Manchester United v Newcastle United


GT at 2015-08-22 14:47:57

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There is, of course, loads of other great content on the website including ‘The Ref Show’ when, on Monday, I shall offer more refelction on the weekend’s games and that remarkable statement by the PGMOL in which they attempt to clarify the offside law. Of course, today’s offside decision will also be on the agenda!

There is also a great feature called ‘Cards on the Table’ and, of course, the superb ‘Hackett’s Blog’ where the former top referee and General Manager of the PGMOL continues to offer his insight into how English refereeing standards could be improved.

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GT at 2015-08-22 14:46:19

As for our referees today…

Craig Pawson was excellent.

From the first to the last minute he judged his involvement really well. Not overly-fussy, but also never shirking his responsibilities.

Stuart Burt had a decent game on the bench-side line with little to do in terms of key match incidents.

The big talking point, and one which is currently dividing opinion, surrounds Lee Betts’ ruling out the Rooney strike on goal after only 5 minutes.

Many agree with me that the ‘goal’ should have stood but others believe Betts called it correctly as some pictures are being used to try and support him. My point is this…if ‘stills’ are to be used then they need to be taken when the pass to Rooney was actually made, not a split second later as that distorts the facts. Also, trying to use a Rooney knee as a reason to support the offside call can only be taken if we then consider the defender’s leg also.

For me, it remains a poor decision and one which cost Rooney his first goal in ten outings.

But what do you think?

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GT at 2015-08-22 14:38:06

What a fabulous finale to the game.

All it lacked was a goal, which probably highlights the problems Manchester United have…the lack of a true goal scorer.

As for Newcastle, they worked their socks off and deserved a point for their endeavours, and may even have stolen all three points at the end.

GT at 2015-08-22 14:36:20

And that’s it…

Full Time

GT at 2015-08-22 14:35:28

With one minute to go, Craig spots another deflection.

Good work referee – corner to Manchester

GT at 2015-08-22 14:33:10

And as Manchester hit the post, Newcastle go straight up the other end and are inches away from a winner

GT at 2015-08-22 14:32:18

That’s the regular 90 minutes up….Craig has added 4 more.

These will be nerve-tingling as Manchester continue to throw everything at their opponents.

GT at 2015-08-22 14:30:25

Mitrovic makes way for Cisse as Newcastle look to take away a valuable point from Old Trafford

GT at 2015-08-22 14:29:45

This time it’s Rooney who is livid at one of Craig’s decisions as a free kick goes against him.

But Craig has been consistent with those all day.

GT at 2015-08-22 14:28:02

Newcastle are screaming for a foul as Manchester swing in a corner but Craig is correct again….no foul

GT at 2015-08-22 14:25:59

To coin a phrase…Newcastle are defending with The Bible in one hand as we enter the final 6 minutes, but they stand resolute

GT at 2015-08-22 14:23:18

Superb advantage played again by Craig, and if Rooney was quicker over the ground he would have been in on goal there

GT at 2015-08-22 14:22:02

Following a great chance which Hernandez wasted, Craig is excellent again in spotting a free kick to Newcastle

GT at 2015-08-22 14:20:16

Our referee has judged his involvement superbly today.

Low key without being absent when needed.

Well done, Craig Pawson.

GT at 2015-08-22 14:19:39

At the same time Tiote comes on for Perez for Newcastle

76 minutes

GT at 2015-08-22 14:18:44

In his last throw of the dice, Louis van Gaal makes his third substitution as Valencia takes over from Garmian

GT at 2015-08-22 14:16:21

With only 15 minutes to go the scores remain level at 0-0 but with 12 attempts on goal, of which 6 were on target, the home side show their lack of firepower this season

GT at 2015-08-22 14:15:02

Mata is furious at not getting a foul but Craig did really well as the Newcastle man was simply too strong for Mata in the challenge

GT at 2015-08-22 14:13:53

Thauvin’s first contribution is a foul…and he was lucky it didn’t bring a caution


GT at 2015-08-22 14:12:27

…and it is.

Well done, Craig. The Manchester full back lost his man and cynically puled him back Yellow Card

GT at 2015-08-22 14:11:49

That has to be a caution for Luke Shaw

69 minutes

GT at 2015-08-22 14:11:04

The Magpies’ new signing Florian Thauvin makes his entrance into the Premier League as he takes over from Obertan

GT at 2015-08-22 14:09:22

Manchester make their second substitution as they look for a goal.

This time it’s Hernandez who comes into the action with the fortunate Januzaj making way for him.

