Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea


RH at 2015-11-29 15:10:04

A fair result in all respects in a game that potentially offered a stern test for the Match Officials, the hand shakes for Michael Oliver and his Assistants from players of both teams shows that the Referee and his team were on the players wavelength. His overall Management of the game, involvement level, recognition of offences, judgement and timing of his cautions was spot on! He looks in great shape physically and coped well with counter attacks particularly from Chelsea as Spurs pressed. This Referee obviously has great potential to make it to the highest level of our game. My only observation is the point I made at half time, Michael does need to judge play better and not get sucked in so close when the attacking team operates through the left hand channel, after making this point at half time, the situation occurred within minutes of the second half commencing.  That apart he had a great game, well done! Both Assistants were industrious, offering great support and being on the same wavelength as the Referee. that’s not always been the case on games at White Hart Lane this season, Stuart Burt particularly catches the eye these days, he’s operating at the top of his game, just the puzzling second half offside against Lamela being the only blemish. It is inevitable that having seen two of the most promising FIFA/Premier League Referees in Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor  at White Hart Lane in the past seven days that comparisons will be drawn. In terms  of mobility and movement there is nothing between them, in terms of ‘Presence’ I think that Michael Oliver interacts with the players slightly better, in terms of positioning and reading play then Anthony Taylor shades it. But the great news here is that we have two Referees that are really going well at present!

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Full Time

Summary to follow

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Yellow CardCaution for Azpilicueta for delaying the restart!

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TV pundit Michael Owen praising Michael Oliver’s handling of the game, quite right too!

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Dembele and Hazard go to ground as the Spurs man gets the free kick!

RH at 2015-11-29 14:48:12

A minimum of 4 minutes added time!

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A more Mourinho like performance from Chelsea today, they’ve looked solid today. Despite Spurs attacking possession who’s to say a share of the points wouldn’t be a fair outcome?

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Looks like Costa won’t be coming on after his brief warm up, that would have livened things up!

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Fantastic call by the Referee as the last touch comes off Ivanovic not N’jie for a Spurs goal kick!

RH at 2015-11-29 14:39:25

Stuart Burt flags Lamela offside, couldn’t see why he did that? ah well its his only blemish so far!

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Oscar going down under the slightest of pressure from Harry Kane, Michael Oliver speaking well to the Spurs players who felt hard done by, good presence from the Referee!

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A quieter phase of play as the tempo temporarily slows!

RH at 2015-11-29 14:31:24

Fabregas careless on Lamela, no complaints from the offender as he saw the Referee so well placed!

RH at 2015-11-29 14:29:02

In a game where counter attacking is much in evidence, its good to see the Referee coping easily with playing moving from end to end!

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The foul count is going up, this is an important phase of the game as the two teams go ‘toe to toe’ to gain the advantage in this closely fought game!

RH at 2015-11-29 14:23:53

Matic goes down holding his head as he got caught with a Lamela arm. Nothing wrong with the challenge as Lamela was only using his arm to gain height, but head injures are much in the news and need dealing with immediately!

RH at 2015-11-29 14:20:29

Although Spurs are enjoying more attacking possession, Chelsea are counter attacking also, plenty to test the Referees fitness and keep both Assistants actively involved!

RH at 2015-11-29 14:18:35

Yellow CardMatic recives Chelsea’s first caution commiting a foul for the tactical purpose of  breaking up a promising attack

RH at 2015-11-29 14:15:45

Michael Oliver markedly squeezing play with Stuart Burt when Spurs attack wide right

RH at 2015-11-29 14:13:17

Michael Oliver moving in superbly in that last Spurs attack to view Mason twisting his knee badly as he turned in the penalty area, great positioning!

RH at 2015-11-29 14:11:29

Yellow CardAn awful challenge by Vertonghen on Hazard, definitely reckless on his Belgian team mate! That’s three out of the four Spurs back four cautioned!


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Oscar draws the foul challenge from Son, the Spurs players didn’t like it but what else could the Referee do?

RH at 2015-11-29 14:08:17

An appeal for handball in the Chelsea penalty area against, Fabregas, the Guidance on the Laws of the game does say that the Referee must take into consideration ‘the distance between the opponent and the ball (unexpected ball)’

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Michael Oliver acknowdging to the Spurs player that he got in the way there as Chelsea attacked the left hand channel

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The second half has started!

