Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal


GB at 2018-02-10 15:39:58

Thanks for all the Tweets today gang – helps keep me on my toes!

Hope you will all be back again soon.

Full Time Summary

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There was so much to praise about that performance from Anthony Taylor which was just what he needed after some uncharacteristic unforced errors last week.

He was consistent with his recognition of fair and unfair play for the whole 90 minutes and earned the respect from the players because of that. Even when he was “not giving” fouls, he was close enough to sell his decisions and not get duped by the players.

His concentration and fitness level were both superb in that game.

Throw in a couple of excellent advantages, including one in the centre circle which was iced off with a caution for Shkodran Mustafi (A 20) for his unsporting behaviour, and this showed how on top of his form this referee was today.

Just one more yellow card for a nailed on reckless challenge by Erik Lamela (TH 11), but apart from that I doubt some spectators even noticed who the referee was because he just drifted in and out and kept the game going as much as possible.

Bot ARs played their part in an excellent team performance as they supported the referee on the same wave length for foul challenges and picked out some really tight offside calls.

The PGMOL will no doubt be pleased that the weekend has got off to a fantastic start with the refereeing performance we have just seen.

More RefCam to come

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My final summary will follow very shortly.

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Full Time

Tottenham Hotspur 1 v 0 Arsenal

And Spurs go marching on!


GB at 2018-02-10 15:21:59

Big call and a clear foul by Spurs on edge of penalty area Yellow Card for dissent for Eric Dier (TH 15) Taylor well placed again not to duck the big decision at the end.


GB at 2018-02-10 15:19:24

Even right at the end it was good to see Taylor pressing into the penalty area proving his fitness again at the Arsenal attacking move.


GB at 2018-02-10 15:16:40

minimum of 4 added minutes to be played

GB at 2018-02-10 15:14:37

Many thanks to Steve for his Tweet:

Yellow earlier on halfway for Ars big advantage resulted in corner ?

I must have been typing about what a great advantage that was so I missed the first yellow – great to know you are covering my back!


GB at 2018-02-10 15:12:47

I am getting nervous for the officials now as we enter the last 5 minutes. This game should not be decided on a controversial decision!


GB at 2018-02-10 15:10:50

I have to mention again how consistent Taylor has been in this game not to give the soft free kicks as Kane got caught again but the play was for the ball not the player and the contact was unavoidable.


GB at 2018-02-10 15:08:51

Adam Nunn gets his first important offside call and signals nice and calmly for that very tight one.


GB at 2018-02-10 15:07:06


First yellow card Yellow Card of the game as Erik Lamela (TH 11) flies in with a reckless challenge. Anthony Taylor was spot on in not trying to “manage” that first act of unsporting behaviour at this stage of the game. Showing his experience again and referees further down the food chain could learn from that. If it is a yellow it is a yellow, regardless of the state of the game and what has gone on before.


GB at 2018-02-10 15:02:16

The trailing eye picked out that minor contact by the Arsenal player then and Taylor thought twice before taking the safe option to stop play. We can expect to see a lot of safe calls in the last 15 minutes as the officials ensure this game does not get away from them right at the death.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:59:20

#THFC #AFC #TOTARS Another excellent advantage and a good “early” signal that time. Taylor really is having a great game so far.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:57:05

Good pro-active refereeing again by Taylor as he just whispers into Son’s ear to hurry up on his way off as he is substituted. Good alertness and awareness of the situation.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:53:26

Good discipline shown by Kane then to keep his frustration to himself after he was penalised for pushing an opponent after he felt he had been fouled first. Once again, Taylor was close enough to sell his decisions.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:50:45

Great little cameo then of the referee on his toes and moving just a metre or a half a metre to be in the right place as the corner came across. Position near the far post is consistent with a right footed player taking the corner.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:48:38

Another careless challenge and still nothing close to a yellow card with over an hours play gone. It will be important for Taylor to recognise it when is come though.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:45:27

Great to see the AR Beswick having a smile with the Spurs player then after giving a free kick for that foul right under his nose. Good body language in a game like this which has been played in a good spirit.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:43:16

Anthony Taylor is on fire with the way he brought to play back for the free kick after playing advantage on the edge of the Arsenal Penalty Area. I just wish these top referees would signal advantage earlier before they stop the game to tell everyone what they are “doing” not wait and show everyone what they have “done”


GB at 2018-02-10 14:40:23

That goal has clearly raised the temperature of the game so the officials will be conscious that they need to be prepared for the unexpected now.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:38:02

GOAL! that man Harry Kane (TH 10)

Tottenham 1 v 0 Arsenal

I do not think Kane committed a foul then as he jumped cleanly and may have just caught the player on the shoulders on his way down. That would never have been given as a foul in the centre circle.



