Newcastle United -v- Sunderland


at 2014-12-21 16:27:34

A potentially difficult game has been safely negotiated by Anthony Taylor and his team. He maintained his control with sound decision making and showed consistency in his award of free kicks but his advantage for the goal was the icing on his cake. Fitness, work rate and all the things I worked on with him at Dallas Cup all those years ago paid dividends in this game. 7 cautions may seem excessive but they were all deserved – and there could have been a couple More! Thanks for your company today and stay with us for Liverpool -v- Arsenal on You Full TimeAre The

at 2014-12-21 16:22:35

The referee was superb in his advantage judgement in the build up to the goal. Sunderland sub as Rodwell on for Larsson. Should subs be allowed in Time Allowed?is a Law change necessary?

at 2014-12-21 16:20:24

5 minutes time allowed as Newcastle press.

at 2014-12-21 16:19:12

Double advantage to create Sunderland a goal by Johnson – great referee decision making by Anthony Taylor GOAL!

at 2014-12-21 16:17:14

The 90 minutes are almost up but added time will be extensive following the facial injury to Steven Taylor. Another time consuming sub as Ameobi goes off with almost 89 minutes on the clock.

at 2014-12-21 16:14:57

Fitness and work rate are the basis of the modern game today so that the referee remained close to play and is able to sell his decisions from close proximity. This is particularly important in, and around, the penalty area where the ‘big decisions’ in the game have to be made. Anthony has done this today as Newcastle press for the goal to win the game. Goals change games and in the period of play after a goal has been scored there needs to be extra vigilance from all the officials – we wait to see if there will be a goal scored today!

at 2014-12-21 16:11:11

The best referees ensure that their quiet control is based on sound decisions delivered credibly and ‘no surprises’. The art of refereeing to perception and expectation is a vital aspect of the top referee’s skill set. Anthony in this difficult game has delivered ‘the deal’ for me today as we approach 83 minutes gone.

at 2014-12-21 16:08:49

Substitute Sunderland. Buckley on for Wickham. 80 minutes gone.

at 2014-12-21 16:07:48

Good offside from Darren Cann to maintain some quality decisions by the assistants. What are your views on the standards of decision making by assistant referees in the Premier League since the start of this season? There are feelings within the game that standards have slipped in recent times and that the PGMOL have not made any public appointment for someone of the quality of Paul Rejier to continue the wonderful work he did in the past.

at 2014-12-21 16:05:45

Another wonderful run from the referee as he showed great acceleration through midfield to see a Sunderland effort from inside the penalty are go past the post.

at 2014-12-21 16:03:44

75 minutes gone and still no Goals!

at 2014-12-21 16:03:08

Substitution Newcastle as Ciisse on for Tiote.

at 2014-12-21 16:01:30

Advantage played but Sunderland offside as Newcastle try and create again – another good save by the keeper.

at 2014-12-21 15:59:36

More substitutions as Cattermole replaced by Bridcutt – sensible decision by Poyet after the foul by Cattermole after he’d been cautioned. 70 minutes gone as Newcastle create another great chance – well saved.

at 2014-12-21 15:57:11

Silly reckless foul by John O’Shea gives the 7th caution of the game correctly delivered Yellow Card

at 2014-12-21 15:55:37

Another foul by Cattermole after he’s been cautioned! He needs to be careful but just a free kick this time as Newcastle put the pressure on the Sunderland defence.

at 2014-12-21 15:51:19

Free kick Sunderland after Alan Pardew made a ludicrous appeal for a throw in – Mike Mullarkey then flagged for a foul in Sunderland’s favour. Good advantage by the referee before a superb save denies Newcastle.

at 2014-12-21 15:48:18

Six cautions in 60 minutes – will the average of one caution every 10 minutes continue?

at 2014-12-21 15:46:58

Substitutions can be another area where added attention is required from the officials as the teams attempt to change the game and possibly the pattern of play. It’s a good ploy for a referee to slow the game down at substitutions if the tempo has increased and control can be threatened. Gouffram off for Armstrong.

at 2014-12-21 15:45:51

Corner Newcastle – the referee in a great position to award a goal kick. Sub Newcastle as Armstrong gets ready to come on.

at 2014-12-21 15:44:31

Cattermole cautioned for a midfield reckless challenge as Taylor returns to the field after being patched up. Yellow Card

at 2014-12-21 15:43:12

Shooting boots are at a premium as Newcastle miss the target by a mile!

