Manchester United -v- Manchester City


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In summary, I would compliment to Mark Clattenburg and his team, I feel that he has arbitrated (rather than refereed) this game to a high standard. The only decision of any doubt was his call in allowing Kompany to remain on the field after a ‘studs up’ high late tackle on an opponent. That opponent Blind probably helped by not embellishing the situation as the officials conferred to decide on a caution. That apart Clattenburg was calm, composed and accurate with his decision making and his. Lose proximity to play demonstrated a high standard of fitness and a comprehensive reading of the game. It was a great advert for Premier League football as United dominated the Derby. Well done!  Let us have your views through the usual channels and stay with us later tonight for MLS Soccer on You-Are-The-Ref. Thanks for your company this afternoon. Full Time

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Time Allowed of 3 minutes displayed by Jon Moss as City press for another goal.

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More Clattenburg Magic as he gets right into the corner to monitor a potential problem as Blind attacks down the United left. His position was superb as Carrick limps off leaving United with 10 men. Two minutes to go as Aguero scores for City. GOAL!

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Falcao on for Fellaini as United absorbe time as we enter the final 7 minutes.

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Ten minutes to go and Di Maria comes on for United to replace Juan Mata.

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Jones off – Rojo on for United on 75 minutes. The City heads are down and the referee will need to remain in full concentration mode to manage any frustration that might surface.

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Quickly in again to award a throw in with Rooney in close proximity. A vital referee skill is anticipating potential problem areas and imposing a close presence. Goal United as Smalling scores United a 4th goal. GOAL!Good offside judgement from Jake Collins and that should be game over. Navas off for Lampard for City.

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More astute movement by the referee as from squeezing on the assistant’s side he penetrated on his own patrol path to give another award in the final third from an excellent position. He really has developed this aspect of his game in the recent past.

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Goal United as Mata conversation a lovely move down the United left. Next goal is critical! GOAL!

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City sub pending as Mark delays the award of an obvious free kick to see if advantage could accrue. Better to give the free kick in that position as City sub Milner for Nasri. Spray time at the freekick but it comes to nothing.

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Good to see the referee ‘squeezing play’ in his assistants area to ensure that he was an effective distance from play. Flag over-ruled at offside to keep play moving as the City keeper had the ball. Corner to City with 60 minutes gone but it. Ones to nothing.

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Delivering accurate decisions by the referee to the expectation and perception of the players is an important skill which if successfully carried out negates dissent following the award. A close proximity to the incident is vital to effectively sell the decision.

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Rooney thought he was fouled just before a foul on Mata was given. Rooney was theatrical and guilty of eembeliehment before four shots were effectively blocked by the City defence. Mark surrounded by the players as Fellaini and Demichelis clash. Drop ball the result and the effective management of a potentially threatening situation to control. The players accepted his calm and composed defusion of the incident.


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Excellent goal kick decision awarded by pressing into the final third by the referee.

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Flag for a foul on Carrick correctly displayed as the teamwork between the officials continues to be a feature of control.

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What changes will the managers have made to their tactical formations? Adjustments to the referee’s positioning might be necessary as he watches to see what changes have been made by the managers. Remember that the tactical formations of the teams (4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 5-3-2-1) have different positional requirements for the referee to get the best viewing angles without being in the way of play. Substitutions for injured players do not normally sound alarm bells for the referee to raise their game, unlike tactical changes which can cause a temporary threat to control. The player entering the field of play, in Law, must not enter until his team mate has left and a good ploy for officials is to slow down the change over when the tempo has increased.

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The whistle blows for the start of the final 45 minutes of this crucial game. Keith Hackett recently extolled the virtues of ‘ten minute refereeing’ and that is something that Mark will have been working on during this season as he breaks the game down into manageable chunks of officiating. This has worked during the first half with all his decisions having full credibility and delivered from close proximity. The two talking points from the first half will have been ‘offside or not’ on the second United goal and if the challenge by Vincent Kompany just before half time was worthy of more than a yellow card! In terms of the first incident, for me the spirit of ‘level being onside’ was applied by Simon Beck and on the Kompany challenge, the decision was carefully considered before the yellow card was shown. It could have gone either way – yellow or red (on replays it was red!) – but in terms of ‘managing the event’ , I would support the officials with their decision. It was a joint-decision between the referee and assistant and they deserve credit for the composed manner in which it was achieved, right decision or not. Kompany has been substituted at the start of the second half – replaced by Mengala which demonstrates good player management following his caution.

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Half TimeFoul by Fellaini ends the half which had everything! A terrific advert for the League with both teams giving their all and the arbitration of the officials adding to the flow and movement of the game. Let us have your views during the half time interval via the usual methods.Half Time

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Kompany foul and a consultation with AR Collin results in. Caution for KompanyYellow Card it was possibly ‘orange’ caused by a lack of composure when on another day he might have seen red. Clattenburg showed admirable. Opposite in considering all aspects of the incident before he. I pleated his disciplinary sanction. 2 minutes added.

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Five minutes to half time as Young looks bemused when a throw in given to City. Beautifully communicated by the referee.

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Offside again as the pundits feel that the second United goal should have been flagged offside. In the spirit of the Law it was the correct decision as the perceived offside was a bit of the shoulder of his shirt. Well done AR Beck for me! Milner is earning ironic cheers for his level of ambition exceeding his skill level!

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The offside flag saved a potential problem as the ball struck a City arm in the area. Good offside again by Simon Beck.

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Advantage played on halfway when it was only possession and the freekick would have been better. Late, reckless challenge by Silva correctly earns a caution. Yellow Card

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A foul by Jones correctly awarded before City earn another corner. The header goes tamely wide fora United goal kick.

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30 minutes gone as Silva commits a foul before City win the ball back. The tempo has increased and the officials have moved with it.

