be condoning the action actions of these players. School children especially will get the wrong message completely and I know from previous experience how children will copy the actions of their idols. We must act now before it is too late!

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Swansea v Burnley – Yesterday

RCT at 2017-03-05 14:20:02

In the Swansea v Burnley game yesterday Anthony Taylor has completely miss judged a handball which was handled by Sam Vokes in his own teams penalty area. The referee awarded a penalty kick, this was awarded hastily and without due care and consideration. The decision was rushed and completely incorrect. I know that we have discussed the Marbella stag do but if you take a chance then you have to expect the consequences and it is no coincidence that the 2 poorest refereeing performances were from 2 top professional referees who had permission (can you believe) to go to Marbella in the midweek for we are led to believe 3 nights!

There has to be a question mark on the judgment of a manager who would allow his top performing and well paid referees to take on a jaunt like this in the middle of such high profile games. Surely players, officials and spectators deserve better than this. Your thoughts please.

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Yesterdays game at Old Trafford

RCT at 2017-03-05 14:16:28

Following an inept refereeing performance yesterday from Kevin Friend which is as quoted…..

From Andy Hogg`s expert commentary game yesterday he quoted…………..

“Here at You Are The Ref, we are all about giving a balanced view, offering praise when it’s due, but we must also be critical if things have not gone well, and the latter applies.  I am duty bound to report that Kevin Friend’s performance was well below the standard expected at Premier League level and must be described as inept.

His world collapsed at the end of the first half when he applied a very unwise advantage when Mings clattered Rooney close to the penalty area; the safe decision would have been to award a free-kick to the Home Team, unfortunately an unwise advantage was allowed.  This led to Mings stamping on Ibrahimovic, the latter takes revenge with an elbow the face and then Surman commits a further offence, which results in a red card.  It’s back to basics with SAFETY FIRST REFEREEING, which was not in evidence here, halting play would have avoided the carnage.

For the second half, it appeared to this observer that the referee was no longer thinking clearly.  He appeared troubled and lethargic, and to me he did not have the mental strength to put the first half incident behind him.

I am sure that the FA will review the incidents an take retrospective action against those involved, a touch ironic with IFAB discussing the use of video technology in-play.  Pick the bones out of that little lot, Mr. Video Referee.

One final point, should the Assistant Referees and the 4th official have been more reactive in this situation, I ‘ll leave that thought with you.”



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Pre Match Build Up

RCT at 2017-03-05 14:12:09

Good afternoon and welcome to everyone as we cover the first of our 3 REFCAM commentary games today. Coming up later at 4pm we see bottom of the table Sunderland take on high flying Manchester City and later tonight we have MLS action at 10pm as we see Orlando City v New York City.

Back to today`s game which is to played at White Hart Lane. A ground steeped in tradition and one which will shortly be coming to the end of the lane. Harry Kane versus Romelu Lukaku feels like the juiciest sub-plot; the strikers are leading the race for the Premier League’s Golden Boot this season, together with Arsenal’s Alexis Sánchez. But the bigger picture is the meeting between a Tottenham side that has come to look unbeatable at White Hart Lane and the division’s form side in Everton. Tottenham have won eight straight in the league on their own turf while nobody has a better record than Everton in 2017. Something has to give today surely?


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