Netherlands v Mexico

GT at 2014-06-29 19:03:30

In the meantime, we all hope you’re enjoying this World Cup and the insight we’re offering into the refereeing.

The Dutch roll on into the quarter finals, whilst the hard working Mexican side say goodbye to Brazil.

Thanks again for following today’s ‘live’ comments…see you all again soon.

GT at 2014-06-29 19:00:31

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GT at 2014-06-29 18:59:28

As for our referee…

He had a good game overall. His positioning was much better than many at this tournament BUT with only one penalty out of three awarded he will be asking questions of himself tonight.

To end on a positive…the assistant on the far side was superb.

GT at 2014-06-29 18:57:29

And that’s it….all over, and the Dutch prove their worth by coming from behind to beat a strong Mexican side

GT at 2014-06-29 18:56:14

The Mexicans are throwing everything at the Dutch now, and our referee is aware of that as he goes with the flow…

GT at 2014-06-29 18:54:50

Good string cautioning by our referee too at the penalty, as the Mexicans try to delay the kicker

GT at 2014-06-29 18:53:48

Some are saying Robben exaggerated the fall, but with one definite penalty already turned down by the referee, that is understandable

GT at 2014-06-29 18:52:43

Move the ‘keeper early referee

GT at 2014-06-29 18:52:16

Great call referee.

That has also been coming.


GT at 2014-06-29 18:48:37

Referee perfectly positioned too.

Great work by the Dutch and the Portuguese!

GT at 2014-06-29 18:47:49

That has been coming.

Dutch equaliser as they piled on the pressure

GT at 2014-06-29 18:46:52

the call is made even better when you consider the far side assistant is running into and out of direct sunlight on that side.

That affects your sight as your eyes keep adjusting to the changing light.

Excellent lining

GT at 2014-06-29 18:45:14

Oh what a good call.

Excellent offside.

The slightest of touches and 19 (Netherlands) was offside

GT at 2014-06-29 18:44:15

More good, calm work from the assistant

GT at 2014-06-29 18:43:50

The Mexicans are defending deeper and deeper, and our referee has to recognise that and adjust his positioning likewise

GT at 2014-06-29 18:42:44

Sensible refereeing…he’s had a warning now, and cannot complain if he is moved for another display like that one

GT at 2014-06-29 18:41:51

4th official gets in on the act as the Mexican manager, Herrrera, gets up to his usual fun and games on the touchline

GT at 2014-06-29 18:40:46

Good support from the assistant on that foul, but poor flag technique.

A crisp and well raised lag is much more decisive than a limp one at waist height.

GT at 2014-06-29 18:38:40

That cooling break lasted almost 3 minutes.

Bear that in mind when we get to the end of the normal 90

GT at 2014-06-29 18:36:15

We have another treat for you here at YATR on Monday at 17:00 (GMT), when you can tune into PRO Ref’s Paul Rejer as our Ref Cam Analyst. Paul will be commenting on the USA referee Mark Geiger’s next appointment as takes charge of France v Nigeria. Catch it all at

GT at 2014-06-29 18:34:51

Must be time for a cooling break soon…

GT at 2014-06-29 18:34:16

Bjorn Kuipers or Howard Webb (again) are getting the votes for the final so far.

What do you think?

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GT at 2014-06-29 18:29:15

Yellow card….agreed.

Forget the totting up….that was a stand alone caution!

GT at 2014-06-29 18:28:23

Contact was caused by Robben not the defender

GT at 2014-06-29 18:28:00

No penalty

GT at 2014-06-29 18:27:40

Very good call by the nearside assistant too.


The assistants are keeping their standards high. Our referee needs to do likewise, as he is beginning to make mistakes – high foot missed again

GT at 2014-06-29 18:25:29

I like the assistant on the far side particularly.

Very calm approach, with clear signals. If you can portray calm when making a decision it helps to sell it, and encourages the players to also keep calm

GT at 2014-06-29 18:23:52

Excellent non-offside call by the assistant.

