Manchester United v Tottenham


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Thanks for tuning in for our coverage of two Premiership games this afternoon. Why not tune in this evening, KO 9pm, when the game between New York City v New England Revolution continues our new venture in featuring games from the MLS.

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There can be no doubt that the game was brought to safe and successful conclusion by the match officials was no controversy to speak about, just what  the referee and his team would have wished for at 4 o’clock.

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We can only describe the referee’s performance as “solid”. Some may argue that Kyle Walker was fortunate not to receive a caution but in the context of the game this did not effect his match control in any way. Mark’s control was never in doubt from minute 1 and he must be very pleased with this afternoon’s work.


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Just the 2 minutes of additional time.


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this game has been an object lesson on minimal input gaining maximum effect in terms of involvement of the team of match officials. Provided they negotiate the next 3 minutes, there will be no discussion at all with regard to the decision making of the team.


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Yet another decision given by the Referee from an ideal position, his combination of fitness, movement and anticipation of play means that many decisions are given form 10-15 meters away.


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Mmm – would you have issued a caution to Walker for his late challenge, perhaps in a different game at a different time, but has that decision to just warn Walker but his control at risk ….


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Keep the focus, refereeing team, it’s so easy for the concentration to waiver …….


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The game has gone totally dead in terms of physicality, not the Mark and his team will mind not too much


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a commendable delay used by Mark in that situation to see if an advantage would accrue to Manchester United when Rose offended. Nothing materialised, so Mark quite correctly returned the original foul and awarded a freekick.


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15 minutes of the second half gone. Mark Clattenburg must be very pleased with the way the game has gone so far.  Just one, totally justifie,  caution to Mata, coupled with solid overall decision-making, has meant that the focus has been away from the refereeing team. Let’s hope it stays that way for the remaining 30 minutes.


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As Manchester United continue to play ‘keep ball’, with no major attacking intent, Tottenham’s frustrations will increase and it’s something that the referee needs to monitor.


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So, are we about to see the biggest comeback in the Premier league so far this season or are United about to see the game out safely …..

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Thank you to Shane Mansfield @MMAShane for his tweet, this is frightening


Half Time

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Half Time

There is a coaching adage in refereeing which states that “Refereeing starts when the ball is not in play!” This has certainly been the case here in the 1st half, with the ball in play for the majority of the time, which in a sense has deflected the attention away from the match officials. Let’s hope that Mark and his team can keep the same low-profile of the second-half, although here at you are the ref we envisage that the away team will be fired up by their management during the interval, something for the referee to keep a close eye on.

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Half Time

Well Paddy Power and others would have given you very good odds on this half-time scoreline, it’s a surprise to us all. How does the scoreline effect the match officials approach to the second-half, if at all?



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Half Time

Tottenham will be pleased to hear the half-time whistle !


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Have you also noticed how the referee is invariably standing still when he makes key decisions?’ he often sprints well into the optimum position, and stops just prior to the incident occurring, which is serving him well.


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Manchester United domination the game could lead issues for the refereeing team as Tottenham’s frustrations increase. It is something that Mark Clattenburg needs to keep an eye on for the remaining 10 minutes of this half


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GOAL!3- 0 Wayne Rooney – don’t you just love the celebration



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Yellow Card

1st caution game to Mata After 32 minutes was totally justified and significantly drew no objections from the home team players






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Good to see Wayne Rooney and Mark Clattenburg enjoying a lighter moment in the heat of the battle!


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This meant that he was ideally placed to judge the people offence committed by Kyle Walker close the touchline

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Have you noticed the referee’s patrol path as United are developing the majority of their attacks deep on the left. He is sometimes sprinting towards the edge of the D in the “inside left” channel and then applying the brakes to ensure that he does not become involved in play. This is best practice and it is certainly working for him today

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GOAL! whoosh 2-0, Carrick scores with a clever and Spurs have mounting problems …. another trigger point for the referee to monitor


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Two quick examples of Mark keeping things tight, two penal offences given with the space of one minute


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Goals are often ‘trigger points’ in terms of increasing the temperature of the game, it’s time to keep a tight rein on proceedings for the next 10 minutes until the game settles down


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GOAL! Well that sets the game up nicely – Fellaini opens the scoring inside the first 10 minutes


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Good early game awareness by the referee, doing well to recognise the foul by Danny Blind


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Here we go ……

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Marks’ colleagues this afternoon are Harry Lennard and Simon Beck, with Bobby Madley on 4th officials duties.

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The teams are on the way – this should be a cracker ….

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3 points for Tottenham this afternoon will take them level on points with their opponents this afternoon, so they have a particular incentive to win the game. This is of course a key fixture in the fight for 4th place in the Premiership and a place the Champions League for next season, so Mark and his team need to be switched on from minute 1.

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Ever since Michael Oliver’s display during the week, when he produced properly the best refereeing performance we have seen so far this season, the standards have been better and let’s hope things go as well for Mark Clattenburg and his colleagues this afternoon.

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Did you catch our coverage of Chelsea v Southampton earlier this afternoon, with the exception of a missed caution for Matic, Mike Dean’s refereeing was solid and he enjoyed a good game.


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Welcome to our coverage from Old Trafford of this key Premiership fixture