San Jose Earthquakes v Portland Timbers


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In many respects from a Refereeing point of view the second half mirrored the first period. The Referee kept to his game plan, both in a positional and management perspective. The big talking point was the penalty kick following Francis’s trip on Valeri, which Kevin Stott called correctly from an ideal viewing angle, a positive feature  of the Referee’s game. His two cautions were well judged, but the cautioning technique looked too remote and insipid with the card be shown in the general direction of the player. However the Referee did pace himself well and his experience at this level was much in evidence, a less experienced Referee would have found this a much harder game to control. Not much advantage played instead relying on allowing a little more contact than other Referees to take place, but it worked for him, and as i commented at half time he does tend to get caught up in play in the final third at times, but overall the game went well for Kevin Stott and in that heat he can feel pleased with his display. As for the Assistants  Felisha Mariscal made the call of the game with a non flag during a first half Earthquakes attack, her lining technique looked sharp also. Frank Anderson however looked too relaxed on occasions, although his directional decisions were correct.  But the good news is that the Match Officials won’t be the talking point after this game!

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Full Time

Summary to follow

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Frank Anderson showing good concentration to signal that the ball swerved out play as that last corner was taken!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:57:44

A late corner as Earthquakes apply the pressure!

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Three Minutes added time

RH at 2015-08-02 23:55:36

Yellow CardFor Jordan Stewart as he hands off Timbers Urruti, he can have no complaints with that!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:53:46

Assistant Frank Anderson showing better technique looking more urgent as he flagged the last two throw ins to the Earthquakes!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:51:43

As i noted in the first half the Referee still gets caught up in sustained attacking play in the final third, quicker feet would get him out of trouble!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:49:29

The TV pundits are questioning that Francis could have picked up a second yellow card and seen red for the penalty incident, i think that would have been harsh, i think that challenge was careless and the penalty kick sufficient punishment in itself

RH at 2015-08-02 23:47:27

Nagbe getting tripped there by Stewart, he was attacking at pace and the trip broke up an attacking move for the Timbers, i feel that a caution should have been given

RH at 2015-08-02 23:43:56

Credit to Kevin Stott for a great penalty decision, Francis clearly tripping Valeri inside the penalty area. The Referee again in place for  a perfect viewing angle to make a correct key incident call. well done!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:41:59

Valeri misses from the spot! the ball hits the bar!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:41:01

Penalty as Valeri is tripped in the Penalty area by Shaun Francis, good call!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:38:39

There seems to be a little more bite in midfield as Timbers step up a gear, something for our Referee to be aware of!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:35:55

A less experienced Referee would i am sure have given more free kicks in contact situations today, Kevin Stott has the confidence to allow a little more contact to take place, but it hasn’t affected his control and has enabled him to keep a low profile for long periods in this game, a sign of his experience!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:32:25

Comparing the two Assistants,  Felisha Mariscal looking far more purposeful in her game, Frank Anderson looking a little relaxed in his technique, i much prefer Assistants to be proactive and show purpose

RH at 2015-08-02 23:29:27

Assistant Frank Anderson not signalling for an obvious free kick in favour of Earthquakes Garcia, fortunately Kevin Stott steps in the give the free kick, Garcia showing his displeasure to the Assistant, would have been better if you had flagged the free kick Frank!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:25:01

Amarikwa there giving way a free kick just after two players came together with no free kick awarded, the Referee trying to intervene only when necessary

RH at 2015-08-02 23:23:08

Felisha Mariscal moving well to follow the ball over the goal line and signal the goal kick, good technique!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:21:52

The pattern of play dictating that the Referee doesn’t change his game plan

RH at 2015-08-02 23:15:37

The second half starting with end to end attacking play, just as well the Referee paced himself well in the first half!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:14:32

Timbers hit the post and the move finishes with a corner!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:11:55

The second half has started!