Always difficult when players angle their runs

GT at 2014-06-29 18:23:02

We are two-thirds of the way through the game and little mistakes are beginning to appear. That ball was not in the quadrant at the corner kick.

Come on ref, tighten up

GT at 2014-06-29 18:21:34

Very good point raised by Ian M…he is enjoying Mr Proenca’s work on the whole but doesn’t like him touching the players so often.

It’s an interesting point as a referee can often help to build a relationship with players with a little tap on the arm or shoulder, but when is too much, too much?

What do you think? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

GT at 2014-06-29 18:17:39

Goal-line technology stopped any appeal by the Dutch too

GT at 2014-06-29 18:17:15

What a save!

GT at 2014-06-29 18:16:53

Our referees will need to be aware of the Dutch change in tactics now, as they bring on another attacker. Mr Proenca will need to bear that in mind when adjusting his positioning

GT at 2014-06-29 18:15:06

Good work in the last five minutes by our referee.

The game temperature has risen, and he has risen with it

GT at 2014-06-29 18:13:11

Mr Proenca continues to spot the minor fouls, yet keep his cards in his pocket.

We must be getting close to a ‘totting-up’ yellow card soon

GT at 2014-06-29 18:11:45

Glad to see he didn’t use it though.

Why oh why do we need gimmicks like spray paint.

For years referees have used their personalities, whistle and cards to get the walls back 9.15 metres (10 yards)

GT at 2014-06-29 18:10:32

mmmm….no spray paint on this free kick

GT at 2014-06-29 18:09:46

Dos Santos shows great talent and smashes one in from outside of the penalty area.

That will liven things up for our referee. The next 10 minutes will be interesting…

GT at 2014-06-29 18:08:16

Great strike…GOAL!!!

GT at 2014-06-29 18:06:51

Good call.

Like the fact you didn’t get drawn into a yellow card there

GT at 2014-06-29 18:05:53

OK, we’re back in the action.

Come on Mr Proenca…sharpen up on the big calls please

GT at 2014-06-29 18:05:01

…and when you’ve chosen your best team, what about the referee for the final?

Who would you like to see as the man-in-the-middle for the big one?

GT at 2014-06-29 18:03:14

OK – we’ve cleared up the penalty calls.

So, as it’s half-time, let’s have a bit of fun…

We are into the knockout phase of the tournament now and we’ve all had chance to take a good look at all of the teams.

So, including those who have already gone home from the tournament if you wish, what is your best 11? What is your Dream Team? From goalkeeper to centre forward, who gets your vote as the best in their position?

Contact us on with your starting 11 on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

GT at 2014-06-29 18:02:02

Why not red? you may be asking…

The differences are intent and contact.

The Dutch player did not intend or actually endanger the safety of his opponent, who contributed by dipping into the header. That’s why it was yellow card challenge for its reckless nature, and not a red card

GT at 2014-06-29 17:57:51

Whilst the penalty call for the Mexicans midway through the half also looked very strong. In real-time that also looked a definite penalty. Slow motion replay suggests he got that one right as the Dutch player played the ball, but things often look different when slowed right down. It was a reckless challenge on the Mexican, a penalty and yellow card should have followed. You cannot challenge with your feet that high.

GT at 2014-06-29 17:55:46

Some will say Mr Proenca has been sensible and consistent in his application of Law.

I would agree with that, the problem is that his consistency hasn’t always been based upon accuracy.

Robben should have earned a penalty for his side at the end of the game as he was certainly fouled in the area.


GT at 2014-06-29 17:51:17

Let’s tidy them up now we have a few moments…

GT at 2014-06-29 17:50:25

Half-time is on us, and our referee has a few big calls to ponder back in his dressing room…

GT at 2014-06-29 17:49:39

The difference in that call and most of Mr Proenca’s others was his positioning.

