Sunderland v Newcastle United


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I commented in my half time piece that Mike Dean’s tempo management was strong,well he didn’t let up in the second half, in fact he got better as he raised and judged his involvement level as the game required, in fact this was no mean feat given the high overall tempo and pace this game was played at. He was strong when he needed to be, he offered much presence throughout and skillfully, very skillfully allowed a higher level of player contact at times in the game when the tempo was lower, in short this performance was a masterclass in tempo management! The other point worth mentioning was the Referees creation of viewing angles particularly in the final third, hence a healthy degree of decision making accuracy . Team work and support from Stuart Burt and Simon Long was good, just the one first half moment when a goal kick not corner was awarded on Stuart Burt’s side. The only thing that might surprise Mike Dean was the early first elf challenge by Perez which was a justifiable claim for a penalty. But make no mistake this was a big game performance from a  ‘Big game Referee!’

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Join us tonight at 10.00 for our coverage of the Major League Soccer (MLS) game between San Jose Earthquake and Real Salt Lake. The Major Soccer League has got off to a great start with heathy crowds at all games building on the World Cup success of the USA National team! Then it’s back to Premier League action tomorrow night at 8.00 to round off Refcam’s Easter coverage with the Crystal Palace v Manchester City game!

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Summary to follow

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Full Time


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Well if some games get settled by wonderful goals then this game is case in point!

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Its like a cup final as we move into the closing moments!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:50:26

A midfield foul on Perez uses up more time!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:49:29

Perez unwisely pushes Johnson to use up vital moments for Sunderland

RH at 2015-04-05 17:48:20

Cattermole and Perez go to ground, correctly no penalty given!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:46:46

5 minutes added time!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:46:16

Concentration is key now, how many times has it all been lost in the closing minutes? Mike Dean and his team have worked hard, but need to see it home!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:43:39

Well we’ve been going 86 minutes and for the first time today the sun is not in Assistant Simon Longs eyes!

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A corner is warded to Sunderland, the Referee is is only yards away, another feature of the Referees performance has been the excellent viewing angles he has created in the final third of the field of play, quality!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:38:18

Yellow CardLarsson’s tired legs cost him a caution for a pull back on Cabella


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Keith Hacketts excellent bog last Wednesday spoke of Presence in Refereeing, just read his comments below, isn’t it so appropriate  in relation to Mike Dean’s performance today?

s I am often asked what makes the difference between a good and an exceptional referee.

I answer PRESENCE.

PRESENCE is the projection of a referee’s positive personality using non-verbal communication.

Referees need to project:-

Confidence / self assurance


Sense of ease (emotional control)


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Yellow CardWicham reckless on Gutierrez , no issue with that!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:32:31

We’re into the final 15 minutes, keep this going Mike, you’re having a superb game!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:31:41

Larsson so close from the resulting free kick!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:30:59

Great decision by Mike Dean only yards away to spot a holding offence by Sissoko

RH at 2015-04-05 17:29:30

He’s on the ball again to signal that that ball swung out of play at the taking of the corner kick!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:28:44

Corner to Newcastle, well covered by Stuart Burt

RH at 2015-04-05 17:27:35

Sunderland now have width particularly through Van Anholt down the left  and they are using it on the counter attack, this has changed the game for the Referee who is now having to go narrow to cover the counter attacks, tactics change games for Referee!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:25:24

Mike Dean on hand to nail that careless challenge by Ameobi on Larsson

RH at 2015-04-05 17:24:20

In this atmosphere at this pace and tempo  a Referee of less ability would have struggled with this game!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:23:16

Yellow CardVan Aanholt late and reckless on Ryan Taylor, who reacted badly, great management of the incident to calm Taylor down and settle for the one caution

RH at 2015-04-05 17:21:15

Make no mistake this game has been played at a high tempo and pace for the most part, on a warm day with wall to wall noise this game is both physically and mentally sapping for the Referee and his two Assistants!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:19:30

Yellow CardColback cautioned for leaving his leg in on Gomez, talk about superb tempo Refereeing, two cations in a minute!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:18:13

Great viewing angle! Yellow CardGomez cautioned for a reckless challenge on Jamaat

RH at 2015-04-05 17:17:01

Sunderland now getting width through the full backs particularly Van Aanholt, this spreading play and negating the need for that midfield congestion!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:14:04

Again we have a spell in the game where Mike Dean can keep his powder dry, however i fully expect a Referee of his ability to raise his game at any point where the tempo and passions rise!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:10:49

Returning to my point about technical considerations the game has been end to end and together with the 4-3-3 formations it hasn’t been easy to judge positioning today

RH at 2015-04-05 17:09:13

Good offside call against Gomez by Simon Long, looking to the far shaded side from the sunlight

RH at 2015-04-05 17:07:44

Pleased to see Mike Dean looking over his shoulder as Costel Pantilimon was releasing the ball, an unseen offence with Newcastle winning the ball would have caused a melt down!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:05:42

In this type of game control,tempo management, allowable contact take centre sage over other Refereeing considerations such as finer technical points

RH at 2015-04-05 17:03:25

Well the sun is retreating from the far side of the field of play, but its still in Simon Long’s eyes!

