Orlando City v LA Galaxy


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I said in my half time summary that Jair Marrufo has a good technical game, his positional sense and reading of play are very astute based on this performance, in 27 degrees of humid heat you don’t want to be running around following the ball, to this effect Jair used his experience well, he was still looking comfortable at the end of this game from a physical point of view. I also praised his first half threshold of what was acceptable from a physical threshold. However this went wrong in a short second half spell when two incidents involving Kaka compromised the Referee’s performance. Firstly Kaka was fortunate to escape at least a yellow card for flailing his left arm in the direction of Galaxy defender Vayrynen who was in too close, in fact if a red card was shown i would have had no complaint. Then Kaka was involved again when keeper Penedo challenged him in the penalty area, Kaka went spectacularly to ground and and was very fortunate to get a penalty, what i would call a very soft penalty kick award. Further problems ensued later when Penedo still incensed over the decision went nose to nose with the Referee , bearing in mind the PRO Refereeing organisations stance on Dissent, only Jair Marrufo will know how close the keeper came to seeing red. Apart from that spell in the second half the Referee continued to deliver a strong technical and Vayrynen rightly picked up a yellow card for his reckless challenge on Larin who joined Kaka for his change of shirt goal celebration as the second yellow card of the game. Its a pity that the Referee’s performance was compromised for that short second half spell. Although at all other times he offered a quick response to flash points in the game by arriving quickly on the scene to quell player emotions. I also liked his following through into the penalty areas to gain good viewing angles and sell decisions. Both Assistants looked sharp, good movement and sound offside decision making. I guess Fourth Official Alex Chilowicz  had a difficult time placating Bruce Arena following the second penalty award. So all in all some good practice particularly from a technical perspective, but some other moments to reflect and learn from

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Full Time

Summary to follow

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Two minutes added time!

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Good 10 yard free kick technique from Jair Marrufo on that Galaxy attacking free kick, ball and defending players well marshalled, his technical game has been a strong feature of his performance today

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Well its the 88th minute and Galaxy have their first shot on target!

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Paul Rejer said last week this on offside

Emphasis must be placed on the main factors involved in making the call correctly namely;

  • Positioning
  • Awareness
  • Judgment
  • Concentration
  • Continued Concentration

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Credit should go to Assistant Kevin Klinger for that fourth Orlando goal, although the ball caught a deflection on its way to goal the ball who last touched the ball was onside , it was tight but correct well done!

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Technically the Referee has kept to his game plan, but i feel that he has let himself down over the penalty kick and the way he dealt with the Goalkeepers dissent and Kaka’s arm off

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Going back to that Caution for Penedo Keith Hackett posted a piece on dissent in his blog this week, he said;

I get very concerned when I see parents, coaches, and players screaming at the referees and blaming them for the poor performance of their team.

It is no wonder that we have referees walking away from the game because they are no longer enjoying their hobby.

So, you referees, it is time for you to act and not ignore the poor behavior you are faced with.

There is no doubt that, if allowed to go unchecked in a game, dissent will undermine your authority and will lead you on a path to a loss of respect and control if you are weak.

At the first sign of dissent, by word or action, take this opportunity to assert your authority. I would advise you to take the player to one side and if appropriate issue a public warning that you will not tolerate this type of behavior. Players and spectators alike will be in hearing distance and your verbal warning will permeate across both sets of players.

If the dissent is open and public then of course you can act immediately by issuing a yellow card – your decision.

If the player is guilty of using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures then a red card is the appropriate course of action to take.

Remain confident and demonstrate courage along with concentration.

If a group of players are heading for you to dispute your decision then hold your ground and lean forward and be firm.

The player leading the pack should be shown the yellow card and I would certainly look to show a second player a yellow card to re-assert your authority. This should make a clear statement to everyone that this behavior of mass dissent will not be tolerated.

In addition to your report to the authorities, detailing your cautions, I would recommend that you give details of this mass action by players in an additional report.

So do not let anyone spoil your enjoyment. Be firm and fair, and remember to stamp out the first sign of dissent.


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GOAL!Lrin makes it 4-0 to Orlando


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Yellow Card

Vayrynen picks up a yellow card for a reckless challenge on Larin


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Yellow CardA yellow card for Penedo when he faced off the Referee over the penalty, fortunate not have earned a Red card for that! A yellow card to for Kaka for his celebration

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Well an interesting period for the Referee with two incidents both involving Kaka, the first being a challenge on him by  Vayrynen when Kaka was lucky to escape at least a caution for illegal use of an arm. The second decision being a penalty following a challenge by Galaxy keeper Penedo, i felt that there was no real contact and the Referee was deceived

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GOAL!Kaka converts, 3-0 to Orlando


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Its a penalty as Kaka goes to ground under a challenge from Galaxy goalkeeper Penedo, a poor decision it looked soft!

RH at 2015-05-17 23:35:02

Kaka very lucky to escape any sanction as Vayrynen gets too close and ends up on the ground as Kaka was flinging his left arm!