GT at 2015-08-22 14:08:58

Good teamwork between Stuart Burt and Craig as they correctly award a free kick to Newcastle

GT at 2015-08-22 14:08:06

Another good advantage played by Craig as Manchester attack

GT at 2015-08-22 14:07:24

Craig shows a great deal of leniency with Januzaj who overplays a ball and throws himself to the ground.

He could not have complained if he had received a caution for that.

GT at 2015-08-22 14:05:49

Memphis has a strike at goal which Craig does really well to spot comes off a Newcastle defender.

Good decision referee.

GT at 2015-08-22 14:02:39

An hour played and Smalling is correctly penalised for a foul on Coloccini, he had his arms all over the Magpies’ captain

GT at 2015-08-22 14:01:18

First change of the game as Schweinsteiger makes way for Michael Carrick

GT at 2015-08-22 14:01:00

Poor offside decision by Stuart Burt – Smalling was onside when that high ball was played in.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:59:32

Yellow Card for Obertan after pushing over Memphis. That was probably just as much for his earlier falling-out with Januzaj

GT at 2015-08-22 13:56:15

Januzaj and Anita have a little ‘spat’ and our referee deals with it very sensibly.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:53:25

Good advantage played by Craig as Newcastle break from their own half

GT at 2015-08-22 13:50:12

Quickly followed by an early offside decision as Obertan drifts off for Newcastle

1 minute

GT at 2015-08-22 13:49:15

An early free kick this half too, as Schweinsteiger brings down his opponent

GT at 2015-08-22 13:47:14

Here we go again, as the second half gets under way with Manchester taking the kick off

GT at 2015-08-22 13:43:05

The Lee Betts decision is certainly causing some discussion.

There are some trying to support his call for offside against Rooney saying that the Manchester United striker’s leg was offside.

My view is, take a look at the defender’s leg beyond him as that played him on.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:37:10

Rooney makes his feelings clear to Lee Betts as they walk off the field of play.

In a half which opened up with Manchester completely dominating then following a tactical adjustment by Newcastle Manager McLaren Newcastle came back into it, and could have taken the lead when Mitrovic rattled the crossbar.

However, the big decision of the half belongs to assistant referee Lee Betts who signalled offside for Rooney’s ‘goal’ to be disallowed.

Another poor, poor lining decision and one which highlights yet again the lack of quality on the Select Group.

Is it just that the assistants are not good enough, or is it the lack of a quality Coach which has seen standards plummet so low, so quickly? Or weak management which is reactionary rather than evolutionary?

Let us know what you think and give us your views by contacting us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

GT at 2015-08-22 13:31:45

And that is our lot for the first half…

Half Time

GT at 2015-08-22 13:30:40

That’s the end of the first 45 minutes, just one added minute to go on

GT at 2015-08-22 13:28:09

Luckily for our referee, nothing comes from his error.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:27:47

There will be trouble here if Newcastle score from this corner as it was clearly a goal kick for Manchester

GT at 2015-08-22 13:26:40

Luke Shaw is correctly penalised by Lee Betts for offside.

A regulation call that one as the Manchester man was almost static when the pass was made.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:25:00

Corner to Newcastle with just 5 minutes of regular time to go

GT at 2015-08-22 13:24:24

Chris Smalling is unhappy as Craig pulls him up for a foul on Mitrovic, but our referee was correct again.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:23:18

Memphis shows the poorest side of his character as he throws himself to the ground after losing the ball.

Craig isn’t fooled though, and ignores the Manchester player’s appeals for a foul.

Well done again, Craig.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:21:48

Stuart Burt shows how it should be done as he correctly applies the wait-and-see technique before correctly signalling for offside against Newcastle.

Good work, Stuart.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:17:56

Superb advantage played by our referee as Newcastle press

GT at 2015-08-22 13:16:24

Half an hour has passed, and the only question is…how is this one still goalless?

Good game, excellent refereeing, indifferent lining…

GT at 2015-08-22 13:11:40

It’s end-to-end at the moment and Craig is showing excellent fitness levels, movement and reading of the game.

Good work, referee.

23 minutes

GT at 2015-08-22 13:09:20

Mitrovic rattles the Manchester crossbar with a powerful header

GT at 2015-08-22 13:08:14

We are half way through the first period and Craig has settled into this one really well.

Stuart Burt has had little to do as Manchester are doing most of the attacking.

….and I’m afraid Lee Betts has had a bit of a nightmare.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:06:40

Quickly followed by the second caution as Haidara is late into a challenge and picks up a deserved yellow card.

Well done, Craig Yellow Card


GT at 2015-08-22 13:04:56

Darmian (MUFC 36) receives the first yellow card of the day, and deservedly so for another foul.