at 2014-12-21 15:42:10

Terrific run through midfield by the referee and he gets into the penalty area to see Sunderland miss an absolute sitter.

at 2014-12-21 15:40:25

Terrible head injury as Steve Taylor collides with the post. Play immediately stopped – showing great awareness – by referee Taylor. The injury is around his eye and cheek bone which probably will need stitching but he runs off to great applause.

at 2014-12-21 15:36:02

Gus Poyet lost his cool in the first half! Tensions in the technical area are alway in need of management and more often than not the 4th Official takes an earful for anything the managers both feel the referee has missed. Kevin Friend will try and manage the situation but I can’t help but think, and I’ve mentioned this before, that there has been too much tolerance over recent years as managers have pushed the levels as far as they are allowed. Neil Warnock developed it into an art form! In Europe it doesn’t happen because the penalties are severe. Is it a lesson to be learned for our domestic game? What are your views? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

at 2014-12-21 15:33:02

During the interval, Referee Taylor may well have reflected on his decision not to caution Cattermole inside 10 seconds. His powder was kept dry but a caution for that reckless challenge may well have send a more positive message to the players and possibly prevented other indiscretions. He will have discussed his second half game plan with his colleagues and we will wait and see what develops.

Second half under way. What changes will the managers have made to their tactical formations? Adjustments to the referee’s positioning might be necessary as he watches to see what changes have been made by the managers. Remember that the tactical formations of the teams (4-4-2 or 5-3-2-1) have different positional requirements for the referee to get the best viewing angles without being in the way of play.

at 2014-12-21 15:17:58

A tough first 45 for the officials who have stuck to their guns and dished out the appropriate punishment for the offences. Honours even as we take a 15 minute half time break.Half Time

at 2014-12-21 15:15:53

Wickham fouled and his foul letter word retort followed! Free kick Sunderland as player tension continues. Time allowed of 2 minutes.

at 2014-12-21 15:12:41

Five cautions in 40 minutes as the commitment of the players continues. Could it be a double-figure caution count or will they get the message? What are the odds on a sending off?

at 2014-12-21 15:10:23

Caution for Wickham for his reckless challenge on the Newcastle keeper. Anthony in quickly to prevent player reaction. Good piece of refereeing. Yellow Card

at 2014-12-21 15:08:28

Silly foul by Larsson who looked to lose his cool at the decision. Wickham header easily saved.

at 2014-12-21 15:05:54

35 minutes gone and we await the first goal of this local Derby. Great shot just past the post by Perez.

at 2014-12-21 15:02:20

More push and shove before the corner taken and Anthony could have gone in and stopped it or at least made the players aware that he had seen it. He chose not to intervene when it would have been better to impose his authority.

at 2014-12-21 15:00:24

First chance Sunderland as Fletcher hits the bar. Emotions running high and referee Taylor manages another player crowding incident. Tempo manage,ent techniques required as we reach the 30 minute mark with player irresponsibility threatening control. Kill the game give little free kicks and bring back authority to over rule emotions.

at 2014-12-21 14:56:29

Anthony kept very calm there and took his time to issue the card. Cool, farm and collected as the 4th caution issued. Colback caution fully deserved. Yellow Card

at 2014-12-21 14:54:31

Double injury and lots of dialogue – Tiote caution for his reckless challenge Yellow Card

at 2014-12-21 14:53:28

Corner to Newcastle – will grappling be an issue at corner kicks in this game? Not evident on that one as Darren Cann awards a free kick (correctly) to Sunderland. Some push and show as the ball came over but nothing given as the header from Wickham hoes wide.

at 2014-12-21 14:50:42

Tribute applause on 17 minutes as the game goes on. It is an even contest so far and after the initial flurry of fouls and cautions, the players seem to have accepted their responsibility as we reach 20 minutes gone. First offside by Darren Cann looked correct.

at 2014-12-21 14:47:45

More quality positioning by Anthony to get close to play in the final third. His movement through midfield was explosive and got him ‘right there’ in the critical area.

at 2014-12-21 14:45:33

Anthony Almost caught in the way of play in the ‘inside left channel’ which is where all referees need added awareness to not deprive the players the space and opportunity to create.

at 2014-12-21 14:43:14

Two cautions inside 10 minutes denoted the level of player commitment which will have to be successfully managed if all 22 are to remain on the field for the full 90 minutes.