RH at 2015-08-02 23:03:41

An open game where the ball is being moved around well on a hot California day! Sensible then that our Referee Kevin Stott has paced himself and not spent needless energy chasing the ball around.He has adopted a box to box patrol path going wide in the final attacking third to gain good viewing angles. His involvement level has been well judged also, one caution for a reckless challenge but overall his experience is much in evidence. But he hasn’t had it all his own way, he should have played advantage when Timbers Valeri was held back, the players reaction should have earned him a rebuke from the Referee, also he needs to show greater awareness   and not get caught up in play at times as i commented earlier. But overall its going well with no issues being carried over into the second half

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Half Time


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One minute added time

RH at 2015-08-02 22:55:01

Rodney Wallace going to ground in the attacking final third but rightly not wining a free kick, good call!

RH at 2015-08-02 22:52:37

Perhaps one thing that the Referee needs to be aware of is his getting caught up in play in the left hand channel as the ball is played across the front of the penalty during sustained attacking play

RH at 2015-08-02 22:50:52

As we reach the 40 minute mark, its consistency for the Referee as his patrol path and involvement level are paying off, just the one caution but little else to test Kevin Stott so far

RH at 2015-08-02 22:47:22

It seems that the ball is doing all of the work at the moment!

RH at 2015-08-02 22:45:17

Felisha Mariscal demonstrating good lining technique with appropriate sideways running and sprinting, flagwork looks good also, not easy to comment on Frank Anderson as the tv pictures are not picking him up much so far.

RH at 2015-08-02 22:41:17

Well is been a ‘box to box’ patrol path for the Referee in the opening half hour, but its effective and considering the heat that this game is being played in, a sensible one!

RH at 2015-08-02 22:39:24

A messy incident there for the Referee as Diego Valeri shakes off an opponent who was holding him, should have played advantage, however i can’t condone  Diego Valeri’s reaction which the Referee should have managed better with a word

RH at 2015-08-02 22:36:22

Powell giving away a silly free kick which is as good as a corner to Earthquakes

RH at 2015-08-02 22:33:28

TV replays showing players colliding in the Timbers penalty area following that last corner, but nothing to justify the Earthquakes penalty appeals

RH at 2015-08-02 22:30:59

A feature of the Referee’s opening twenty minutes is his good viewing angles of final third decisions, he follows this up with strong arm signals

RH at 2015-08-02 22:26:32

Good offside flag there from Felisha Mariscal as Francis is offside,despite looking along the line!

RH at 2015-08-02 22:24:37

Yellow CardFirst yellow card to Francis for a reckless tackle, no arguments with that!


RH at 2015-08-02 22:23:00

An open initial ten minutes of play, the game flowing well from end to end, the Referee is using his experience well to read play and not get sucked into needless running,

RH at 2015-08-02 22:19:21

No offside flag there from there from Felisha Mariscal as Wondolowski blows an easy chance to score, a great non flag, well done Felisha!

RH at 2015-08-02 22:14:46

Good to see the Referee allowing contact and not stopping play when players go to ground, a sign of his vast MLS experience!

RH at 2015-08-02 22:12:15

So two corners early in the game, no problems for Kevin Stott

RH at 2015-08-02 22:09:46

Our match Referee Kevin Stott gets us underway!

RH at 2015-08-02 22:03:52

Our match Referee Kevin Stott made his professional debut in 1996, last season he took charge of 16 MLS games, since his debut in 1996 he has Refereed 260 MLS matches

Assistant Referee Frank Anderson made his professional debut in 2005 and including his 14 games last season has officiated in 140 MLS games before this season

Assistant Referee Felisha Mariscal made her professional debut in 2009 and officiated on 14 MLS games last season

Fourth Official   Baboucarr Jallow made his professional debut in April 2012, before this season he has been Assistant Referee on 42 MLS games and has been Fourth Official 9 times.

RH at 2015-08-02 21:55:57

Welcome to our coverage this Western Conference MLS game live from the Avaya Stadium home of the San Jose Earthquakes who entertain visitors Portland Timbers, they need the points to make the play offs!