Manchester United v Leicester City


GT at 2017-08-26 19:27:28

I’ve really enjoyed being with you today and every time I’ve had the pleasure of covering games on Refcam….it’s been a blast.

Best wishes to you all and thanks for your support.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday…

GT at 2017-08-26 19:26:31

It is all over at Old Trafford on our second commentary game of the game but if you still want more football stay with us here on YATR as we have yet more live commentary on Refcam.
Tomorrow sees two more fascinating clashes as the Premier League action continues with WBA v Stoke City followed by the huge game between Liverpool and Arsenal.
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GT at 2017-08-26 19:24:22

One missed penalty.

Two poor assistant referees,

But a massive performance by referee, Michael Oliver.

Harry Maguire was outstanding today but my man-of-the-match was Michael Oliver.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday, Michael…you carried your team today.

GT at 2017-08-26 19:22:13

Full Time

GT at 2017-08-26 19:21:51

Yellow Cardfor Schmeichel right at the end of the game

GT at 2017-08-26 19:20:32

93 minutes of a tough end-to-end game gone yet Michael still breaks with play.

Superb movement all day long.

GT at 2017-08-26 19:17:20

That’s the end of the regular 90 minutes….4 added minutes go on

88 minutes

GT at 2017-08-26 19:16:25

Free kick and a caution as Matty James brings down Rashford

Yellow Card

Michael Oliver was right on top of that one AGAIN

GT at 2017-08-26 19:13:24

The result is correct as United scored two legitimate goals and had one which should have been chalked off allowed.

But that should not mask the fact that once again the standard of lining at the highest level in this country is getting worse year-on-year.

GT at 2017-08-26 19:11:10


Leicester look for an offside flag but Simon Bennett misses the fact that Fellaini is stood offside and the incorrect goal stands.

What is happening to the standard of lining on the Select Group?

Who js supposed to be coaching this lot?


GT at 2017-08-26 19:07:21

Just 10 minutes of the regular 90 to go.

Will United take the spoils or can Leicester get into this?

And do you agree with my comments on Michael Oliver’s outstanding performance today so far?

Let us know what you think and give us your views by contacting us on Twitter @youaretheref

GT at 2017-08-26 19:05:14

Foul correctly called as Mahrez is brought to the ground

76 minutes

GT at 2017-08-26 19:03:48

Jamie Vardy makes way for Islam Slimani as we complete all six substitutions

75 minutes

GT at 2017-08-26 19:02:28

Unite’s third and final change is Lingard for Martial

73 minutes

GT at 2017-08-26 19:00:37

Second change for United.

It looks like Jose is settling for this one goal lead as they look to protect it by bringing on Fellaini for Mkhitaryan

GT at 2017-08-26 18:59:17

At the risk of repeating myself, Michael Oliver’s movement today has been outstanding.

Once again we see him sprint box-to-box and stay right up with play

69 minutes

GT at 2017-08-26 18:57:52

GOAL! and it’s the substitute Rashford who gets it, less than 5 minutes after being introduced.

Hard on Leicester who have defended superbly all day

66 minutes

GT at 2017-08-26 18:53:30

Jose makes his first change of personnel as the unlucky Mata is taken off for Marcus Rashford

GT at 2017-08-26 18:51:11

Another feature of Michael’s game which you won’t see some of his Select Group colleagues do…penetrate the two penalty areas.

He doesn’t stop short of them, yet carries his runs into them, as he knows he has the fitness and ability to make up the ground if play breaks away

60 minutes

GT at 2017-08-26 18:47:34

First changes as Leicester replace Albrighton and Okazaki with Demarai Gray and Andy King

GT at 2017-08-26 18:44:58

Look at Michael’s movement…

One second he is in the United penalty area to see de Gea block a shot then a moment later he is at the half way line to correctly judge no-handball against Maguire.

Outstanding fitness and positioning.

54 minutes

GT at 2017-08-26 18:42:52

Yellow Card

first one of the game and it is correctly given to Mkhitaryan for a foul on Mahrez

GT at 2017-08-26 18:41:37

The difference in those penalty calls by Michael was all about distance between the ball and player who handled the ball.

Both calls absolutely correct.

GT at 2017-08-26 18:40:19

…but Schmeichel makes a save his father would be proud of.

Lukaku fails from the penalty mark and the game stays at 0-0

GT at 2017-08-26 18:39:05

Definitely not a penalty for handball by Fuchs…but it is handball by Simpson!

Penalty for United…

GT at 2017-08-26 18:37:42

No foul as Lukaku goes looking for a penalty.

Yet another good call by referee Oliver.

GT at 2017-08-26 18:35:43

Michael is right on top of another foul and sees Mahrez commit the offence.

Free kick for United.

Good call, referee.

GT at 2017-08-26 18:32:09

The second half gets going with Leicester taking the kick-off

GT at 2017-08-26 18:27:52

Anyway, let’s stay on the positives…

Michael Oliver has been excellent.

Keep it going Michael as the second half gets under way

GT at 2017-08-26 18:25:47

I can explain exactly why Constantine Hatzidakis got it wrong…

Because the defender who played Mata onside was directly in line with the United man, but on the far side of Mata, so the assistant did not know he was there.

He will have believed Harry Maguire was the second rearmost defender because he had lost concentration on the incident and overlooked the other Leicester defender

GT at 2017-08-26 18:22:38

Michael Oliver has had an outstanding half, nit putting a foot wrong, whilst judging his involvement perfectly.

His positioning has been the outstanding feature of his game, meaning even the questionable decisions are accepted by the players as he has been right on top of each incident.

First class, Michael…more of the same in the second half, please.

