Newcastle United v Norwich City


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RCT at 2015-10-18 17:55:36

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Thank you for joining us today, we hope you have enjoyed our coverage, join us later for our MLS game when Houston Dynamo take on the Seattle Sounders, KO 5pm EST in the States, 10pm BST UK.

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A specific mention to Assistant Eddie Sharp for his first class interpretation of offside in allowing Newcastle’s 5th goal – your comments on that and the other match day incidents are more than welcome on @youaretheref

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RCT at 2015-10-18 17:51:39

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What a great performance by Anthony Taylor and his team – just 2 cautions and total match control as they played a significant part in the ebb and flow of the game, resulting in 8 goals


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:48:28

Faultless positioning once again as the referee is well placed to award a delayed and correct free-kick.


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:46:40

A respectful handshake from Mitrovic to referee Taylor as he is substituted – that says a lot about the match official’s performance …


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:44:41

GOAL! Game, set and match as Wijnaldum’s deflected strike registers his 4th and his side’s 6th of the afternoon


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:41:42

Full length 70 metre sprint from the referee as Newcastle produce a fast-break in win the corner.


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:38:53

Blood injury, the referee has no choice but to remove the blood before play is allowed to continue ….


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:36:50

And then does well to recognise Bassong’s challenge on goalkeeper Elliot


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:35:28

Surely Norwich won’t score 3 in the remaining 15 minutes as once again Anthony Taylor plays a commendable advantage …


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:33:10

So, full marks to Assistant Eddie Sharp for his correct interpretation of the offside law, correctly giving the benefit on any doubt to the attacking team.

RCT at 2015-10-18 17:31:09

Now here’s a great talking point – did Sissoko’s movement mean he had committed an offside offence as Wijnaldum scored the 5th ? No is the ruling as Sissoko did not get close enough to the ball, the guidelines from the authorities says 2 meters. Whether you agree with that distance or not, that’s what FIFA have intstructed


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:27:14

Yellow Card Great refereeing, a cracking advantage in the lead up to the goal when Dorrans offended, goal scored, go back and caution the offender – classy refereeing


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:25:09

GOAL! An d surely that seals it – Wijnaldum hat-trick an smiles all round from the Home Team fans ….


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:23:39

GOAL! Tyneside relief all round. Mitriovic slams home a 4th in Shearer esque style


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:22:17

I really enjoy watching Wes Hoolahan wave his magic with that “sweet left foot” … by the way, why don’t players have a sweet right foot ….


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:19:39

Norwich continue to press and are bringing on the creative Hoolahan to try and fashion a much deserved equaliser.

RCT at 2015-10-18 17:17:51

Please let us know your thoughts on this via twitter @youaretheref


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:17:10

We’ve been discussing the ‘shirt-pull’ in the 1st half here at You Are The Ref HQ and we have debated if that level of holding has become an ‘expected’ level and acceptable, rightly or wrongly, in the modern game.


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:14:41

I referenced Anthony’s positioning earlier in this blog and he could not be better placed to award the free-kick to the Home Team


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:13:07

Good to see the referee being pro-active prior to the taking of corner-kicks to prevent the unnecessary pushes and pulls


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:11:38

I still think we have more goals in this game – almost another equaliser for the Away Team …

RCT at 2015-10-18 17:09:26

An interesting position adopted by the referee at that last Newcastle corner, the instruction to the National List referees is to stand in and around the ‘D’, Anthony Taylor was well inside the penalty area.

RCT at 2015-10-18 17:06:22

It’s very quiet on twitter this afternoon ladies and gents, please let us know your thoughts on @youaretheref


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:05:02

Still just the one caution, and no threats at all to the referee’s match control


RCT at 2015-10-18 17:03:36

Here we go – late’s hope for an entertaining second half …

RCT at 2015-10-18 16:59:43

Half Time

A good half-time read is out article on the injury crisis with the Select Group referees, visit for more details

RCT at 2015-10-18 16:57:51

The only one debatable decision was the ‘shirt-pull’ with Norwich claiming a penalty kick after 29 minutes, what do you think ?

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RCT at 2015-10-18 16:55:33

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Well that was bonkers – 5 attempts on goal and 5 goals, the the keepers not to blame for any of them !

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RCT at 2015-10-18 16:53:54

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Good news so far for the refereeing team – solid and dependable refereeing –

What’s your opinion on the game so far, let us know, contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:46:13

One thing about a goal glut is that the attention goes away from the refereeing team, good news for Anthony and his team


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:42:04

Perhaps my 5-5 prediction is not so daft after all !!!


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:38:12

GOAL! Unbelievable – Norwich pull another one back and we’r e back to 3-2


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:24:52

Half way through the first half and so far so good, the early caution of Tiote did the trick, I reckon it won’t be the last in this fast paced and keenly contested fixture ….


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:24:00

Both defences look vulnerable, my money is on 5-5


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:22:41

GOAL! A classic counter punch, Olsen puts in a devastating ball from Olsen and Mbokani does the rest – defiantly game on now


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:19:17

Almost an equaliser by Robbie Brady, did the keeper get a touch onto the post ?


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:18:49

Almost an equaliser by Robbie Brady, did the keeper get a touch onto the post ?


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:16:04

GOAL! Winjaldum opens the scoring with a precise finish to east the nerves ….


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:12:09

Another very positive aspect of Anthony Taylor’s refereeing is his fitness, positioning and movement – keep an eye on this as the game develops

RCT at 2015-10-18 16:09:30

Had he not decided to caution, then that would have given licence for further misconduct – he will also be looking for the opportunity to assert his authority with any possible caution to the Away Team

RCT at 2015-10-18 16:07:43

Yellow CardTiote with a reckless challenge, a correct decision by the referee …. he has made a very solid start


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:06:02

And he also had the wisdom to talk to the ‘offender’ Olsen  …


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:05:16

Good early advantage by Anthony Taylor – that’s a good start


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:02:53

Game on – here we go ,,,,


RCT at 2015-10-18 16:01:19

Our experience of officiating at Newcastle is the passion of the fans, the black and whites love their football and will get behind the their team, the noise from the terraces is deafening


RCT at 2015-10-18 15:57:29

The teams are on the way – Dire Straits will be blasting out ….

RCT at 2015-10-18 15:52:06

Anthony will be supported by Andy Garratt and Eddie Smart, with Craig Pawson on 4th officials duties following his credible performance at White Hart Lane

RCT at 2015-10-18 15:50:02

The appointment of Anthony Taylor is a good one by the Premier League as his performances so far this season have merited him being given this game

Pre Match

RCT at 2015-10-18 15:45:21

So, how does the league positions of both teams effect the match officials build-up ? The key phase is the first 10-15 minutes and striking a balance between not over reacting to situations, yet maintaining control … a difficult skill to master ….

RCT at 2015-10-18 15:42:39

Who would of thought back in August that Newcastle would have been bottom of the league in mid October

Pre Match

RCT at 2015-10-18 15:39:42

Welcome to our coverage of Newcastle v Norwich from St James’ Park