Southampton v Man Utd – EFL Cup Final


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Has the @fa lost control of the respect programme?  Where are @RefsAssociation and why have they not come out to condemn recent physical assaults on officials. There is plenty to discuss following this week’s action so don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow’s @youaretheref ref show.


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Full-Time Summary  

This was a pulsating encounter in which Southampton can count themselves very unfortunate.  The incorrect offside decision by AR Stuart Burt was a very poor decision and an official of his experience should not have raised the flag so quickly.  His appointment was questioned before the match as he has a reputation for ducking the big decisions.  On this occasion he got it horribly wrong and it is impossible to defend the error.

Referee Andre Marriner used his vast experience to get through the game and his excellent man-management skills and calm demeanour are positive attributes he used positively, especially in the first half and early stages of the second half, when the tempo of the game was high.  Although I have indicated a couple of decisions in which I disagreed with the referee, overall he got the main decision right and his caution of Stevens in the 39th minute could have gone horribly wrong.  Credit to the referee, he got this correct.  The referee’s movement was exposed during fast breaks and he does lack a dynamic sprint but fortunately today this did not have a major impact on his decision-making.

The referee was well supported by AR West and 4th official Friend who performed their duties efficiently and effectively.  However, the main talking point will be Stuart Burt and his decision to incorrectly disallow Southampton a goal in the 11th minute.  An error of this magnitude at this level is difficult to explain, especially as all of the training officials receive reinforces the ‘wait and see technique’.  The player was not close to being offside and the player who was offside had absolutely no impact on play or on the opponents, a delayed flag would have resulted in a goal and to be frank the players and supporters deserve better, especially from an official who is receiving the final for a second time and who is on the FIFA International panel.  The referee will feel let down by a very experienced member of his team, a lack of concentration has led to a major talking point and error being highlighted.

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Full time summary to follow.

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Half Time



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Referee correctly awards a free kick for a foul on MU9. The Southampton players are frustrated and S2 is lucky not to be cautioned for unsporting behaviour.


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A minimum of 4 minutes added time to be played.


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MU sub 11 off, 27 on

Southampton sub 8 off, 9 on

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Referees have to be tactically aware throughout the match. The third Man Utd goal means that Southampton will be pressing hard for an equaliser in the final minutes.


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As the ball crosses the Man Utd penalty area, the Southampton manager appeals for a penalty. The referee correctly ignores his protests.

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#EFLCupFinal during these closing stages of the game, it is vital that the match officials are focussed both physically and mentally


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Southampton sub 20 off, 7 on.


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MU21 is correctly penalised for a foul on an opponent. He reacts by remonstrating with his arms. The player must be careful as he has already been cautioned and the referee should have a quite word at the next available opportunity with the player.


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As the teams counter from defence to attack, the referee’s movement is laboured and it is during these passages that it is really noticeable how far behind play the referee is. Although he has not missed anything yet, this lack of a dynamic sprint could lead to incorrect decision making if he is not careful.


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Southampton sub 11 off, 19 on.


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MU sub 14 off 19 on.


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Correct free kick for another foul on MU6 Pogba. Not quite sure why the referee hesitated before giving the award as it was a blatant foul. Andre Marriner needs to be decisive and confident in his decision making during these final stages of the game.


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Free kick correctly indicated by AR Burt for a foul on MU6 Pogba.


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Concentration and awareness are important factors particularly at critical stages in the game. The referee needs to maintain a trailing eye on players when the ball has gone, so that he does not miss any of the offences. MU25 Valencia was fouled as he played the ball and the referee missed it.


DM at 2017-02-26 18:49:27

MU21 goes to ground holding his face after a clash with S14. The referee is in an excellent position to award the foul and not be fooled by the theatrics of the Man Utd player.


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Goals change games and as Southampton have equalised, neither team is pressing aggressively for a goal. The game is now being played at a slightly slower pace and the intensity has slightly dropped. This now suits the referee who is lacking a dynamic sprint.


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Yellow CardS22 cautioned for a reckless challenge.


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Although the purist may argue Lingard’s challenge was worthy of a caution, it was, in my opinion a good piece of refereeing as the incident occurred on the halfway line and a promising attack was not stopped. One thing is for sure, nobody can be in any doubt that Lingard is on his final warning.


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Very good advantage by the referee, as S22 Redmond was fouled on the halfway line. Good to see Andre Marriner go back and speak to Lingard to issue a final warning. I support Andre Marriner in taking this course of action.


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Andre Marriner gets the second half underway.

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Has the @fa lost control of the respect programme?  Where are @RefsAssociation and why have they not come out to condemn recent physical There is plenty to discuss following this week’s action so don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow’s @youaretheref ref show


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Well decisions can change games and unfortunately for the match officials and for Southampton Assistant Stuart Burt incorrectly judged the first major decision of the game.  Bertrand was in an offside position but did not have an impact on his opponents, Gabbiadini who was onside scored and Burt was too quick with his flag and incorrectly indicated offside.  This was a major error and it seemed to knock the stuffing out of Southampton.  Andre Marriner is a good manager of players and his decision making was generally sound.  The caution for Herrera was incorrect and came as a surprise as the challenge was careless.  However, great credit must be given to the referee for his judgement of the challenge by Stevens which appeared at first glance far worse than it was.  The player lunged from distance and Andre Marriner correctly awarded a yellow card and not a red one.  However, a good learning point for referees is that whenever a lose ball occurs and two players are moving towards it from opposite direction, warning bells should ring.  A quick award of a free-kick for the foul by Lingard would have prevented Stevens from making the challenge.  The movement of the referee is very central and at times he is a little detached from play.  Southampton’s late first-half goal has kept them in contention and will make the second half a challenge for the officials.  They must maintain a high work rate and concentrate throughout so that no more major errors are made.