I’m afraid the same cannot be said for his assisatnts though.

United should be 1-0 up at the break as the ‘goal’ chalked off by Constantine Hatzidakis was a poor, poor decision.

Juan Mata was onside when the original shot came in…one request please from other broadcasters…

If you are going to use freeze frame technology to review a decision, please freeze it exactly when the ball was struck, not a moment later as that makes all the difference.

Oh, and you may not want to take the view of a PGMOL employee on its accuracy!

Mata was level.

GT at 2017-08-26 18:17:06

It remains goal less at Old Trafford after the opening 45 minutes

GT at 2017-08-26 18:16:22

Half Time

GT at 2017-08-26 18:15:39

1 added minute to go on…

GT at 2017-08-26 18:14:22

More good advantage applied as United press for a half time lead

GT at 2017-08-26 18:13:03

Great positioning and decision again Michael as Bailly steals the ball in midfield

GT at 2017-08-26 18:10:34

5 minutes to go…

GT at 2017-08-26 18:08:55

Valencia catches Fuchs with an arm in an aerial challenge.

Nothing malicious, and Michael judges it perfectly again.

GT at 2017-08-26 18:07:43

Not everyone will agree with that free kick for Lukaku following a tangle with Maguire, but Michael’s positioning cannot be faulted.

It was a long ball up to the United man and Michael worked tremendously hard to get there and be right on top of the challenge.

That is what is meant when we say positioning makes decision making credible.

GT at 2017-08-26 18:03:33

…and again as Pogba goes over far too easily under a challenge by Fuchs.

Keep up this good work, Michael.

GT at 2017-08-26 18:02:09

Excellent decision by Michael not to award a free kick to United.

Phil Jones ran into Danny Simpson…there is nothing in The Laws to say a player has to get of the way for an opponent

GT at 2017-08-26 17:59:44

Let’s get back to the positives though.

Michael Oliver is having a really good game.

He has judged his involvement to perfection.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:58:15

I’m hearing some rubbish being spoken on the commentary trying to justify the incorrect offside decision by Constantine Hatzidakis.

It was exactly the same last week…if technology is to be used to review a decision, do be fair and freeze frame it when the ball was actually played and not a fraction later.

It should be 1-0 to United.

Poor decision.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:56:01

25 minutes in and it remains 0-0…Michael is refereeing this one really well.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:53:13

More work on the training ground required at the PGMOL – their assistant referee Coach(es) need to sort this out…the results of far too many games are being affected by poor lining

GT at 2017-08-26 17:49:36

Poor, poor work from Assistant Constantine Hatzidakis.

He flags offside to disallow the opening goal for United, but the player was level.

Jose won’t be happy…

GT at 2017-08-26 17:46:09

Good opening 15 minutes from Michael.

Only getting involved when absolutely necessary.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:41:18

Not sure about that one, Simon Bennett.

Didn’t look like offside to me…they are your Achilles heel

GT at 2017-08-26 17:39:40

Excellent advantage played as United try to stop Mahrez attacking again

GT at 2017-08-26 17:37:35

Michael can take a step out of this and let the teams go at it.

There is no need to micro-manage games like these.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:35:39

Leicester are not sitting back and soaking up pressure though, as they attack United.

Good game to referee this one…both sides want to have a go at playing football.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:33:09

Now it’s Blind on Mahrez.

United are pressing high and hard up the field.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:32:13

Good call from Michael…foul by Lukaku on Schmeichel.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:30:44

Here we go…

GT at 2017-08-26 17:25:09

It’s almost time for kick-off at Old Trafford.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:13:59

As for our officials…

Michael Oliver is our man-in-the-middle for this one.

Since making his Premier League debut back in 2010 Michael has enjoyed continued success and progression, making the FIFA List two years later.

He will have his eyes set firmly on one of the honours appointments at the end of this season and must use days like today to cement his position as favourite to do so.

Assisting Michael today will be Simon Bennett and Constantine Hatzidakis with Craig Pawson undertaking the first of his two fourth official appointments of the weekend (Liverpool v Arsenal tomorrow).

I shall be keeping a keen eye on Simon’s performance today as his show in the game Spurs v Man City still will not leave my memory bank despite it being a couple of seasons ago. I really hope his recognition of offside has improved significantly since then.

I am sure the PGMOL will have used its array of assistant referee coaching talent to help him iron out such glaring errors.

We all wish Michael every success in bringing it to a successful, and controversy-fee, conclusion.

GT at 2017-08-26 17:06:57


Hi everyone, and welcome to the second of today’s live Refcam commentary games today.

Following the earlier game between Bournemouth and Manchester City we now bring for you coverage of Manchester United v Leicester City.

Recent Premier League champions visit Premier League hopefuls…this has the ingredients for a really classic encounter.

Hosts United have looked like world-beaters in their opening two games of the new season, scoring eight goals without reply.

However, some observers claim they are yet to play any of the top sides and their claims to be champions-elect cannot truly be measured until they have met the ‘big six’.

2016 Champions Leicester City may provide a stern test as they arrive at Old Trafford having only just being edged out 4-3 away at Arsenal and beaten new boys Brighton & Hove Albion 2-0.

Manager Craig Shakespeare plays an attacking brand of football which is borne out in the fact that they have scored in all but one of their Premier League matches under his reign, and with Jamie Vardy looking as sharp as ever this could be one of the upsets of the weekend.

The omens are not good for The Foxes though as they have only won once in the League at Old Trafford – back in 1998.

Most pundits fancy another home win today but what do you think?

Let us know who you believe will take the spoils and what you think of the officials by contacting us on Twitter @youaretheref