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A slip by Toure correctly judged despite him wanting a free kick. Dialogue followed which underlined the incident. Goal United – Fellaini with a header from close range – good offside judgement by Simon BeckGOAL! he looked level and in the spirit of the law, correct to allow the goal.

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Milner earns the first caution of the game for a holding offence on 24 minutes – a good time to impose authority! Yellow Card

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20 minutes gone and in terms of Keith Hackett’s ’10 minute refereeing’ guide, this is the way to do it. Impose your personality on the game (as he did in the Clichy situation) by using appropriate dialogue, but let the players express themselves and give them the opportunity to do that.

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Astute positioning in the inside left channel by Mark kept him out of the players space – something that less experienced referees need to consider.

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Two goals in the first 15 minutes. Pulsating game and capably managed by referee Clattenburg so far. His close proximity and quality of decision making have been assets in his performance

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City have their first freekick but it. Ones to nothing as Clicy makes a careless tackle to earn a firm word from the referee. Good flag by Simon Beck to help the decision – Young equalises for United after a long De Gea clearance. GOAL!

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Mark will be aware that goals change games and his midfield judgement before the goal looked good. Another City Gould gives United a freekick which is wasted. 10 minutes gone.

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inside 8 minutes Aguero scores for City. – superb pass to create the goal.GOAL!

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City with the first chance but De Gea saves with his feet. Corner to City followed by another. Desperate defending by United saves the day as City turn the screw on the hosts.

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There are already signs of high player commitment as they challenge for the ball. The referee will have done his homework on both teams in an attempt to be in total control. He’ll be aware of where his problems might arise and let’s hope that he will be able to get into the best viewing positions to judge incidents and that the game is free of pitch incursions!

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City kick off but give the ball away immediately! A good first throw in signal from Jake Collin before the first free kick goes to United.

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The whistle blows and we are underway for a fascinating first 45 minutes of the Manchester derby.   It is raining in Manchester and the wet conditions could play a part in the outcome of the game.

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The teams are in the tunnel ready to enter the arena for today’s game as the Assistants carry out the equipment check in readiness for the contest. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for take-off!

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The biggest strength in the performance portfolio of referee Mark Clattenburg is is fitness and work rate, which together with his astute reading of the game, ensure that he is generally able to consistently get into the best viewing position to judge offences. This is particularly important in the ‘final third’ when big decisions have to be made in and around the penalty area. His penetration and close proximity to play in the area are the assets that assist him in generally arriving at the right decision. In these days of simulation in the penalty area being a regular feature of games at this level, he will need to maintain his concentration and close positioning to effectively sell his decisions today. In America at the CONCACAF seminar held in Dallas last week, the added issue of ‘embellishment’ on top of simulation was raised as an issue to consider. Good thinking outside the box by them and something we all should think about. I watched the Euro-Qualifier between Israel -v- Holland from Tel Aviv on TV in Dallas last week which was refereed by Mark and Vincent Kompany was sent off in that game. He plays today and it will be interesting to watch his care in making challenges! We wish Mark the best of luck in achieving his objectives throughout this game.

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Mark Clattenburg has been refereeing at a consistently high standard this season and his appointment to this game is to be applauded. Perhaps it is the influence of Howard Webb who, whilst working in tandem with Kieran Barrett until the end of the season, will take over the reigns next season. This game is probably the biggest game of the season for both teams and dictates ‘bragging rights’ for fans of each club throughout the city until the end of the season. United can increase their lead over City to 4 points with a win today and a City win would take them above United. Mark’s assistants will have been hand picked too and 4th Official Jon Moss can be trusted to ensure the Technical Areas are policed correctly and not micro-managed. Jon was a member of my coaching group for many years on the Football League and his keen sense of humour and articulate dialogue (he was a primary school headteacher before he accepted a Select Group contract) will be perfect for the emotions he has to control.

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Following the pitch invasion at Villa Park in the game against West Brom a few weeks ago, I am sure that the referee safety briefing today with the police and stewards will have focused on the issue of crowd control. It is a public order offence in the UK to enter the playing area and I know from working as a lecturer on Public Order Training Courses with West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Police forces that planning the event plays a large part in ensuring there is no pitch incursion at the sporting event. The public order training department for Greater Manchester Police was based at Claytonbrook and a wonderful operation headed by Inspector Alan Banks and the now deceased John Quick who ensured that the training was of the highest order. Police Match Commanders from ‘bronze to gold’ learned the ropes and were coached in how to spot potential problem situations in  terms of preventing them from happening. From a public order perspective, the Villa game was controllable in my opinion, but the goal scoring celebration after the second Aston Villa goal was the spark that lite the flame. Equally the referee should in my opinion, have taken the players off the field until ALL the fans were back behind the fences. Your views as usual are appreciated. What are your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

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Manchester United -v- Manchester City
Sunday 12th April 2015 – Kick-Off 16.00 GMT
Referee: Mark Clattenburg
Assistant 1: Simon Beck
Assistant 2: Jake Collin
Fourth Official: Jon Moss

Thanks to The RefCam Team for talking us through Queens Park Rangers -v- Chelsea which saw Chelsea steal a goal in the final minutes to increase their lead at the top of the Premier League. Welcome to Old Trafford for this afternoon’s fascinating game in the Premier League and our You Are The Ref minute by minute analysis of the game from a referees perspective. There are no match assessors employed at the game by the PGMOL for their referees (which is still a controversial issue) but Mark Clattenburg does have the guarded information that ‘Evaluator #7 – Select Group’ will be watching his every move and doing a ‘minute by minute’ comment on his performance today. The Match Delegate today is John Bramhall, former Halifax Town player who I knew from my days training with the team after I became a referee. Great days and a great insight for me into the players requirements of the official in charge of each game.