Norwich v Arsenal


RCT at 2015-11-29 19:11:08

Full Time

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Full Time

Jon Moss and his team complete a very good afternoon’s work, with the odd exception on positional play from Simon Long, the team was faultless and match control was secured by the 2 yellow cards at the start of the 2nd half, displaying commendable tempo management of the game.  This was another accomplished performance by the Yorkshire based referee and he continues to show good form in the build up to the busy Christmas period.


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:59:15

5 to go – keep on it guys, it’s gong well ,,,,,


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:51:33

If I was a gambling man, my cheeky 50 pence would be on a Home Team late winner, courtesy of Wes Hoolahan ….


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:49:55

It would appear that the 2 yellow cards have done the trick, the game remains very much under his control of we move into the final 15 minutes ….


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:46:55

Nor sure if Jon Moss was signalling a wide in cricket, but I will forgive him as it’s a cracking advantage to allow Arsenal to develop an attack ….


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:45:28

20 to go – keep focused Gents, there is more football to referee here …..


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:38:51

This is great tempo management by Jon Moss, a relatively quiet forst half has been replaced by a lively opening 20 minutes of the second half, and the referee’s involvement has increased accordingly with the 2 yellow cards …


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:36:07

Great to see the referee allowing the players to compete – and the correct call for the foul on Hoolahan


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:34:57

Did you notice how well placed Jon Moss was to give that decision, no offence as Cazorla wins the ball with a clean challenge …


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:31:46

Yellow Card2nd caution in 2 minutes – O’Neiils’ challenge deserving the sanction


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:30:51

Not the best positioning from Simon Long as the throw-in ws taken, he was in no position initially to judge if the ball had crossed the goal line – he should have been the other side of the taker


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:28:30

Yellow CardWhat a cracking spot by Join Moss – simulation and the wry smile on Cazorla’s face told the story …


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:22:44

I predict a similar second half to that of the first, Grabben’s last strike restoring the paroty and the game pattern …


RCT at 2015-11-29 18:21:30

Ha  did you notice Monreal translating for the physio for Cazorla !!!!

RCT at 2015-11-29 18:16:04

Some great talking points on the RefShow this week – England striker David Hirst gives his views on the heading debate – it’s well worth a watch at

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Half Time

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Half Time

RCT at 2015-11-29 18:06:12

Just advice, if any, would you give to the refereeing team at half-time …..

RCT at 2015-11-29 18:04:50

Half Time

Solid, solid, solid from the Referee, no qualms so far ……




RCT at 2015-11-29 17:59:26

GOAL!Well, where did that some from – all square just before ha;f-time courtesy of Lewis Grabben


RCT at 2015-11-29 17:50:16

No shots on target for the Home Tea, Arsenal’s opening goal will draw them forward, possible change of pattern for Assistant Referee Aidy Holmes in monitoring the second rear most defender


RCT at 2015-11-29 17:46:31

GOAL! Ruddy clears poorly, Sanchez  feeds and Ozil scores, 1-0 to the Arsenal, where have we heard that before ……………



RCT at 2015-11-29 17:44:06

this is not untypical premiership football, with the Home Team Norwich Ciity playing deep and on the counter attack, which makes for very few goal scoring opportunities, although perhaps the game is starting to open out …


RCT at 2015-11-29 17:41:49

A word of praise is also due to the Assistant Referees, Aidy Holmes’s focus allowing him to detect his first offside of the game


RCT at 2015-11-29 17:39:52

Did you notice Jon Moss’s position to award that goal kick, ideally placed just outside the penalty area with a clear view, the importance of staying focused when the game is going well


RCT at 2015-11-29 17:35:01

Well – how quiet is this – the wind is certainly playing a part, btu we could do with some ‘spice’ in the game,jst to liven things up

RCT at 2015-11-29 17:28:52

Love it from Jon Moss, “blow and go”, don’t hang around for a discussion with Mr Sanchez, hes’ not going to agree with you


RCT at 2015-11-29 17:25:43

Yes, the game is quicker, but our experience at this level is that the game patterns are key to being well positioned, therefore increasing the judgement accuracy


RCT at 2015-11-29 17:23:42

Take away the off-the-field pressures, sometimes Premiership games can be more straightforward to officiiate as the game is easier to read and the skill levels are high


RCT at 2015-11-29 17:20:58

All quiet so far as the game settles down and we still awaiting our first penal offence of the game ….

RCT at 2015-11-29 17:17:21

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RCT at 2015-11-29 17:16:23

Here we go – good luck to Jon Moss, Adrian Holmes, Simon long and 4th official Bobby Madley

RCT at 2015-11-29 17:15:19

Jon Moss leads the teams out, he is having a fine season following his successful FA Cup Final appearance at the end of last season …

RCT at 2015-11-29 17:11:25

During our last RefCam transmission from White Hart Lane, Rob Harris was extolling the virtues of Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor as our young , highly talented,FIFA officials – the future is looking good for them ….

RCT at 2015-11-29 17:06:53

As the game unfolds, please keep in touch via our live twitter feed @youaretheref

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Whilst waiting for the game to start, why not have a read at some of the excellent articles on our website, especially with regard to the recent debate on head injuries …..

Pre Match

RCT at 2015-11-29 17:02:03

As we are UK-based, we we must congratulate the Great Britain tennis David Cup team on their first victory for 79 years, well done to the Murray brothers and co …..

Pre Match

RCT at 2015-11-29 16:59:34

2 draws for so far in the Premier League today – from the refereeing point of view,2 matches well controlled and so far it’s been a good weekend for the match officials – let’s hope for Jon Moss and his team that they too have a successful afternoon.

Pre Match

RCT at 2015-11-29 16:56:12

Welcome to our coverage of this afternoon’s fixture from Carrow Road as Norwich City take on Arsenal