GB at 2018-02-10 14:35:06

There is a clear pattern in this game where the referee gives free kicks for offences right in front of the Technical Areas – that is his experience showing …..


GB at 2018-02-10 14:33:31

Taylor starts first half like he finished the first and is not going to stop the game unless he really has to as the Arsenal goes down following a fair challenge that time.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:31:37

Off we go again then – I wonder if we are in for some fireworks now?

Half-Time Summary

GB at 2018-02-10 14:24:47


That was a really great first half for Anthony Taylor! It may have looked easy, but that is the whole point, he cruised through that first 45 minutes with the minimum of interventions. It was defined for me by what he did not give as much as for the decisions he made to stop the game. Just 9 free kicks (6 by Spurs, 3 by Arsenal (including a hand ball)) so far reflects that the players just wanted to get on with it as well, so the main official has just let them play as much as he could.

All that good work will be wasted though if the officials don’t come out and hit the ground running again in the second half.

Taylor is experienced enough to be ready for a completely different game in the second 45 so he will be reminding his team not to relax when we kick off again.

GB at 2018-02-10 14:18:30

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It would be safe to say that this has been a busy week for referee debate following the big game last weekend. You can read my take on the controversial should it or shouldn’t it have been offside at Anfield here: The Assistant Referee View

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Half Time

right on the button of 45 minutes

Tottenham 0 v 0 Arsenal


GB at 2018-02-10 14:15:04

This is really good tempo management being displayed in the closing stages of the first half as the referee closes the game out and preserves “what he has got” in respect to complete control of the game so far.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:13:32

And there we have a brilliant example of the Referee looking after himself by giving the expected free kick for a high foot right in front to the Technical Areas. Just give it and move on in that area – no need to try to be too clever.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:10:09

Shkodran Mustafi (A 20) deliberately handles to ball and gets penalised. Don’t know what the Spurs players are asking the referee. Not every deliberate hand ball required a yellow card.


GB at 2018-02-10 14:07:42

The discipline from both teams has been excellent so far which allows the officials to just sit back and let them get on with it at the moment


GB at 2018-02-10 14:05:06

#THFC #AFC #TOTARS Anthony Taylor has been very consistent in not giving free kicks as Spurs players go to ground right in front of him. He has made it clear that he is doing his best not to be duped into giving any soft free kicks if he can help it.


GB at 2018-02-10 13:57:31

The speed at which this referee can turn and change pace really makes him stand out from most of his peers. The modern game definitely needs athletes who can referee!


GB at 2018-02-10 13:55:30

First foul committed by Arsenal on 24 minutes and a nice easy one for the officials as Kane gets challenged from behind – careless.


GB at 2018-02-10 13:54:11

Not very often we see a ball replaced at this level because it gets a split in it. It is important at any level that anything which makes the ball potentially dangerous leads to it being replaced immediately.


GB at 2018-02-10 13:51:27

#THFC #AFC #TOTARS Another good “no offence” call by the referee. Good to see Taylor prepared to let the players challenge with stopping the game unnecessarily just for the sake of his control. He has got this one where he wants it at the moment as the players are generally showing respect to each other and the officials.


GB at 2018-02-10 13:47:18

Taylor well placed again to sell his “no foul” decision as the Spurs player backs into his opponent and falls into him


GB at 2018-02-10 13:45:22

Good call by Gary Beswick who gets his first important call correct. I wish the commentators would stop making so much about it being close. The player is either offside or not!


GB at 2018-02-10 13:43:09

#THFC #AFC #TOTARS Ten minutes gone and Taylor’s superb fitness has already been demonstrated.

The second foul of the game and once again Referee Taylor is boxing clever – a little nudge right in front of the Technical Areas is a gimme to show everyone he is on top of this game.


GB at 2018-02-10 13:39:19

So there is the first foul. Careless contact but the expectation was for play to be stopped. Good alertness by Taylor – you don’t want to let that go by and take a risk early in the game.