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Well its not been the fierce London derby that some might have expected but there’s been some tough tackling with three Spurs cautions. Michael Oliver has coped well so far, his involvement level has been good and he’s worked well with his two Assistants. The cautions have been spot on. The only observation I make so far is that he doesn’t always look comfortable when Spurs attacked the Chelsea half through the left hand channel, he got close to play early in the game and he doesn’t leave himself much time to view action on the ball if play suddenly breaks from the Spurs attacking left hand channel into the Spurs half. He didn’t have much time to spin round to see Harry Kane  impede the Chelsea player for the caution, I thought for a moment he might miss the challenge. Both Assistants have offered good support, Stuart Burt is at the tipoff his game at the moment, his judgement both in terms of balls forward and players in offside positions but not actively involved in play has been superb!. Gary Beswick is doing well also, although I felt his early detection of an offence by Azpilicueta  was a bit harsh. But all in all a good first half

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Half Time


RH at 2015-11-29 13:48:23

Stuart Burt spot on again as Ivanovic is offside from the wide left free kick into the Spurs penalty area

RH at 2015-11-29 13:47:10

Yellow CardWalker rightly cautioned for a late and Reckless tackle on Azpilicueta


RH at 2015-11-29 13:45:55

A minimum of 2 minutes added time!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:45:24

Spurs going for the slower build up with cross field passing at the moment, this is always easier for the Referee with regard to his positioning and anticipation of play

RH at 2015-11-29 13:43:13

Hazard standing in an offside position in that earlier Chelsea attack causing confusion in the Spurs defence, the Assistants will need to show good judgement in these situations, so far so good!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:40:47

Yellow CardKane receives a caution for commiting a foul for the tactical purpose of breaking up a promising attack

RH at 2015-11-29 13:37:16

The tightest of calls as Stuart Burt flags Hazard offside, much to the delight of the home crowd!

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RH at 2015-11-29 13:33:09

Stuart Burt supporting the Referee well as Danny Rose is Reckless on Hazard despite the Spurs man trying to pull out of the challenge, Rose earns a Yellow Cardfor his efforts!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:30:47

Good Refereeing there to nip in the bud that pushing/holding by Dembele on Pedro, those can lead to arms being flung if its not stopped!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:29:07

Michael Oliver going wide left in that last Chelsea attack before dealing comfortably with the Spurs counter attack to be ideally placed to see Bergovic save at his own post

RH at 2015-11-29 13:26:38

Assistant Stuart Burt showing his quality in making sound judgements where Chelsea players are in potential Offside positions but not actively involved in the build up of play

RH at 2015-11-29 13:24:09

Stuart Burt on the ball there as Hazard evaded Spurs offside trap in that last spell of Chelsea attacking play, the home fans didn’t like it!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:21:07

The game opening up as Chelsea press forward, both Assistants are currently getting an even split of the action, which is good for their concentration

RH at 2015-11-29 13:19:53

As Demeble is being treated worth noting that Pedro look’s the danger man for Chelsea at the moment!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:16:26

TV are making the point that the wind held the ball up there in the Spurs defensive third, always something the Officials need to be fully aware of and how it might affect the players actions!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:14:14

In some ways it was probably just as well nothing came of it as I thought Azpilicueta was harshly done by

RH at 2015-11-29 13:12:50

Gary Beswick signalling the first free kick of the game on 12 minutes!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:11:09

A well timed run from Pedro, it was a close offside call but it looked spot on!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:07:58

Michael Oliver just getting too close to the play in midfield there , he’ll need to avoid that

RH at 2015-11-29 13:07:20

Michael Oliver just greeting too close to the play in midfield there , he’ll need to avoid that

RH at 2015-11-29 13:04:19

Tottenham already getting the ball forward to pressure the Chelsea back four, the Referee will need seek good angles in the final third as the home team seek to get in behind the visitors defence!

RH at 2015-11-29 13:00:42

Michael Oliver – all you need to know Matches in 2015/16: 9 (6 on TV) Fourth official appointments in 2015/16: 3 Football League appointments in 2015/16: 0 Last refereed Tottenham Hotspur: 20 September 2015 Last refereed Chelsea: 8 August 2015 Honours: 4th official – 2013 League Cup Final, 2014 Community Shield, Assistant 2014 UEFA Super Cup, 2015 FA Trophy Final, 2015 U17 World Cup Final

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Our match Referee Michael Oliver gets us underway!

RH at 2015-11-29 12:56:31

Today’s Match Referee is Michael Oliver. His Assistant Referees are Stuart Burt and Gary Beswick, The Fourth Official is Andre Marriner

RH at 2015-11-29 12:50:17

Its derby day again at White Hart Lane, this time the boys from Stamford Bridge come in search of much needed points, this promises to be a fascinating contest, its Spurs verses Chelsea!