He got caught of of position as play did not develop as he expected. He ended up making a poor call from distance

GT at 2014-06-29 17:48:28

Another penalty call goes waved away.

Looked like contact on Robben and a penalty should have been given

GT at 2014-06-29 17:43:39

Excellent positioning to see that free kick. Martens (Netherlands) reacts badly and is lucky not to receive a caution

GT at 2014-06-29 17:42:28

Similar incident there to the one Mexico appealed midway through this half. High challenge, resulting in contact on the attacker.

Looked a good call by the ref and his assistant to me. No penalty

GT at 2014-06-29 17:39:36

Just like the players, our referee will be thinking ‘Not long until half time now, Keep it going until then’

GT at 2014-06-29 17:37:52

I wonder why FIFA went for cooling breaks after 30 minutes of each half, and not half way through each half….

GT at 2014-06-29 17:36:29

Come on referee, don’t start getting tied up in play…adjust your positioning a little or the players will begin losing confidence in you

GT at 2014-06-29 17:35:03

With cooling breaks in place, added time is a factor.

If one team is winning by a solitary goal the last thing they will want is even more time adding on following these breaks. But the referee has to be string and make sure he adds on all time lost

GT at 2014-06-29 17:32:51

The advantage rule is one for the referee to think about today.

With the conditions being so hot and humid, do the players prefer a free-kick, giving them time to exercise training ground routines rather than try to attack in open play?

What are your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

GT at 2014-06-29 17:30:35

The game has settled again, and Mr Proenca’s body language is back to how we saw him in the opening 15 minutes.

Well done ref…

GT at 2014-06-29 17:27:18

Soon be time for our first ‘Cooling Break’ when everyone can take a break for fluids

GT at 2014-06-29 17:26:36

25 minutes in and the game is stepping up for the referees now.

Keep your focus, as the decisions are getting tougher and more frequent as players begin to feel the heat and lose a bit of speed and control in this heat

GT at 2014-06-29 17:25:11

Sensible refereeing there, allowing the Dutch player time to adjust his contact lens

GT at 2014-06-29 17:23:37

I wonder if he is reluctant to caution Robben for simulation there, as he feels he might have missed a penalty, and wants to keep his profile low for the next few minutes?

GT at 2014-06-29 17:22:00

Tough, tough call for the referee there.

Although the Mexican ducked into the challenge, that still looked like it should have been a penalty as he received a couple of kicks to the head

GT at 2014-06-29 17:19:53

Lovely teamwork by our officials.

Shirt pull by van Persie on the ‘blind side’ of the referee. Great spot and flag by the assistant

GT at 2014-06-29 17:18:40

Again, positioning sells the decision for Mr Proenca.

He’s there, solthe players accept his decision yet again…no foul

GT at 2014-06-29 17:17:48

First real chance of the game as Herrera squanders a good opportunity for Mexico

GT at 2014-06-29 17:16:32

Super positioning again from Mr Proenca – definitely not a penalty – his positioning sold the decision to Robben, who never questioned our referee

GT at 2014-06-29 17:14:38

That will give not only the players, but also his referee, added confidence that the assistant knows what he’s doing and can be trusted

GT at 2014-06-29 17:13:41

Excellent work from the assistant referee there…clearly telling the players to take it easy as they challenger each other in front of him.

Great team work

GT at 2014-06-29 17:12:15

Loving Mr Proenca’s positioning today.

He’s not working ridiculously hard – which is very sensible in these conditions – but he’s always there on top of each decision…and that’s the sign of a confident and very competent referee.

Keep up the good work Pedro

GT at 2014-06-29 17:10:12


De Jong has only lasted 9 minutes and is substituted.

As a player with something of a reputation for enjoying a tough challenge, that won’t disappoint our referee

GT at 2014-06-29 17:08:18

A persistent criticism of referees at this World Cup has been their positioning.

But not this man so far today. Good free kick spot their as the Mexican jumps over Robben’s head!