at 2014-12-21 14:41:19

Good penetration into the penalty area by Anthony to award a corner to Newcastle. Cleared by Sunderland.

at 2014-12-21 14:40:22

Yellow CardColonici cautioned on 8 minutes for a reckless foul in front of the dugout. Reaction from Poyet managed well by Kevin Friend.

at 2014-12-21 14:38:36

A trip on Colback gives Newcastle a freekick in a good position but the Sunderland keeper gathers.

at 2014-12-21 14:37:34

Two free kicks committed by Newcastle in quick succession and the away players trying to influence the referee to issue a caution! No way!

at 2014-12-21 14:35:39

Tough start for the referee who would want to keep his powder dry but no option there but to issue a caution. I didn’t like his dialogue in telling another player to ‘go away’ prior to the caution. The 4 worst words a referee can use are ‘go away’ and ‘come here’. Belittling dialogue!

at 2014-12-21 14:33:08

Catermole declaration of intent followed by a second Sunderland foul. Coates caution and kick in dangerous position. Yellow Card

at 2014-12-21 14:31:34

First foul by Catermole inside 10 seconds! Lucky to escape a caution!

at 2014-12-21 14:30:39

The whistle blows and we’re underway. The referee will have done his homework on both teams in an attempt to be in total control. He’ll be aware of where his problems might arise and let’s hope that he will be able to get into the best viewing positions to judge incidents. Let us know your thoughts through the usual channel.

at 2014-12-21 14:25:49

Sunderland had a player injured in the pre-match warm up and so Coates, on loan from Liverpool, gets an unexpected start. The teams are in the tunnel ready to enter the arena for today’s game as the Assistants carry out the equipment check in readiness for the contest.

at 2014-12-21 14:19:02

I worked with Anthony Taylor several years ago as his coach at the Dallas Cup where his fitness, positioning and movement around the field of play were recognised and soon after his return, because he took on board the advice he was given, he graduated to the Premier League list. FIFA followed and he has now established himself as a well respected official in the domestic and internationally game. Both Anthony’s Assistants today are highly experienced with both Darren Cann and Mike Mullarkey having a World Cup Final medal in his trophy cabinet at home. Darren retires from FIFA at the end of this year due to age restrictions (can they still do that in this day and age?) but will retain his position on the Premier League. Mike is probably his closest friend and will continue on FIFA but will be keen to avoid a repeat of the ‘offside goal’ he allowed at Old Trafford last Sunday when he failed to detect a ‘flick on’ by Van Persie to the goal scorer who was in an offside position. The decision making of Select group Assistants at Nottingham Forest yesterday were called into question as two goals were ruled out for being offside, and both should have been allowed! There is a feeling in the game that the standard of performance by Assistant Referees is not good enough and that the PGMOL have not taken on board the specialised training that these officials require. What are your views? We value your comments throughout this afternoon via email and Twitter, so keep them coming. Let us have your views on Twitter @youaretheref or email to


at 2014-12-21 14:14:33

Lots of passionate players on show today and this fixture can become more like a war than a football match as the fans demand ‘bragging rights’ over their neighbours with Geordies and Mackam’s working together in the industries surrounding their football teams. Over 100 arrests in Newcastle last season with the disgraceful punching of a police horse on the last meeting of the teams and let us hope this will not be repeated today. Lee Catermole, Sunderland ‘hard man’ and ‘enforcer’ was in the press today beginning the war of words with his ex-Sunderland team mate Jack Colback having moved to Newcastle after doing well for Sunderland. The hosts are currently 9th in the Premier League table with Sunderland in16th, just one point above the relegation zone. All the officials will hope that they can play a ‘low key’ role and only intervene when necessary but the reality is that this will be a tough game for them all.

at 2014-12-21 14:08:07

Newcastle United -v- Sunderland

Referee: Anthony Taylor
Assistant 1: Darren Cann
Assistant 2: Mike Mullarkey
Fourth Official: Kevin Friend

Good afternoon and welcome to You Are The Ref as we get ready for what should be a most interesting game from St. James’s Park this afternoon. The Newcastle manager Alan Pardew does not seem to be under any pressure from the owner of the club as he tries to create a team worth of a title challenge. Similarly Gus Poyet has seen his Sunderland team under- achieve in terms of points earned this season and so today becomes a big game for both teams. This fixture traditionally is always a tense game and we wish Anthony Taylor and his colleagues the best of luck today.