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Half Time


45 +1

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The challenge by Stevens was judged by Andre Marriner to be a reckless one. The player lunged at speed from distance and fouled his opponent. At first glance, I believed that the offence was excessive in force, however, replays show that the referee was correct and got the decision spot on. The incident could have been prevented if he had penalised Lingard for his foul prior to the incident. I also believe that the caution for Lingard for unsporting behaviour was correct as the player made no attempt to play the ball and tried to stop a promising attack.


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Yellow CardMU 14 Lingard.



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Yellow CardS24 Stevens.


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MU 9 goes to ground claiming that he was fouled by S3. The referee was right not to award a free kick. When the ball is in the air referees should focus on the players so they can accurately judge aerial challenges.


DM at 2017-02-26 18:02:54

The game is played at a high tempo and at a fast pace. The referee must ensure he maintains an optimum viewing angle and close proximity to play. As the half has progressed Andre Marriner is becoming a little central and distance from play is increasing.


DM at 2017-02-26 17:58:48

Yellow CardMU 21 Herrera cautioned for unsporting behaviour. Andre Marriner has in my opinion got that one wrong. The challenge was from close distance and a genuine attempt to play the ball. It was a careless challenge and not a reckless one, a free kick would have been sufficient punishment.


DM at 2017-02-26 17:55:53

#EFLCupFinal going back to the disallowed goal, as the cross came in to the Man Utd penalty area, S21 Bertrand was in an offside position but was behind the Man Utd goalkeeper and not in any way impacting on any of the defenders.


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Yellow CardS14 Romeu, cautioned correctly for a reckless challenge.



DM at 2017-02-26 17:49:08

The tempo of the game has risen due to Southampton’s disallowed goal. The match officials will need to be alert and aware now to make sure that the game does not get out of control.

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#EFLCupFinal poor decision by Stuart Burt. Gabbiadini was level and onside.



DM at 2017-02-26 17:45:39

Replays show the decision was incorrect, as I thought at the time. The AR Stuart Burt has incorrectly flagged offside by raising his flag too quick and penalising the wrong player.

Officials who are looking to progress should practice the wait and see technique when judging if a player is offside or not.


DM at 2017-02-26 17:43:34

Southampton have a goal disallowed for offside by AR Stuart Burt. At first glance, I think S20 Gabbiadini was level and onside.


DM at 2017-02-26 17:41:39

Referee shows his presence prior to the Southampton corner kick by speaking to the players about holding and grappling.


DM at 2017-02-26 17:39:58

Very good decision by the referee to penalise MU 14 Lingard for a handball offence. That would have been easy to have missed.


DM at 2017-02-26 17:38:22

Solid start from Andre and his team, a couple of free kicks for careless challenges early on. Letting the players know he is there and has seen the offences.

DM at 2017-02-26 17:31:15

Andre Marriner gets the game underway.

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Refereeing a final is always a privilege and it comes with added pressure.  Referees will have a game plan and will always want to go unnoticed in a big game like this, with all of the headlines being about the players.  However, in terms of refereeing, the fact it is a final should not stop officials from doing their job.  If a player has to be dismissed then the referee has to do it.  It is vitally important that all of the official concentrate and focus on their job and the responsibilities they have today.


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Surprisingly, two of today’s officials were at Wembley Stadium only 4 years ago officiating the #EFLCupFinal.  Kevin Friend, today’s fourth official was referee when Swansea beat Bradford in 2013 and Stuart Burt was the Assistant Referee.  I wonder whether the powers that be are setting a precedent so that they can do the same at The FA Cup Final in May.  We obviously congratulate all of the officials on their appointment today but it is a sad reflection on the strength of the ‘Select Group Squad’ that an Assistant Referee is getting the final a second time in four years, when others have not been given the chance.

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Marriner comes in to this match, having officiated 26 matches in total this season, he has shown 102 yellow cards and dismissed 6 players.   3 of these dismissals came in the Europa League match between Panathinaikos and Ajak back in September.  Domestically, Marriner has refereed 23 games, issuing 81 yellow cards and dismissing only 2 players.  He is a referee who likes to manage games but is not afraid of doing his job when he needs to.


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The referee for this afternoon’s showpiece is the Premier League veteran Andre Marriner, who surprisingly has not refereed the final of this competition before.  Marriner has been a National List Referee for 14 years and a Premier League Referee for 13 years.  He has been a FIFA Referee since 2009 and he continues in this role having been given an extension this year, despite being over the normal retirement age of 45.  The Assistants for this match are Richard West and Stuart Burt.  Fourth official is Kevin Friend and Reserve Assistant Referee is Matthew Wilkes.

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Welcome to this afternoon’s ref cam at Wembley Stadium as Manchester United and Southampton battle for the #EFLCupFinal