Netherlands v Chile

GT at 2014-06-23 18:53:49

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GT at 2014-06-23 18:52:21

It’s all over, and the result is probably a fair one. The Dutch pressed more, attacked better and were value for their 2-0 victory

GT at 2014-06-23 18:51:28

Don’t overlook how hard the ref worked there too, after 92 minutes he still sprinted through the field and was in a good position to see the Dutch score

GT at 2014-06-23 18:50:37

Lovely break by Robben, good finish by Memphis De Pay but the Chileans will feel it all came from a free-kick they were not given.


GT at 2014-06-23 18:47:38

Medel (17 Chile) got away with a blind-side push on his marker but still failed to test the Dutch ‘keeper

GT at 2014-06-23 18:46:45

Kuyt leaves us with his work done for the day

GT at 2014-06-23 18:45:45

Very good to see the ref remove him and let the Chileans take a corner against 10 men

GT at 2014-06-23 18:45:14

Oh how I dislike this….I bet Kuyt wouldn’t be suffering cramp if they were chasing the game

GT at 2014-06-23 18:43:43

Super offside from the AR. You may think it’s a straight forward one, but remember he’s not had a great deal to do. Very good concentration that man!

GT at 2014-06-23 18:42:32

Excellent call from Mr Gassama as Robben throws himself at a Chilean and looked for a foul that didn’t exist

GT at 2014-06-23 18:41:28

Good call again referee….no penalty for Chile

GT at 2014-06-23 18:40:50

If the Netherlands take 9 points from their opening 3 three games, it will mirror their efforts at the last World Cup in 2010 when they went on to reach the final

GT at 2014-06-23 18:39:10

Definitely not a penalty for handball

GT at 2014-06-23 18:38:39

And here’s another striker coming on for Chile

GT at 2014-06-23 18:38:00

Immediately after a goal has been scored is always a time of heightened-activity. Be on your mettle Mr Gassama

GT at 2014-06-23 18:37:09

Chile has to attack now or settle for probably meeting Brazil in the next round

GT at 2014-06-23 18:36:00

Is that the first time Fer (18 Netherlands) has touched the ball since coming on?

GT at 2014-06-23 18:35:01

and there’s the header we could expect from the tall Dutch.

1-0 GAME ON!!

GT at 2014-06-23 18:34:25

Great effort. Even better save by the Chilean stopper

GT at 2014-06-23 18:33:10

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GT at 2014-06-23 18:32:07

It’ll be a surprise if the Chileans win with a header today…the Dutch are the tallest nation with an average height of 184cm for men and 170cm for their women!

GT at 2014-06-23 18:29:10

With 20 minutes to go, it’s time for the answer to my half-time teaser. The only other time these two sides met it ended 2-2 during the 1928 Olympic tournament. The Dutch ‘won’ the tie after drawing lots!!

GT at 2014-06-23 18:27:19

A statement of intention from Chile, as they bring on another attacker.

Meanwhile, the Dutch also make a change with Lens coming off after a pretty poor game on his part.

GT at 2014-06-23 18:25:50

Surely De Jong will soon cop for a yellow card. He has broken up a lot of play today with niggly, little fouls

GT at 2014-06-23 18:24:27

Lovely play by the tournament’s joint top scorer, Robben. Good run and dribbling followed by a strong effort on goal

GT at 2014-06-23 18:22:46

Blind (5 Netherlands) finds his way into Mr Gassama’s notebook. Not a big foul, but he is certainly guilty on the totting-up system. Well done ref

GT at 2014-06-23 18:21:39

Excellent call by the ref – no penalty. But where was the support from his AR….that had to be a corner

GT at 2014-06-23 18:18:59

Ref has his back to his AR too often. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but SORT OUT YOUR POSITIONING!!

GT at 2014-06-23 18:16:28

That’s naughty, Dirk Kuyt. Good to see the ref having a word

GT at 2014-06-23 18:14:02

I’d like to see the AR on the far side ‘bouncing’ more. He is still too often, looks flat-footed and doesn’t give the impression that he’s ready to explode into a fast sprint at any time

GT at 2014-06-23 18:12:38

Don’t run across the players natural path Mr Referee. It’s that positioning problem again…

GT at 2014-06-23 18:10:39

The game is ‘flat’ at the moment, and not living up to the expectation we gave it. This result would suit the Netherlands, so it’s really up to Chile to press more for the win

GT at 2014-06-23 18:08:41

Good to see Patrick Kluivert on the Dutch bench. He is their top scorer of all-time with 40 goals. Has he got some boots with him?!?