RH at 2015-04-05 17:01:42

The second half has started!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:56:08

What an explosive end to the first half! for the right reasons! the volume must be earthshaking in the Stadium of Light! Not a bad first half either for the match officials, Mike Dean’s tempo management has been the highlight of his performance. Three cautions all for different types of challenge, the first for a ‘heel clipping’ offence, the second a shirt pull then two minutes later a good old fashioned Reckless tackle. Credit also to the Referee for having the confidence to raise the threshold on acceptable player contact, this has kept the free kick count down but not at the expense of control. Result, well the Referees profile in the first half has been lower than it might be, no mean feat in a game where so much is at stake! Just the one other talking point being Vergini’s penalty area challenge on  Perez his non contact leg certainly scooped up his opponent, he could have had no complaints if the Referee had pointed to the spot, that having been said it wasn’t an easy call.

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Half Time

RH at 2015-04-05 16:46:16

GOAL!Defoe magic breaks the deadlock,what a volley what a goal!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:44:01

A harsh free kick warded to Sunderland for a challenge on Billy Jones  in front of Stuart Burt fortunately nothing came of it

RH at 2015-04-05 16:42:46

What a superb example of tempo Refereeing as Mike Dean raises his game in a three minute spell to issue two cautions, good Refereeing again!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:41:10

Yellow CardRyan Taylor didn’t time that tackle so well and earns a caution for that challenge on Larrson

RH at 2015-04-05 16:39:34

Yellow CardVergini rightly cautioned for a blatant shirt pull on Perez

RH at 2015-04-05 16:38:02

I said before the game that Mike Dean is a ‘big game Referee’ this is proved by the confidence he has in allowing player contact when others would have halted play, this underlines his presence and confidence, great Refereeing!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:36:11

Getting back to my earlier comments about play being concentrated in the rectangle between penalty area’s, this may be due in no small part to both teams playing a 4-3-3 formation

RH at 2015-04-05 16:33:48

Colback right penalised for a push on Wickham

RH at 2015-04-05 16:33:19

Well we’ve played half an hour, one caution and good match control, although the tempo is still high the Referee is judging his involvement level well

RH at 2015-04-05 16:31:57

The Referee was well placed to judge correctly that Janmaat got the ball before contact was made with Defoe

RH at 2015-04-05 16:30:43

Ryan Taylor with a well timed if not full on challenge on Vergini

RH at 2015-04-05 16:29:47

Stuart Burt explaining why he signaled an offside offence as the offside player came back into the game to play the ball

RH at 2015-04-05 16:26:10

Although the game is being played at a high tempo, its not over physical, so as long as the game is being played this way its steady as she goes for the Referee, mind you it won’t stay this way!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:24:36

Sunderland are moving the ball around quickly and its proving useful as they win another corner!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:22:54

Goal kick awarded to Newcastle when it should have been a corner, Stuart Burt will be disappointed with that

RH at 2015-04-05 16:21:31

Another corner as Fletcher piles on the pressure!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:20:17

Well its noisy warm and passionate but so far its all under the control of the Referee!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:19:15

Yellow Cardfirst cation fo rYoan Gouffran  as Mike dean feels that he deliberately clips the heels of Connor Wickham

RH at 2015-04-05 16:14:22

Well it looks like a warm day in the North East with Assistant Simon Long having the additional challenge of the sun in his eyes!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:12:43

Sammy Ameobi concedes a free kick in the final third with a careless challenge

RH at 2015-04-05 16:11:08

Sunderland certainly getting the better of things at the moment as they take the game to Newcastle

RH at 2015-04-05 16:09:11

Corner number 3

RH at 2015-04-05 16:08:29

Corner again to Sunderland!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:08:01

Replays of that penalty incident certainly show that Vergini was pushing his luck!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:06:41

Mike Dean right on hand as a Newcastle forward goes to ground, no penalty!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:04:37

Stuart Burt making his mark with an early ball over the goal line/goal kick call

RH at 2015-04-05 16:03:04

A bit of contact there but the Referee rightly choosing to allow play to continue

RH at 2015-04-05 16:01:32

First corner to Sunderland!

RH at 2015-04-05 16:00:41

Important that the Mike Dean ‘gets his eye in early’ here, good match preparation is so important, we’ve seen many decision making errors early in games with poor recognition of offences

RH at 2015-04-05 16:00:13

Our match Referee Mike Dean gets us underway!

RH at 2015-04-05 15:55:14

Mike Dean has been one of the few rays of sunshine in what has been a difficult season of Premier League Refereeing, along with Mark Clattenburg and Michael Oliver he has shown a greater level of consistency week in week out. Mike is also a ‘Big Game Referee’ and with Clattenburg and Oliver hailing from the North-East then Mike Dean is the obvious choice to Referee this pulsating fixture! This is his 23rd Premier League match of the season he has shown 94 Yellow cards and 5 Red. Oh and one more thing! I’ve heard Mike Dean being referred to as arrogant, I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with Mike Dean on Premier League games and I was in the Select list group of Referee’s at the same time as Mike in his early days, so I can say with sincerity that he is a decent, genuine man who cares passionately about Refereeing!

RH at 2015-04-05 15:50:03

Our Match Referee today is Mike Dean, his Assistant Referees are Stuart Burt and Simon Long, The Fourth Official is Craig Pawson.

RH at 2015-04-05 15:45:01

Welcome to our coverage of this classic North-East fixture which has produced memorable games in the past since the first Wear-Tyne derby in 1898, will Sunderland inflict a fifth defeat in a row on the Magpies? Honors are pretty even over the years, in all competitions, home and away, the Magpies have 53 wins under their belt, compared to Sunderland’s 48, with 50 games being drawn. If it’s a wall of noise fueled with raw passion that you’re looking for, then sit tight because this is game to suit you!