GT at 2014-06-29 17:05:58

We’re only four minutes in and already this looks like a good, confident referee.

This is when you gain the trust of the players…early in the game.

Get them to believe in you early doors and you’ll reap the benefits as the game unfolds

GT at 2014-06-29 17:03:36

Good to see Mr Proenca getting into position nice and early from the restarts.

Do your work early, get there, then take a short rest before play begins again.

Good thinking ref!

GT at 2014-06-29 17:01:38

A couple of ‘nice’, settling decisions for our referee and assistant. Two easy throw-ins to get us all settled

GT at 2014-06-29 17:00:16

And we’re off.

Mr Proenca gets us underway…

GT at 2014-06-29 16:58:48

Don’t you just love the colours and the spectacle a World Cup brings.

Everyone in the crowd singing their hearts out at the national anthems, all full of hope and expectation.

You can’t help but love the game.

Football – it stirs up every possible passion.

Bring it on…

GT at 2014-06-29 16:55:20

It’s almost kick-off time and the players and our referees will have those butterflies in the stomach.

This should be a really good game with a high scoring side up against defensive masters, all being played in sweltering conditions.

GT at 2014-06-29 16:38:55

It’s another really hot and humid day today in Brazil, and our referee is going to have to think carefully about his major priority – the care and welfare of the players.

We are only around 250 miles from the equator for today’s game, and Mr Proenca will have to carefully manage the players and ensure he gives them ample opportunity to take on board plenty of fluids.

The Netherlands’ manager, Louis van Gaal has already tried to use the media again to get across his concerns. He wants FIFA to allow him to place water bottles around the perimeter of the pitch, so his players can take a drink whenever they want.

‘Fine, what’s the problem with that?’ you may think…but it brings extra challenges for our referee. What about Law 12 of The Laws of Association Football, which states that a player should be cautioned if (s)he leaves the field of play without the referee’s permission? Is Mr van Gaal asking FIFA to ignore the Law, or is it another of his mind games and nothing more than a cynical attempt to show his word is the one that counts, and let our referee know that? ? What are your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

GT at 2014-06-29 16:27:37

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s live Refcam analysis.

This should be a belter of a game between the runaway winners of Group B, the Netherlands, and runners-up from Group A, Mexico, to be played at the Estadio CastelaoFortaleza.

The Dutch side has been scoring for fun in the group phase and impressed as the tournament’s top scorers in qualifying with a return of 10 goals, all of which came from open play. Whilst their opponents today, Mexico, only lost out on the top spot in Group A to Brazil by a goal difference of 2, having conceded just 1 goal in their three group games.

So something has to give today….will it be the Dutch masters who dry up in front of goal, or will the water-tight defence of the Mexicans finally open the floodgates and let in a hatful of goals? What are your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

Today sees the return of team captain van Persie for Netherlands, who was suspended for their final Group match. He and team mate Robben have each notched 3 goals so far in the tournament. Meanwhile, Hernandez and Herrera continue to impress for the Mexicans.

So on to today’s referee, Pedro Proenca of Portugal. What do we know about him?

Mr Proenca is a 43 year old financial adviser, and has been refereeing in the Portuguese Liga since 1998. 2012 was his finest year to date as he was chosen as one of the 12 referees to take charge in EURO 2012 where he went on to referee the quarter final between England and Italy. He will, unfortunately, probably be best remembered in that tournament though for accidentally pushing over a player, Keith Andrews, in the group game Spain v Republic of Ireland!  However, it didn’t do our referee any harm as he went on that year to referee BOTH the UEFA Champions League Final (Bayern Munich v Chelsea) and the European Championship Final (Spain v Italy).

Mr Proenca has two fellow countrymen on his lines today, Bertino Miranda and Jose Trigo, with Carlos Vera of Ecuador acting as his 4th official.

The very best of wishes to you and your team today, Pedro – we all hope the ball runs kindly for you today.