Southend United v Peterborough United



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Many thanks for your interactive comments this afternoon and apologies again for the loss of coverage during the first half.

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RefCam has many more games lined up for September including tomorrow when we see Burton v Coventry with a 2.30pm kick off. Peter Banks will be refereeing and he is also in the development group.

Back to Premiership action next weekend when we see Everton v Chelsea with a 12.45pm ko and to conclude the day we see Manchester United v Liverpool with a 5.30pm ko.

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Match Summary –

Overall this match has been controlled and it is fair to say that the referee has managed the players in a positive way throughout.

Brief summary first half –

9th minute no penalty to Southend – a narrow angle adopted by SH to view no penalty given and viewing replays looked correct

12th minute clear shove by 12 P. on 9 S. no free kick awarded just outside of P. defending penalty area – SH was a long way from play unable to judge and his AR close to the incident did not advise either. Replays confirm that this was a clear foul by Santos and a resulting free kick should have been awarded to S.

15th non offside flag from JO`B correct against S. although replays support a handball from a S. player difficult for the referee to see from his view behind play.

24 KMI – Barrett of S. has clearly held down Santos of P. from a ck to P. My view here is that SH did not have the best view angle to detect this and this is my main area of development for SH to work at obtaining the optimum viewing angle coupled with acceleration and sprint work to enable him to keep up with play to be in the best position to judge the key match incidents.

In the 2nd half we saw correct yellow cards shown and SH was consistent in this area only to miss Timlin`s reckless challenge in the 71t minute when no yellow card was shown. This was a mandatory yellow card and I was surprised that one was not shown.

Mobility,movement and acceleration are areas for SH to work at as this will help in him creating viewing angles to judge incidents as I have mentioned in my BLOG.

Both ARs gave good solid support and with regards to offside there were a number of good non offside flags when players were level and no offside flag therefore correctly not raised.




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SH blows his whistle for full time as the ball is played into the Southend defending penalty area, fortunately the ball is blocked by players and does become a goal bound effort. Always best to ensure safety before you blow your whistle for half/full time


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FK to P. defensive retaken as SH ensures correct restart


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As Peterborough make a quick break, the ball goes over the bar as they search an equaliser. Advantage to P. on the half way line. SH remains there  (with players in case of retribution) as play breaks away leaving him stranded for any key decision to be made


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Goal for PETERBOROUGH – 2-1 –  Southend make another sub 9 off 24 on


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Advantage to Peterborough which allows a good clear attack to develop, good signal seen from SH


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Southend sub 7 off and 17 on a change in formation of play will now be seen as Southend look to hold onto their lead


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Free kick to Southend which the referee awards from some distance and then turns his back on the all players behind him on the half way line. It is always best to remain focussed and have the players in view


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Offside Southend from AY

17 off and 9 on defender off and striker on, this will change the pattern of play for Peterborough and the referee will need to be aware


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In my full time match summary I will cover briefly the first half which was missed due to technical problems


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What were your thoughts on Timlin`s challenge?


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8 of Southend commits a reckless tackle and no yellow card is shown? instead SH speaks to 8 of Southend and the Peterborough player who must have certainly felt aggrieved at the challenge, I am sure the 4th Official would of had a good view as it was right in front of him, he could of offered the referee advice if he was unsure.


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Ball just goes out of play and JO`B is there to judge

8 Peterborough yellow card correct as he breaks up a positive attacking move from Southend.

Free kick to Southend,  and we have a goal 2-0 to Southend and I cannot see the use of the spray?


AM at 2015-09-05 13:30:37

Corner kick to Peterborough at these corner kicks just have a look at SH`s body language I would just like to see him look a bit more dynamic and show more movement coupled with the player movements and patterns of marking, you have to be on the move and cannot remain static in your positioning


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18 Southend yellow card – simulation correct and a good judgement from SH

19 off 28 on for Peterborough sub


AM at 2015-09-05 13:25:09

A good non offside flag from JO`B as Peterborough player level and therefore onside


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Simon Hooper today`s referee was born in Wiltshire and so far this season has refereed 6 games to date. One Premier League game to date with Simon`s first appointment of the season being Norwich 1 v Crystal Palace 3 with the major key incident in this game being to disallow a perfectly good goal for Norwich which has been the subject of much debate. One yellow card was shown in this game. Since this game Simon has refereed 5 Football League Games showing a total of 10 yellow and no red cards to date.


Southend United v Peterborough United and according to Phil Brown Southend`s Manager “we are close to our first victory this season” The Shrimpers currently are 20th in Division 1 with 3 points from 5 matches so far. Southend have lost all 3 matches that they have played at Roots Hall this season in all competitions and have fialed to score a goal can all this change today?


As for Peterborough Manager Dave Robertson after a spell as Caretaker Manager took full time charge in the summer and they lost on Tuesday Night in the Johnstone`s Paint Trophy 1-0 @ Millwall. The loss means that The Posh have only won 3 of their last 16 games. 4 points from their opening 5 games so far this season.

A lot at stake therefore for both sides so early in the season and points becoming crucial for different reasons. As one Premier League Manager recently said “It is not about how you start or how you do in the middle of the season, it is all about how you end the season” ! try telling that to today`s managers, spectators and players.


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A quick breakaway to Southend does see SH working hard to get into the best viewing angle to create the best view for those key match decisions in the penalty area


AM at 2015-09-05 13:19:05

Corner kick to Peterborough followed by another, SH does tend to be very static at these c/ks with little or no movement to adjust his viewing position / angle as players move their position


AM at 2015-09-05 13:16:48

A great effort from Peterborough hits the bar and rebounds to safety. Offside from Alan Young who is assisting on the Technical Area touchline


AM at 2015-09-05 13:15:27

Advantage played by SH in the middle of the field of play tight but it has worked for him


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The Match Officials selected by the PGMOL Management Team for this afternoon`s game are as follows:


Referee: Simon Hooper (SH)

AR1: John O`Brien (JO`B)

AR2: Alan Young (AY)

4th Official: Tim Robinson (TS)


AM at 2015-09-05 13:13:24

The main talking point from the 1st half was the non award of a penalty kick to Peterborough in the 24th minute following a corner kick to Peterborough.

Barrett of Southend has clearly held down and grabbed the shirt of Santos of Peterborough. No penalty kick was awarded and I felt that the static position of the referee and poor positioning / viewing angle did not detect this foul and therefore penalty award.


AM at 2015-09-05 13:09:39

Welcome to the 2nd half of this game and apologies for technical problems for missing the 1st half of LIVE REF CAM coverage.