GT at 2014-06-23 18:06:33

Good non-foul by the ref and his AR

GT at 2014-06-23 18:05:14

Have a word Mr Gassama

GT at 2014-06-23 18:03:52

Come on, let’s have an early goal

GT at 2014-06-23 18:03:08

Time to get back to the football…

GT at 2014-06-23 18:02:57

It’s the Dutch…they are the world’s biggest drinkers of coffee after the Scandinavians, drinking an average of 3.2 cups a day!

GT at 2014-06-23 18:01:55

What about a little caffeine-related quizzing?!!?

Which country do you think drinks the most coffee? Chile or Netherlands?

GT at 2014-06-23 17:59:33

How about a bit of useless trivia brighten up your half time break?

Does anyone know the score on the one and only time these two sides ever met previously? Give yourself and point if you get the correct answer, and a bonus point if you can say how the game was decided?

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GT at 2014-06-23 17:55:13

Whilst the Netherlands don’t beat South American opposition in their own back yards, Chile have never won three consecutive World Cup games in the same tournament.

Let’s hope at least one team breaks with tradition and fires a scorcher into the net. The game needs it to open it up

GT at 2014-06-23 17:52:59

A steady, some might say solid enough 45 minutes from our Gambian colleague. His decision making is sound enough, but he doesn’t add that little bit of polish we expect from the cream of FIFAs referees. Get a little closer to play; boss the players more; and be aware of game breaking fouls – the little ones which individually don’t merit a caution but spoil the flow of the match

GT at 2014-06-23 17:50:19

Perhaps history should have taught us to expect this though…the Dutch have failed to win their two games against South American opposition whenever the World Cup has been held in that continent (0-0 v Peru and 1-3 v Argentina in 1978)

GT at 2014-06-23 17:48:02

With two of the tournaments top scorers available to the Dutch, both teams scoring for fun in their opening two games, who would have thought we would have seen only two decent efforts and stalemate after 45 minutes?

GT at 2014-06-23 17:44:28

Good question Ian M – no the rules haven’t changed and Robben should not be wearing a ring whether taped-over or not. The referee, his ARs or the 4th official should have spotted that and dealt with it before we got going

GT at 2014-06-23 17:42:37

Oh dear Lens…not a lot of confidence in your own ability there

GT at 2014-06-23 17:40:08

Great advantage played by our man. Great, clear signal this time too. What a shame Robben didn’t put the cherry on the cake for you

GT at 2014-06-23 17:39:11

Stop these players brandishing imaginary cards

GT at 2014-06-23 17:38:30

Nothing wrong with the call for the non-penalty….you’re just not finishing off your decision making. The players will trust you more if they see you doing so

GT at 2014-06-23 17:37:16

I’d love to see him speak with Alexis (Chile 7) about going down too easily. May be not by stopping play, but make sure you catch him as you run past

GT at 2014-06-23 17:36:00

Netherlands have only 62% accuracy on their passing this half. Who would’ve thought it?

GT at 2014-06-23 17:35:14

Oh dear…Netherlands 3 should have done better with the header

GT at 2014-06-23 17:34:06

Good spot for a foul by Jara (Chile 19)

GT at 2014-06-23 17:33:25

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GT at 2014-06-23 17:32:09

Never a penalty in a thousand years. Good call

GT at 2014-06-23 17:31:23

A third of the game has gone. Only one decent chance created by either side. Ref is doing ok but needs to adjust his positioning for me

GT at 2014-06-23 17:29:58

Again….good spot for a foul on the Dutch but you’re too far away to add credibility to your decision making

GT at 2014-06-23 17:28:52

wow…the Dutch keeper left that a long time before clearing it

GT at 2014-06-23 17:27:30

Get out of the way referee!

GT at 2014-06-23 17:26:15

Excellent work by the AR to confirm that free kick did not cross for a goal kick

GT at 2014-06-23 17:25:35

That’s more like it. Obvious foul by Chile 5 (Silva) and definitely a caution. You cannot pull opponent’s shirts

GT at 2014-06-23 17:23:56

I’ve a feeling our ref played a good advantage there, but didn’t give the signal. Come on….take the glory my friend!

