PSG v Barcelona


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:43:11

Full Time

Thanks for tuning in, more games at the weekend, tune in for our coverage of Chelsea v Man Utd, plus other games from the Premiership and the MLS.

RCT at 2015-04-15 21:40:06

Full TimeThe bosses her at You Are the Ref have quoted that this was a “master class performance”, who am I to disagree …….

Full Time which begs the question,

RCT at 2015-04-15 21:37:44

Full Time

A consummate professional performance by Mark and his team, the 3 cautions were the key for the only 3 bad challenges in the game …… cool, calm and collected throughout……….



RCT at 2015-04-15 21:34:52

And more importantly, standing completely still so he can judge perfectly …..


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:33:29

Stellar positioning by Mark, standing still in the ‘D’ to judge the penalty area incident – perfect …

RCT at 2015-04-15 21:31:58

Thanks to @jasonpettigrove Anyone notice the referee. No? As it should be. Clattenburg emerging with a lot of credit here @youaretheref


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:30:59

Do Liverpool want Suarez back ,should they go and get him, or would they be biting off more than they can chew ……..


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:29:08

UEFA have given the PSG goal to Van der Wiel – we disagree …..


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:28:15

Barcelona’s tactics of looking to win the ball back immediately after they lose it provides a good test of mental awareness of the referee – he never has breathing space when the ball is in PSG’s half ……

RCT at 2015-04-15 21:26:45

GOAL! 1-3 with 8 minutes to go



RCT at 2015-04-15 21:26:14

Perhaps a lifeline for PSG – we reckon that’s an own goal ?


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:23:29

GOAL! 0 -3 stunningly good – how do you stop them …….

RCT at 2015-04-15 21:21:37

Messi climbs aboard the Showboat as Helen Chamberlin would say …..


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:19:24

Thanks to @2wheels04 for your tweet – looks like Barca is breaking the flow of the game now. good tactics to not let PSG gather any steam…..


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:17:54

Not wishing to tempt fate, Mark is in total control of this game, highlighted by excellent detection of handball  a few moments ago. His body language is commanding, his whistle technique proves authority. 15 minutes to go to retain these high standards ..


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:13:04

PSG now have to come out and go for it – gaps will appear for Barca to exploit – this will be a good test for the refereeing team for the final 25 minutes


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:11:39

Saurez simply brilliant GOAL! – game set and match to Barca


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:10:15

Mark fitness remains to very high level, being well placed to cover the explosive piece of play by Barca ….

RCT at 2015-04-15 21:06:12

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RCT at 2015-04-15 21:05:39

Is he too central by always sprinting in the area between the two ‘D’s ???


RCT at 2015-04-15 21:04:46

An interesting debate going on here at You Are The Ref, some of our brethren are saying that Mark should be squeezing play a little more with some cross field runs – what do you think …

RCT at 2015-04-15 21:01:36

Iniesta or no Iniesta, nothing changes with the ticky-tacky as Barcelona continue to look threatening ……


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:58:39

Yellow CardMessi sees yellow, correctly so, just a crazy reaction, significantly no complaints from the Barcelona players

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:54:24

The 1st 15 minutes of this half will be a good test for Mark and his team


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:53:46

PSG have been a little more lively at the start of the second-half, but they needed to be of the game would have just drifted away from them …..


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:51:13

Will Barcelona be content with a 1 goal victory, having the away goal, probably yes ?

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:48:53

Mmm – it’s going to be tough for PSG ….

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:43:24

Half Time

This last one is interesting …

He must act in a preventative manner when holding and pulling offences occur within the penalty area and inform the referee immediately should the behavior continue …

This is more applicable in English Pro football than anywhere else …..

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:41:43

Half Time

Information will be passed to the referee by means of the radio communication system. Should the system fail then the electronic beep stick (no flag attached) should be used to attract the attention of the referee.

The AARs will assist the referee to control incidents in and around the penalty area, particularly at free kicks and corner kicks. Prior to the match the referee and AAR should agree their specific areas of responsibility


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:40:46

Half Time

The AAR must be active and move along the goal line to ensure he gains the best view/angle of any possible incident that he may be required to inform the referee of. He must not remain static.

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:40:05

Half Time

Now here’s some interesting detail from Keith Hackett regarding UEFA directives on the use of Additional Assistant Referees …..

Half Time

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:37:33

Half Time

We are thinking that Mark’s visit to the Britannia Stadium for Stoke v Southampton on Saturday, if not exactly as glamorous as PSG v Barca, will provide a sterner test.  But it’s only half-time ….