He’s had that one coming Yellow Card

GT at 2015-08-22 13:03:36

Good positioning by Craig as he is right on the spot to see Newcastle’s attack broken up by a foul.

Well done, referee.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:02:33

Betts is back in action as he calls another offside against United.

Memphis was offside this time.

GT at 2015-08-22 13:00:39

15 minutes into the game and it’s all Manchester at the moment.

Unfortunately the game is likely to be remembered again for yet another major error by a match official.

GT at 2015-08-22 12:57:14

…but Mata’s tame effort finds Tim Krul

GT at 2015-08-22 12:56:40

Our referee has, at least, started well though as Craig spots another foul for United, giving them a free kick in a dangerous place…

GT at 2015-08-22 12:55:01

What on earth is happening with our ‘top level’ assistant referees?

This cannot continue.

Week after week, season after season, games are being decided by poor decision making.

Let us know what you think and give us your views by contacting us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

GT at 2015-08-22 12:53:18

I’m afraid Lee Betts has opened his account today with a howler, as that Rooney ‘goal’ should have stood.

That’s the last thing the game, and the PGMOL needed, in a week of utter confusion surrounding the offside law.

GT at 2015-08-22 12:50:16

First big decision of the game as Rooney thought he had ended his 9-game goal-drought, but his is called marginally offside

26 seconds

GT at 2015-08-22 12:46:55

1st foul of the game by Mitrovic (NUFC)

GT at 2015-08-22 12:45:35

Newcastle United take the kick-off and get us under way…

GT at 2015-08-22 12:38:16

It’s almost time for kick-off at Old Trafford…

GT at 2015-08-22 12:25:34

As for our referees today…

Craig Pawson is back on a ‘live TV’ game, just five days after we saw him at Liverpool v Bournemouth.

The Sheffield-based whistler will be hoping for an a quieter day at the office after being roundly criticised by Cherries’ Manager Eddie Howe on Monday night for disallowing a headed ‘goal’ and then seeing his newly-promoted team lose to a clearly offside goal.

This is Craig’s 35th top-flight game since making his debut in March 2013, when he refereed the clash between Swansea City and one of today’s teams Newcastle United. In that time he has issued 113 cautions and 7 red cards.

Lee Betts and Stuart Burt are Craig’s assistant referees today and were also out on last Saturday’s YATR Refcam game (Southampton v Everton). Their day went somewhat better, and Craig will be looking for them to put in further good performances.

Monday’s game at Liverpool, which was also covered by YATR Refcam, proved the old adage that ‘An assistant referee cannot make a bad referee look good, but he can make a good referee look bad.’

Heaven knows there is a dearth of talent on the Select Group’s list of assistants, and this duet should be looking to take advantage of that by forming a strong partnership, much in the same way as some did back in the days when there was a wealth of ability at the PGMOL’s disposal.

In the week that the PGMOL offered clarification on the new interpretation of the offside law…just a thought, but shouldn’t you have sorted that out BEFORE the season began, not two rounds in?…let’s hope Lee and Stuart are better prepared than their Coach.

Kevin Friend makes up the quartet today as fourth official.

Everyone at YATR is hoping for a top quality display from our officials today, and we hope the game goes smoothly for you all…

12.45 (GMT)

GT at 2015-08-22 12:09:30

Hi everyone, and welcome to today’s live Refcam commentary.

Old Trafford sees Manchester United host Newcastle United in this clash.

Fresh from their midweek UEFA Champions League qualifying success over Club Brugge, United will be hoping for more of the same from their expensively-assembled squad.

Red Devils’ supremo Louis van Gaal has again splashed the cash this summer and needs to deliver silverware or questions will be asked over his judgment after spending over £150 million last season followed by further big-money signings this time around in Bastian Schweinsteiger, Memphis Depay, Matteo Darmian and Morgan Schneiderlin.

Hoping to upset them today is a Newcastle United team under the guidance of their new manager, Steve McLaren.

Having only escaped falling out of the Premier League on the final day of last season, the Toon Army have McLaren sharply in their focus as the former England boss looks to shake-off past disappointments and lead this fanatically-supported club to glory.

The black-and-whites were heartened to see captain Fabricio Coloccini sign a contract extension, and with almost £40 million further having been spent this summer, owner Mike Ashley has shown faith in his latest manager.

With the attacking forces of Aleksandar Mitrovic and Papiss Cisse supported by attacking midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum, who would bet against The Magpies taking something from today’s game?

There is plenty of talent on show here today, and this fixture has provided no less than 12 goals in the previous three encounters, so sit back and enjoy our Refcam coverage.

If you wish to join in please do so by contacting us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at