GT at 2014-06-23 17:22:48

First real chance of the game as Chile blaze one over the bar

GT at 2014-06-23 17:22:04

I like to see a laid-back approach as much as the next man, but there are times when you have to have a word Mr Gassama

GT at 2014-06-23 17:21:02

Another little foul well-spotted but no follow-up from the ref

GT at 2014-06-23 17:20:19

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GT at 2014-06-23 17:19:00

Good spot by the ref, definitely a foul but I’d like to see you talking to the players more

GT at 2014-06-23 17:17:24

He’s not going to be asking for a DVD of that offside call on his Christmas present list

GT at 2014-06-23 17:15:57

First big call for the AR – didn’t look the best one he’ll ever make

GT at 2014-06-23 17:14:30

Come on now, too many little game spoiling fouls here. Time to have a word with someone

GT at 2014-06-23 17:12:50

Again, not sure what the Dutch player did wrong there? If our ref was closer maybe he would see these challenges more clearly

GT at 2014-06-23 17:11:30

Would like to see you getting a bit closer to active play and ‘boss’ the players in these early excahnges

GT at 2014-06-23 17:10:52

You’re a long way from play there Mr Gassama

GT at 2014-06-23 17:09:18

Surprised to see Netherlands hitting long, hopeful balls upfield. Where has the ‘Total Football’ gone?

GT at 2014-06-23 17:08:24

Not a great deal in that challenge, but an understandable free kick

GT at 2014-06-23 17:06:42

We’re only 6 minutes in but that was a heck of a sprint from our referee. Well done that man!

GT at 2014-06-23 17:05:48

Good spot for the handball

GT at 2014-06-23 17:05:35

Chile look prepared to play slowly, slowly…then break quickly football. Let’s hope Mr Gassama is ready to go with it

GT at 2014-06-23 17:04:10

Looked like the AR missed a touch by the Dutch player there. Should have been a Chile throw in

GT at 2014-06-23 17:01:40

Ref got caught out of position there, did he miss a foul on the Chilean?

GT at 2014-06-23 17:00:13

…and we’re away with Chile taking the kick-off.


GT at 2014-06-23 16:56:53

Not long to go until kick-off now, buckle yourselves in, I think this one could be a cracker

GT at 2014-06-23 16:50:44

Looking ahead to the game itself, the free scoring Dutch side has been a joy to watch. They thrashed World Cup holders Spain 5-1 in their opening game, followed by a much closer 3-2 win over Australia, leading them to the top of Group B. However, this will be no walk in the park for them today as they meet Chile, a team in top form who trail their opponents only on goal difference in Group B. Many peoples surprise team of the tournament, Chile, has not been shy in front of goal either; smashing in 5 goals in their opening 2 games in which we saw them also put 3 past Australia followed by a 2-0 defeat of that disappointing Spain side.

So…2 sides, 13 goals scored between them in 4 games, with just 4 conceded. Anyone fancy another goal-fest today, or will they cancel each other out? Tell us your prediction by contacting us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

GT at 2014-06-23 16:43:04

I see the Netherlands’ Manager – who is also the incoming manager of Manchester United FC -Louis van Gaal, has already begun Fergiestyle mind games. Attempting to get into the head of tonight’s referee (Bakary Gassama of Gambia) by highlighting the two penalties which have gone against his side, both of which he feels were incorrectly given. We have seen this too many times from the former Red Devils’ supremo. Let us hope that Mr Gassama is not easily fooled or hoodwinked by these frankly tiresome tactics. Why don’t managers just leave the referees alone to do their jobs? The referees don’t find it necessary to public lament the performances of managers, so why should it be accepted as ‘normal’ practice the other way around? What are your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

GT at 2014-06-23 16:24:57

What do we know about today’s referee, Bakary Gassama of Gambia?

Mr Gassama is 35 years of age, and has been a FIFA Referee since 2007, and lists his hobbies as football – which should prove handy later! He officiated at the 2012 Olympics, where he acted as 4th Official for the Gold Medal match between Mexico and Brazil. Today’s match is his first at the 2014 World Cup and he will, no doubt, be feeling the excitement and apprehension we have all felt on these occasions. Good luck to you and your team, Bakary – we are all hoping the ball runs kindly for you.

GT at 2014-06-23 16:23:38

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s live Refcam analysis.

What a game this should be. The Group B shoot-out between Netherlands and Chile, coming from the 62,600 capacity Arena Corinthians in Sao Paolo. Both teams have already qualified for the knockout phase but this match will determine who goes through in top-spot, where they are likely to meet Croatia or Mexico, whilst the Group runners-up should meet our World Cup hosts Brazil.