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We’ve got more MLS Regular Season games coming your way on Refcam,  on Sunday 24th May we’re covering the New York Red Bulls verses Philadelphia Union  match, New York Red Bulls feature on Refcam  again on Sunday 31st  May, this time they are visiting the Seattle Sounders.

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clumsy challenge there on the first half star, Orlando’s Larin, free kick given!

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The second half has begun!

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A good first half the Match Officials and Jair Marrufo in particular, he has judged his involvement level well and shown great awareness with his reading of play and positioning. Sensible movement too in the humid Florida heat as he has read play well and targeted his movements to good effect. A good proximity to play has enabled him to pick most careless challenges and when any danger of player conflict has occurred he has moved in to defuse matters. He has also established a good threshold on acceptable physical contact. My only advice being a need not to get caught on the back foot whilst backing off away from play, and i find his pointing at the ball excessively a bit gimmicky, but other than that a really good first half. Both Assistants are looking sharp also, so a good first half for our team

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Half Time

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One minute added time

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Good ‘non flag’ from Assistant Kermit Quisenbury as Brek Shea was onside in that last Orlando attack

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The Galaxy defenders looking to Assistant Kermit Quisenbury for an offside flag in that Orlando attack, but quite rightly nothing forthcoming from the Assistant

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Ramos going to ground there but quite rightly no free kick given, good Refereeing as Jair Marrufo closes in on the two competing players to ensure there are no ‘afters’

RH at 2015-05-17 23:02:03

The Referee is reading play well here, its hot and humid so he doesn’t want to over extend himself, a really good  awareness of play and positioning is enabling him to use smart movement rather than running for running’s sake!

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GOAL!Cyle Larin makes it 2-0 Orlando

RH at 2015-05-17 22:56:10

Great poise from Assistant Kevin Klinger when he signals throw in decisions, has all the signs of great coaching from PRO Refereeing Development Manager Paul Rejer

RH at 2015-05-17 22:53:53

I’m not sure i like the Referee pointing to the ball when a player shrugs off an opponent but in fairness the Referee is well placed to view such challenges, a good reading of play!

RH at 2015-05-17 22:50:31

Have watched a few MLS games so far this season, and you don’t always see the Referee following play into the penalty area to either get a better viewing angle or sell an important decision, so its good to report that our Referee Jair Marrufo is getting into advanced penalty area positions!

RH at 2015-05-17 22:47:28

Kermit Quisenbury with his first offside decision of the game

RH at 2015-05-17 22:43:54

Noticeable how our Referee Jair Marrufo takes a few paces back in midfield to avoid getting caught up in play, whilst i commend him for his awareness in not getting caught up with the ball, he just needs to be careful should play suddenly move away with him on the back foot


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Again the Referee follows play into the Orlando penalty area during that last Galaxy attack

RH at 2015-05-17 22:38:57

Good movement from the far side Assistant Kevin Klinger as makes subtle positional changes to monitor potential Offside calls

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GOAL!Eric Avila makes 1-0 Orlando as they take the lead for the first time in a home game this season!

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27 degrees today, although there is a breeze the conditions will test the match officials fitness should this be an open end to end game

RH at 2015-05-17 22:31:52

Good movement from the Referee there in that Orlando attack, he backed off in the left hand channel as play changed direction,good awareness

RH at 2015-05-17 22:30:05

Cyle Larin feeling the full force of a Galaxy opponent in the back but no free kick

RH at 2015-05-17 22:27:32

Jair Marrufo following play into the penalty area during that last Galaxy attack, good!

RH at 2015-05-17 22:26:22

Good body language from the Referee in awarding that throw in to Orlando

RH at 2015-05-17 22:25:34

Zardes going to ground there but no contact from any Galaxy player!

RH at 2015-05-17 22:23:51

Our match Referee Jair Marrufo gets us underway!

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Our Referee today is Jose Jair Marrufo, he has much experience having made his MLS debut in 2000 Refereeing Colorado Rapids v New England Patriots fixture that season .  Last season he Refereed 16 MLS games, however it total he has Refereed 174 MLS games. Jair also has some impressive International honors including officiating at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, two Under 17 World Cups, MLS Referee of the year 2008 and the Copa Central Americano in 2014

Assistant Referee 1 is Kermit Quisenbury, he made his MLS debut in 1995, last season he officiated at 14 MLS games, overall however he has officiated at MLS 219 games. Kermit was MLS Assistant Referee of the year in 2008 and 2013

Assistant Referee 2 is Kevin Klinger, he made his MLS debut in 2012, last season he officiated at 9 MLS games

Fourth Official today is Alex Chilowicz

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Our Match Referee today is Jair Marrufo, his Assistant Referees are Kermit Quisenbury and Kevin Klinger , the Fourth Official is Alex Chilowicz

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Our Match Referee today is Jair Marrufo, his Assistant Referees are Kermit Quisenbury, the Fourth Official is Alex Chilowicz

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Welcome to our coverage of this MLS Regular Season fixture from the Citrus Bowl Stadium where Orlando City entertain LA Galaxy!