GB at 2018-02-10 13:37:27

It is even more important in big games like this that the ARs run the line in the same manner as the referee is controlling the game. That can mean an AR changing his tolerance level from game to game but they need to mirror how the referee is approaching things


GB at 2018-02-10 13:35:00

that looked like a good push in the back by the Spurs player right under the AR’s nose


GB at 2018-02-10 13:32:41

The first foul will be very important in this game to show everyone where the referee’s tolerance level will be today

kick off

GB at 2018-02-10 13:30:12

Tottenham Hotspur won the toss so it will be Arsenal to kick off.

Good luck to all! And may the ball run kindly for you.

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GB at 2018-02-10 13:26:51

Not long to go now as the players and officials prepare to leave the tunnel


GB at 2018-02-10 13:25:19

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GB at 2018-02-10 13:18:52


Today’s officials are:

Referee: Anthony Taylor

AR1: Gary Beswick (Technical Area)

AR2: Adam Nunn

4th Official: Neil Swarbrick

A Trio of FIFA Officials is nothing less than you would expect for the blue-ribbon event of the weekend and all eyes will be on these three to deliver a performance without controversy. That is not normally a problem for Anthony Taylor, no matter how big the game is, but he will need to make sure he has his thinking head on from the start in this one, as opposed to last weekend. Whilst he was eligible for the benefit of the doubt for a red card offence which could only have really been identified from the outside looking in, his failure to pick up and accept an offside signal later in the game was most out of character, and looked very messy for this level of officiating.

Knowing Anthony, he will have parked those two issues deep inside the ancient history box and will be fired up to hit the ground running today with a clear game plan to assert his authority quickly if required, whilst always hoping he can sit back and let the players entertain another sell-out crowd without even noticing who the referee is today.

Here are the starting line-ups for this game:

GB at 2018-02-10 13:16:53

Tottenham Hotspur

1       Hugo Lloris (TH 1)

2       Kieran Trippier (TH 2)

5       Jan Vertonghen (TH 5)

6       Davinson Sánchez (TH 6)

7       Heung-Min Son (TH 7)

10     Harry Kane (TH 10)

15     Eric Dier (TH 15)

19     Mousa Dembélé (TH 19)

20     Dele Alli (TH 20)

23     Christian Eriksen (TH 23)

33     Ben Davies (TH 33)


3       Danny Rose (TH 3)

11     Erik Lamela (TH 11)

12     Victor Wanyama (TH 12)

13     Michel Vorm (TH 13)

17     Moussa Sissoko (TH 17)

24     Serge Aurier (TH 24)

27     Lucas Moura (TH 27)


33     Petr Cech (A 33)

6       Laurent Koscielny (A 6)

7       Henrith Mkhitaryan   (A 7)

10     Jack Wilshere (A 10)

11     Mesut Özil (A 11)

14     Pierre-Emerick Abameyang (A 14)

18     Nacho Monreal (A 18)

20     Shkodran Mustafi (A 20)

24     Héctor Bellerín (A 24)

29     Granit Xhaka (A 29)

35     Mohamed Elneny (A 35)


9       Alexandre Lacazette (A 9)

13     David Ospina (A 13)

17     Alex Iwobi (A 17)

21     Calum Chambers (A 21)

23     Danny Welbeck (A 23)

30     Ainsley Maitland-Niles (A 30)

31     Sead Kolasinac (A 31)


GB at 2018-02-10 13:13:13


This 195th North London Derby is set up as a true “6 pointer” as Arsenal struggle to keep pace with the other top 5 teams this season in their desperate effort not to make it two years in a row to dip out of a Champions League slot.

Tottenham on the other hand still need to prove that they can compete against the top sides despite their desperate last minute point at Anfield last weekend, and their convincing drubbing of Manchester United a few weeks ago.

Harry Kane will be hoping to add to the six goals he has scored against Arsenal in Premier League matches after failing to keep his record up the first time the teams met this term. That fixture ended in a 2 – Nil victory for the Home team which gives the Gunners a chance to win home and away in the EPL against Spurs in the same season for the 4th time in the past 25 years.


GB at 2018-02-10 13:11:06


Welcome to this lunchtime RefCam coverage of the EPL game between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. Minute by minute commentary from the referee’s perspective is about to follow.

Feel free to interact with me at any time during the game by joining in on Twitter @youaretheref or e-mail at