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:36:35

Half Time

So far, so good for Mark and his team. He has retained control with 2 completely justified yellow cards, both of which were essential in order to maintain control. Here’s to an equally successful 2nd half.



RCT at 2015-04-15 20:35:20

Looking forward to refereeing my first cup final tomorrow. Been a great first season. Thanks to @Beeaalee & @youaretheref for the support says @MMAShane, good luck Shane


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:33:55

Should Neuer still be on the pitch?? says @gallogyconner on Twitter – let us know what you think ?

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:32:09

although PSG have looked a little bit more lively last 5 minutes …..

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:31:36

The patterns of play remain predictable …


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:24:19

Yellow Card Cabaye’s turn for a card, once again justified, did you notice look at the referee’s face the raised eyebrows said it all!!!


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:19:22

Yellow CardTotally justified caution for Pique – he can have no complaints – Mark well positioned (as ever) to make the decision.


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:15:36

Did you noticed the referee’s position there as PSG developed a very fast attack, he had to apply the brakes to ensure that he didn’t become too involved in play-outstanding fitness and reading of the game


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:12:58

A good subtle advantage being played by Mark Clattenburg, his intervention so far been minimal but effective.


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:11:55

The patterns of play so far means that the refereeing team so far have  not been tested. it could get interesting of the game progresses and PSG’s frustrations increase if the scoreline does not change ….


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:05:36

GOAL! Neymar – 1-0 to Barca, so simple, it’s been coming ……


RCT at 2015-04-15 20:03:05

2 questions for you. Why are the additional assistant referees operating on that side the goal-line and secondly why are using goal-line technology in the champions league. Let us know what you think by tweeting us @youaretheref

RCT at 2015-04-15 20:00:59

Whoosh, Messi hits the post, that was close …..


RCT at 2015-04-15 19:59:58

This is an interesting contrast in styles, PSG adopting a measured buildup, Barcelona are doing what Barcelona do!


RCT at 2015-04-15 19:57:52

10 minutes gone, so far so good, nothing of note to test match officials. Keep focused gents

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:57:03

An early goals for Porto in the other tie …..

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:55:12

it’s unlikely to be a physical test the referee this evening, more of a test of his technical refereeing ability, his recognition of penal offences and his ability to spot unsportsmanlike behaviour in terms of the players attempting to win free kicks by falling too easily.


RCT at 2015-04-15 19:51:15

As expected, it’s all a bit cagey at first, 3 minutes gone 177 minutes left !!


RCT at 2015-04-15 19:47:08

Wow – Messi, Suarez and Neymar – how to you defend on bloc with those 3 up front !

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:44:53

Hah – Jake Collin has shaved off his beard, it must be a special occasion ………

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:43:01

Here we go ……. if this doesn’t send your pulse racing, you don’t have a pulse ………

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:40:52

It will be a likely in dressing room, especially as 6 colleagues in attendance, plenty of handshakes and good luck …..

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:39:17

10 minutes to kick off, and now it’s about time when the UEFA delegate starts to become concerned that the teams are out on time. So much depends on the timings of these events in terms of sponsorships deal, and our experience of Europe says that too much emphasis is placed on this.

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:35:55

What always fascinates us here at You Are The Ref is how the referees are able to adapt between referee in the Premiership a few days ago, and then being able to switch to the champions league so quickly. Don’t let anybody fool you, it’s a completely different game and requires refereeing in a completely different style!

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:33:02

Here at You Are The Ref we were interested to learn of the FA Cup Semi-Final Referees for this weekend, namely Martin Atkinson and Michael Oliver.  Would they have been your choice,  let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @youaretheref

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:29:24

This evening Mark is supported by Assistants – Simon Beck & Jake Collin, Fourth Official – Stuart Burt and Additional Assistant Referees – Anthony Taylor & Andre Marriner.

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:26:59

Mark Clattenburg is the man in charge this evening, just reward for a fine season during which he has produced some excellent performances. Whilst waiting for kick-off whilst not visit for Keith Hackett’s article on Mark.

RCT at 2015-04-15 19:21:34

For the football purist, surely it doesn’t get a better then PSG v Barcelona. So many household names on show and it will be intriguing to see the tactics of both teams in this 1st leg.


RCT at 2015-04-15 19:18:28

Welcome to our coverage of the champions league quarter-final 1st leg from the Parc des Princes